Best Car Fire Extinguisher-2021 (Review and Buying Guide)

Due to the increasing incidence of auto-ignition accidents in recent years, it is now very important for auto owners to put the best car fire extinguisher on-board in their vehicles.

Car fire extinguishers also have a period of life. We should pay attention to see if the fire extinguisher is still valid. Besides, if the pressure gauge pointer of the fire extinguisher is in the green zone, then the fire extinguisher can be used frequently. If the tip is in the yellow region, the fire extinguisher pressure is too enormous; if the red zone indicates insufficient pressure, it needs to be replaced.

For passenger cars, school buses and trucks, if there is no fire extinguisher, they will be penalized. But there is no mandatory requirement for our private vehicle, car, or SUV. However, for the safety of us, it is recommended that a car owner have a fire extinguisher in the car emergency kit. It is best to use it.

Is there a car fire extinguisher in your vehicle? If other cars are found to be self-igniting on the road, will you give your fire extinguisher to others?

6 Best Car Fire Extinguisher Reviews

1. Kidde Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher

Kidde Pro 210 fireextinguisher will work in any car, during a dangerous incident on the road. With the help of the equipment, you can extinguish the fire in the car and save a life for yourself and others. The use of the device is simple (additionally there is a pictorial instruction manual on the casing).

The model is equipped with a wall hanger, thanks to which the extinguisher can be conveniently mounted in the middle of the car. 

In this way, the product is stably fixed and will not fall out of the attachment, even during a collision. Kidde Pro 210 fire extinguisher is also used on motorboats and other vehicles. Inside the fire extinguisher, there is 4 lbs. of powder, which is enough to extinguish a small fire.

This Rechargeable product has a powder consistency and cuts off the access of air to the fire. The device is designed to extinguish fires from class A B and C. This means that it applies to extinguish gasoline, kerosene or tar (flammable liquids), as well as methane, propane, acetylene (flammable gas substances). Users appreciate the convenience of this equipment - they emphasize that it is light and comfortable to hold in your hand.

Product Features:

  • It provide multipurpose protection and extinguish class A B and C fire.
  • To check immediate pressure, it provide a pressure gauge.
  • Built with corrosion resistant aluminum cylinder.
  • Faster discharge period that is concisely about 13 to 15 seconds and a range between 10 to 15 feet.
  • It is about 4.5 inches in diameter and 15.7 inches in height.
  • Can be used to extinguish all type of fire form wood, trash, liquid, paper, and electrical equipment

Best Car Fire Extinguisher-2021 (Review and Buying Guide) 15Kidde Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher

Kidde Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher

2. H3R Performance HG100C HalGuard Fire Extinguisher

The H3R Performance HG100C is used in many cars. With this product, you can feel safer on the road. Consumers say that the equipment looks very aesthetic.

This good car extinguisher is equipped with a convenient steel strap and mounting bracket. The holder attached to the set makes the device stable. In the time of an accident, you can easily pull it from the handle and start working.

The model has a capacity of 1.4 lbs. and in the interior, there is a special powder. It is intended for extinguishing fires from group B and C. It can, therefore, be used in the case of ignition of flammable liquids and gaseous substances.

Product Features:

  • It don’t create any thermal shock to electronics and car surfaces.
  • This provide mounting bracket and steel strap and built with steel cylinder.
  • Easy to use, compact, lightweight and rechargeable
  • Can reach unto a range of 6 to 8 feet.
  • Halotron 1 is used as extinguisher agent.
  • EPA approved and rated by underwriter’s laboratories.
  • Made in USA.
  • Provide five year limited warranty.

Best Car Fire Extinguisher-2021 (Review and Buying Guide) 19H3R Performance HG100C HalGuard Fire Extinguisher

H3R Performance HG100C HalGuard Fire Extinguisher

3. First Alert FE10GR Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray

The First Alert FE10GR is a garage car fire extinguisher in which there is a mixture of non-flammable sodium bicarbonate that effectively extinguish the fire.

The model is designed to extinguish fires from groups B, and C. It can be used in the event of fire of electrical equipment and flammable liquid.The model is equipped with a commercial grade valve, which has a pressure indicator installed.

The product has a capacity of 4 pounds, so it works well for larger cars, and also when you want to be sure that you will not run out of extinguishing substance during the collision. An important issue is a convenience of handling this equipment. The fire extinguisher is in the palm of your hand, so you can easily use it.

