Ultimate Car Emergency kit Checklist: Keep Up-To-Date At All Times

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You would not know when disaster would strike which would invariably be at the most inopportune and unexpected time. when you are driving probably alone or with your family. Any such a calamity could happen anywhere, it may be in a crowded road or on an isolated stretch of road with nobody to help you out. If you are not adequately prepared for the situation you could be in very deep trouble. On the contrary if you have left home after updating your car emergency kit checklist and having prepared for such an unexpected problem. Then it is very likely that you would be able to extricate yourself from the predicament you have fallen into.

Driving a car is not only being seated in the driving seat and steering the wheel whilst the car is in motion, there is more to it that just that. Cars are mechanical contraptions which are large in size and when they do pack up, it would take you many an effort and time to get it back onto appropriate condition so that you could be on your way.

Depending on what sort of situation you may have to face there are some things which would help you to get out of the situation quickly, provided you have made provisions for them and are in possession of them. We have compiled a car emergency kit checklist which would help you to ensure that you have all of them with you when you are driving around, whether it is in the city or elsewhere does not matter. This situation would change if you are contemplating of making a long trip out of your base station for which a complete rethinking would be needed. This would be because you would not like to get into any unpleasant situation so far away from home.

We have compiled this car emergency kit checklist after much deliberation and collection of data as to what the priorities are when you have to go on such trips away from your home. If you do have all of them and anymore that you could think of that would be in line, with your own lifestyle and needs.

car emergency kit checklist

Car Emergency kit Checklist For your safety

The following items are important when you are intending of going out on a weekend with your family and friends. Having these items with you it may be possible to enjoy your trip with confidence knowing well that you are adequately equipped to extricate yourself out of any predicament, you may fall into.

Car Fire Extinguishers

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Currently used for car firefighting are mostly compact fire extinguishers. The market’s main kinds of vehicle fire extinguishers are dry powder fire extinguishers, ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, and water fire extinguishers.

  • #1. Mobile phone with extra charged batteries and car charger
  • #2. Jumper cables
  • #3. A length of strong rope
  • #4. First aid kit
  • #5 ​Quality automatic Tire inflator
  • #6. Other additional emergency medication, aspirin, bandages, gauze, cotton wool, bug spray, antiseptic cream and any others that you could think of
  • #7. Medication, if you are presently on any drugs then it is imperative that you carry them, to at least last more than five days of you being out of your home.
  • #8. Water
  • #9. Flash lights, preferably recharged and also one with batteries and extra battery too.
  • #10. A general tool kit which would consist of screw drives, pliers, adjustable or monkey wrench, hammer and others
  • #11. Blankets and other clothing accessory like pullovers, jerseys etc
  • #12. A gallon of coolant for the car
  • #13. A quart or so of engine oil
  • #14. Box of matches and kerosene if you could take along
  • #15. Flares and triangular warning reflectors would be needed if you have a breakdown on a roadway to ensure that you could warn other drivers of the disaster ahead.
  • #16. Shovel
  • #17. Extra clothing
  • #18. Raincoats
  • #19. At least one tent
  • #21. Gas lamp and cooker
  • #22. Depending on where you would be intending to go some dry food items for at least five days
  • #23. Check on your tires before you leave and ensure that they could stand the drive till you return
  • #24. Any other items that you could think of

This is just a cross section from the car emergency kit checklist that we could think of but there are many more which would depend entirely on what sort of trip you are embarking on, where you would be going, for how long you would be away and how many are accompanying you. There are many questions that you would need to list out and then run through it and get them right before you would leave.

It is imperative that your car emergency kit checklist matches up with all the above questions that you would need to answer yourself and also ensure that you would not be kept wanting just because you overlooked one vital item which would have come handy if it was with you.

It could also be said as an example that if you have with you a jumper cable you could stop a passing car and get help to kick start your engine. If you don’t have one and the other guy too does not oblige you would then still be in square one with no recourse to any help which would get you on your way.

If you are driving a car it is imperative that you have with you an appropriate car emergency kit checklist and follow it up like a prayer because you would not when you would any of them. Depending on the circumstances of the drive that you would be attempting you would need to match the car emergency kit checklist with all the auxiliary aspects of your trip.

The bottom line would be that, never leave home especially if you intend to drive away on a weekend to get out of it all. It would be easy to get everything if you first prepare the car emergency kit checklist so that you could be certain that you would not miss anything. Once you have everything in you could leave with confidence with the knowledge that you are prepared for any eventuality.

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