Best Place To Mount Fire Extinguisher In Car- Grasp & Be Safe

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The most important thing in the driving process of a car is to ensure safe driving. If the owner is not caring for the car or operating in a spontaneous or non-spontaneous situation caused by various problems, then the existence of the car fire extinguisher is very important. So, do you know where is the best place to mount fire extinguisher in car?

The Importance Of Car Fire Extinguishers

In current years, news on the auto-ignition of cars has been frequent incidents. Each year, more than a dozen automobile fires happen in towns above the middle and above. There are more fires in the roads, and more than 80% of auto fires cause vehicles to be scrapped, even car crashes. The best way to stop auto fires is to install on-board automatic fire extinguishing devices. In the event of spontaneous vehicle combustion or fire accident, the automotive fire extinguisher can save the fire in the first time to reduce losses and casualties.

Where Should The Car Fire Extinguisher Be Placed Correctly?

According to the “Safety Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation” and the “Safety Technical Inspection Items and Methods for Motor Vehicles,” medium-sized (more than nine passenger cars and dangerous goods vehicles) are required to be equipped with fire extinguishers. Other ordinary passenger cars and other vehicles are not mandatory.

However, if the sentence is not good, no one knows that the car will be “hot” at the end of the day, so it is beneficial to equip a car fire extinguisher. So, where is the car fire extinguisher? Fire expert: Place it in the cab as much as possible, such as under the driver’s seat or the passenger seat.

Best Car Fire Extinguisher Review

Usually, there are several places to put.One is below the driver’s seat.The second is under the co-pilot seat.The third is the outside of the compartment (including the door storage compartment showing in the above image).The fourth is on the hand-held box, which seems to be not so convenient.

Which Things Should I Pay Attention When Placing A Car Fire Extinguisher?

At present, the fire extinguisher equipped with the family car is a 1.5 lbs. dry powder fire extinguisher. The fire extinguishing effect is poor. It is recommended to replace it with around 4.5 lbs.

In the transportation and storage of fire extinguishers, I am avoiding back, rain, exposure, strong radiation, and contact with corrosive substances. The storage temperature of the fire extinguisher should be within the range of -10-45 °C. Place the fire extinguisher in a dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture corrosion. Sun exposure and strong, radiant heat should be avoided to avoid affecting the normal use of the fire extinguisher.

Remind that the vehicle fire extinguisher should be placed in an easy-to-access location, and should be inspected regularly to strengthen the maintenance and management of the fire extinguisher to ensure that each fire extinguisher can be used effectively for fire extinguishing after the fire occurs, and the initial fire is extinguished at the first time: casualties and material losses.

What are the traps to avoid when using a car fire extinguisher

One: Put The Car Fire Extinguisher In The Trunk

Because the car fire extinguisher is not small, many owners put the fire extinguisher in the trunk, but in fact, this is unscientific. Because in the event of a sudden fire in the vehicle, the door and the trunk lid may not open due to a fire in the car.

Therefore, the on-board fire extinguisher is preferably placed at the touch of the driver, for example, under the driver’s seat, so that the fire extinguisher can be quickly put into use after the vehicle is on fire, and can also function as a safety hammer when the door cannot be opened.

Second: Equipped With A Car Fire Extinguisher Is Not In Charge

Because there is no need to use on-board fire extinguishers in daily driving, many owners do not pay attention to the validity of fire extinguishers. They think that they are equipped, but in fact, expired fire extinguishers may cause dry powder due to internal dry powder agglomeration and air leakage. The time that it is impossible to spray or spray is significantly shortened, so the car mainly checks whether the car fire extinguisher of the vehicle is out of date.

Therefore, on-board fire extinguishers must be inspected regularly. Dry powder fire extinguishers are generally valid for one year. If the pointer of the pressure gauge is already pointing to the red zone, it must be replaced even if the fire extinguisher is less than one year old.

Three: the higher the capacity of the car fire extinguisher, the better the fire extinguishing effect

Some car owners think that the higher the fire extinguisher capacity, the better the fire extinguishing effect. Therefore, the car is equipped with a large-capacity fire extinguisher, but the actual battery life is not correct. Dry powder car fire extinguishers are generally from 1 lbs to 4.4 lbs.

The effectiveness of the fire extinguishing effect is not the size of the fire extinguisher. The key is the timing of the fire extinguishing and the use of the fire extinguisher.

However, sometimes when the car owner is in a fire, he directly picks up the fire extinguisher and squirts at the fire point. When the fire extinguisher is used up, the fire is still not extinguished. Therefore, it is essential for the owner to learn to use the fire extinguisher correctly.

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Final Verdict

In short, after anything catches fire, the initial fire is the most important, and the fire is the easiest to save. Therefore, put the fire extinguisher and emergency car facilities in the driver’s easy-to-access position, plus the reasonable choice of fire extinguishers and fire-fighting methods, as long as the rescue is right, the process in time, drivers and friends can be fearless.

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