In this way, it is possible to control the extinguishing stream easily. Users are satisfied with the purchase of this fire extinguisher, as the product can be refilled repeatedly. Therefore, after the accident, you are not forced to buy a new fire extinguisher.

Product Features:

  • Provide sturdy metal head, commercial grade valves and trigger, pressure gauge.
  • Sodium bicarbonate is used to extinguish the flammable liquid and electrical equipment fires.
  • The US coast guard approved fire extinguisher.
  • Metal safety pin to secure accidental discharge.
  • To secure tight placement, it provide mount bracket and strap.

Best Car Fire Extinguisher-2021 (Review and Buying Guide) 23First Alert FE10GR Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray

First Alert FE10GR Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray

4. First Alert Car Fire Extinguisher

First Alert Car Fire Extinguisher is used in vehicles such as buses, trucks, and boats. It can also be used in the event of a hall, office, or airport lighting. The kit comes with a hanger so that the product can be mounted on the wall or inside the car.

This automotive fire extinguisher has a capacity of 2 lbs. Thanks to this, it will fulfill its function in the case of extensive fires. The fire extinguisher is handy. 

It can be conveniently operated. Importantly, it is quickly pulled out and ready for action.

The device is intended for use in the case of group B, and C fires. Therefore, it works well when liquids, and electric fire are taken care of. The container is made of steel, so it is durable and resistant to damage. At the valve you can find a metal gauge informing about the pressure in the fire extinguisher - users liked its transparent form.

Product Features:

  • Compact, easy to use and provided a gauge to read the pressure.
  • Provide bracket and strap, mount to secure tight placement of the extinguisher.
  • Easy instruction to use that is also chemical and water resistant.
  • To prevent accidental discharge, it provide metal pull pin that help to seal the extinguisher.
Best Car Fire Extinguisher-2021 (Review and Buying Guide) 27First Alert Car Fire Extinguisher

First Alert Car Fire Extinguisher

5. THE FIREMAN Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguishing Suppressant Spray

The product that effectively extinguishes fires is THE FIREMAN Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguishing Suppressant Spray. The equipment works well in the case of several fire incidents. The model has a capacity of 18 oz. Inside there is a fire extinguishing spray that allows getting rid of various types of fires.

This substance, on a burning material, forms a lid that cuts off the access of oxygen. The fire extinguisher can be refilled repeatedly.

The model has a casing made of steel, so it is resistant to damage. The device has handles included in the set that allows it to be conveniently mounted inside the car.

This model can extinguish class A B C and K fires like solid, liquid, oil, gas, paint, electrical components, grease and cooking oil. Opinions about this car extinguishers are very positive. Such comments can also be found about the product described. Users appreciate the design of the valve, claim that it allows you to start and stop extinguishing quickly.

Product Features:

  • Small, lightweight and very mush effective fire extinguisher for class A B C and K fire. This also big enough to extinguish a car fire.
  • This is most effective and quick response fire extinguisher.
  • This Eco-friendly fire extinguisher is bio-degradable.
  • The USA made UL approved fire extinguisher and provide a 3 year warranty.
Best Car Fire Extinguisher-2021 (Review and Buying Guide) 31THE FIREMAN Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguishing Suppressant Spray

THE FIREMAN Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguishing Suppressant Spray

6. Amerex B402 A B C Fire Extinguisher

Amerex B402 A B C Fire Extinguisher can extinguish the fire from flammable liquids, oil, electrical components. So it can destroy all kind of car fire efficiently.

The outstanding feature of it are easy maintenance and serviceability. Amerex B402 filled with mono-ammonium phosphate dry chemical which can extinguish the fire immediately. It constructed with aluminum. To mount this car fire extinguisher, it provides rubber strap and bracket.

Product Features:

  • This can extinguish A B C class fire.
  • Discharge time is 14 seconds.
  • Built with Aluminum
  • Provides wall bracket with this package.
Best Car Fire Extinguisher-2021 (Review and Buying Guide) 35Amerex B402 A B C Fire Extinguisher

Amerex B402 A B C Fire Extinguisher

Types Of Car Fire Extinguishers

Certainly, we have not once wondered what is under the letter ABCDF markings that are placed on each fire extinguisher. It turns out that they relate to fire groups and mean respectively:

  • - A - fire of solid bodies such as wood or plastics;
  • - B - fire of liquid and solid materials with a tendency to melt;
  • - C - gas fire;
  • - D - metal fires;
  • - F - fires and cooking oil fires.

Which one is worth to embed in the trunk of the car? The ABC type fire extinguisher will work best here, which will quickly extinguish any fire, regardless of its source. It is also permissible to use a BC car extinguisher, which is usually cheaper.

In this situation, however, we must be careful not to extinguish the short circuit in the electrical installation because it will be ineffective. It is worth recognizing that most of the car fires are a result of shorting the electric wires - having a functional ABC type car fire extinguisher at hand is, therefore, more beneficial for us, even at a slightly higher price.

How Much Fire Extinguisher Is Needed For A Passenger Car?

The law obliges us to have in our car a fire extinguisher with a capacity of not less than 2.2 pounds - as a result, almost all of us decide on the smallest variant. It turns out, however, that this is not the best solution - a kilogram fire extinguisher is enough for only about 5 seconds.

 It is therefore much better to reach for at least a 4.4 pounds accessory. Of course, the higher the car fire extinguisher, the longer it works. So if we have more space in the trunk, it is worth using.

What Determines The Price Of A Fire Extinguisher?

The fire extinguishers standing on the shop shelf usually look the same - that's why, when choosing, we typically pay the price and reach for the cheapest. It turns out, however, that this is not the best option. Why? By classifying fire extinguishers using the price criterion, we can divide them into two types:

Cheaper Fire Extinguishers

Cheaper fire extinguishers are small and have a larger tank with extinguishing powder and a smaller cartridge with carbon dioxide. Easy to use but not efficient;

More Expensive Fire Extinguishers

More expensive fire extinguishers carbon dioxide has been replaced with compressed nitrogen in them. Considered better, because they work longer and can also extinguish the fire of the electrical installation - cheaper fire extinguishers cannot be used for this purpose.

The fire extinguisher is just one of the accessories that we should have in the car. Let's see what else is worth to carry in the trunk every day.

Where To Mount Automotive Fire Extinguisher?

Best Car Fire Extinguisher Review

To prevent damage of the car fire extinguisher, it should be mount with strap and bracket in the wall cabinet or in the door (showed the position in the above image).

What Fire Extinguisher For A Passenger Car?

In the fact of a passenger vehicle, the obligation to have a fire extinguisher is legally allowed. The fire extinguisher should be in the car not only because it allows us to avoid a ticket for its lack. It can be a useful piece of equipment that will save your car from burning.

It will be possible if it is used by a person who can use it. The right moment of using the extinguisher is also critical, allowing to nip the fire in the bud. If we do it too late, the flames will spread quickly, and the fire brigade will only notify us.

We should remember that it is not a capable fuel-destroying fuel that is the most common cause of fires. Only a small short-circuit in the electrical system can cause huge damage that can be repaired, and then no extinguisher will determine that we will not get compensation.

However, it is worth carrying out periodic checks on the efficiency of the extinguisher, and it is regularly maintained. Thanks to this, we guarantee optimal equipment performance when it is needed most.

What Fire Extinguisher For The Car?

When choosing a fire extinguisher, it is worth paying attention to one more issue. Namely, the construction of the equipment. There are two types of fire extinguishers on the market available in different structure.

1.    The first type is cheap fire extinguishers, which are equipped with a so-called cartridge. After penetrating, gas (carbon dioxide) escapes from it, which expands, pushes out the extinguishing agent. Contrary to appearances, it has a complicated construction.

2.    The second type includes pressure extinguishers. They are more expensive than their powder counterparts for a cartridge but more effective. In this case, the extinguishing agent is pushed out by nitrogen. The easiest way is to recognize a pressure extinguisher after the pressure gauge, i.e., the pressure indicator in which it is equipped. In the case of fire extinguishers of this type, we can deal with two models, which differ in the material from which the valve was made. Cheaper pressure extinguishers are equipped with a plastic valve, more expensive - in metal. The latter is more precise. They also allow us to stop dosing the extinguishing agent when the need arises. Their advantage is also the fact that we can supplement the powder in a firefighting service that offers such a service.

What Fire Extinguisher For A Gas Car?

Due to the increased prices of gasoline and diesel, more and more drivers decide to install a gas system in the car. This popular way to minimize the costs of vehicle use, despite, raises some concerns, which usually involve the view that this type of installation may be easier to ignite. The question then arises, which extinguisher for the LPG car will be suitable?

The answer may be a surprise for some people. Well, the same as in the case of a standard vehicle for gasoline or diesel. There are no special requirements that a fire extinguisher for a car with gas must meet. It is enough that it will be a kilogram and efficient - following the USA legal order. However, if we want to ensure a higher degree of security, it is worth ensuring that it weighs more and is marked with the ABC symbol.

The Shelf Life Of The Fire Extinguisher:

After the fire extinguisher is stored for a while, the pressure in the tank will decrease until it disappears. It means that the dry powder in the fire extinguisher cannot be sprayed. It is recommended that the owner check the fire extinguisher pressure once a month by looking at the pressure gauge on the fire extinguisher. 

The pointer in the green area indicates that the pressure inside the fire extinguisher tank is standard. Yellow indicates that the pressure is too high, and red indicates that the pressure is too low. 

Moreover, the fire extinguisher is also marked with the expiration date of the fire extinguisher. After the fire extinguisher fails, it can be refilled from the fire equipment sales department, and the label is fixed after passing the test.

How To Extinguish A Car Fire?


To deal with the fire of a car, first of all, you need to react quickly. Stop the vehicle on the side of the road. Then turn off the ignition as soon as you smell or see smoke. Contrary to popular opinion, cars rarely explode.


The exception is applied when the fire appears in a wreck standing in a puddle of gasoline. If a fire starts with a short circuit in the electrical system, you usually have a few minutes before it spreads. It is therefore essential to turn off the ignition as soon as possible - in this way you will cut off the voltage and the fuel pump. Necessarily the car extinguisher lasts only for a few seconds of extinguishing, so powder or foam must precisely hit the source of the fire.


Attention! If the source of fire is under the hood, never open it wide - the inflow of oxygen will cause a fire to arise. In this case, release the flap lock and insert the extinguishing agent through the resulting gap. Only after that, you can lift the mask, being careful not to get burned. Remember also that the fire usually appears only after stopping - when driving, the momentum of the air often suppresses the flame. If the light of the fire is coming out from under the mask, you should leave the car as soon as possible, then call the fire service (emergency number 998 or 911). In this case, even a few extinguishers will not help much.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Fire Extinguisher

Before getting a well suited fire extinguisher, you must check the following things. That will help to get the best car fire extinguisher from the market. So carefully check this criteria and keep safe during driving. For safe driving, of course follow the traffic rules. Below the necessary features you need to consider.

Size Of The Fire Extinguisher

Size of a car fire extinguisher vary depending on the type of car you are going to use.

Before getting one, you must check the compactness of the car fire extinguisher. As it is important to find some space to mount it on your vehicle.

Weight Of The Fire Extinguisher

Lightweight fire extinguisher are always preferable than heavy extinguisher.

If you have a small vehicle than 2 lbs. of fire extinguisher is enough. If you own a large vehicle like SUV than you will need larger one around 2.5- 4.5 lbs. of fire extinguisher.

Refill and service

Always check if the extinguisher is rechargeable or not. Buy one rechargeable fire extinguisher if you want to use it longtime by refilling it.

Serviceability of the car fire extinguisher is also important as the head or mounting or gauge may need to change or repair in future.

Discharge Rate

Before buying one check the discharge time and its range. Approximate discharge range is 5 to 20 feet. And it takes 10 to 25 seconds to discharge 10 to 15 pounds of fire extinguisher.

Durable Construction

Some of the car fire extinguisher build with steels, aluminum and plastics. Steel made extinguisher are rigid but heavy. Aluminum and plastics built one is lightweight but not rigid as steels one. Again steel made one is durable the plastic one.

Fire Class Rating 

Check the fire class that can be extinguished by your chosen fire extinguisher. Generally for car fire extinguishing, it require B and C class rated extinguisher.


You will keep it your favorite car. So you must buy one which is good to see and well suited for your auto color. But it is not essential criteria to look before buying one.

Mounting And Bracket

Always check whether the manufacturer provide mounting and bracket with the package or not. If they don't provide, you have to buy it which will cost you some extra bucks.

Final Verdict

The optimal automotive fire extinguisher car must be small and robust. It provides a decent firefighting capacity and is quick and secure to get out of the container.

Small dimensions and sturdy but tidy support ensure that you can attach the extinguisher in a prominent location. As a result, it can be quickly reached and can be used in an emergency. It must be reliable as it is often mounted on the car in the foot wall or trunk. And they must withstand shocks and kicks.

You also have to make sure that the extinguisher is suitable for the temperatures that prevail in a car.

As you can see, the advantages of a car fire extinguisher are evident in the most authentic sense like compact and reliable protection makes driving and traveling with your vehicle considerably safer

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