Oil Free Vs Oil Air Compressor- Which One Is Useful

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When we bargain in some point that oil free vs oil air compressor , which air compressor is best. Here i will say that both of them is perfect for their particular perspective view. Simply, think can you use oil air compressor in food, chemical, pharmaceutical industry. In case you use this but you have to maintain a lot of things. So, why we go for this? As we have oil free air compressor that is safe from them.

Some of the air compressors are designed with oil lube to use in heavy duty industry which is less sensitive for human health.

Oil Free Air Compressor

A pancake air compressor is a small, compact that is used for home and commercial work where a lower volume of air is required. The term “pancake” refers to the flat, elliptical tank used to store the compressed air. That is similar to a pancake served for breakfast. These compressors are small, movable and can run on regular household electrical circuits, making them useful for homeowners and small businesses requiring temporary compressed air.

Most small air compressors are oil-free. It means the oil does not leave the compressor with air as it has an oil separator. The compressor oil is sealed inside the unit, and other than a temporary cleaning. Usually, no maintenance is required on  a pancake air compressor. A user can connect the compressor to an electrical outlet, plug in a compressed air hose and connect too many small pneumatic tools.

Application Of Oil Free Air Compressor

For regular work and where even the least amount of oil in compressed air is not granted, There, the best oil free air compressor is used . The most extensive area of the scope of this oil-free compressors are:

  • High-quality automotive industry, trouble-free processes.
  • Food Industry: High Quality healthy and tastier end-products.
  • Chemical industry: To increase product purity, better processes, less waste and increased safety.
  • In electronics industry: For uninterrupted control system and maintaining the extremely clean conditions required for high product quality.
  • Oil and gas: For trouble-free control systems and processes, upgraded safety and higher quality of the end product.
  • Textile industry: more efficient production, reduced costs for repairs and maintenance, higher textile quality, less waste
  • Pharmaceutical industry: clean products, reduced risk of pollution, more efficient processes, reduced waste.

Advantages Of Oil Free Air Compressor

The main advantage of an oil-free home air compressor is its mobility (lightweight and easy to move). Besides, it is characterized by the simplicity of service, safe to use, and environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for a simple compressor to use in your home or your area, your attention should be to oil-free compressors. They can be used for painting walls, wooden elements (furniture, fences), pumping wheels in a bicycle and blowing contaminated devices in the house and garden.It also has several benefits.

  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Clean, oil-free compressed air.
  • No oil change / oil separation required.
  • No oil filter replacement necessary.
  • Treatment and disposal costs are eliminated.
  • Especially environmentally friendly.

Disadvantages Of Oil Free Air Compressor

  • Limited operating pressure around 120 psi .
  • High investment costs for equipment with a relatively high intake volume

Oil Lubricated Air Compressor

An oil compressor is the necessary equipment of a car workshop, motorcycle service or a vulcanization company. Also, private users decide on their choice in a situation where they care about a professional and trouble-free product for the garage.

The oil compressor is characterized by high efficiency. It can work flawlessly continuously. Despite the significant weight, it almost always has wheels that facilitate its free transport. It also includes quick service to secure access to the components of the workshop compressor.

The oil air compressor is a very versatile tool for car mechanics because it can power popular pneumatic tools ( in case of seized bolts and nuts). Often, oil compressors are used in body shops and varnishes (to supply spray guns ).

Application Of Oil Air Compressor

The most critical parameter that determines the suitability of the compressor in the automotive workshop is the performance measured by the volume of air. For efficient work, it should be at least 300 l / min. The smaller capacity of the compressor can cause pressure drops, so you have to pay attention to the technical features of the tools you buy in such cases.

The compressor’s performance is affected by the electric power of the motor (preferably above 4 HP). The higher it is, the more difficult it will be to handle the device.

Besides, the nature of the work determines the capacity of the tank (measured in liters). If there is an interval (short and intense sections of work), then there is no need to use a large capacity tank. For a small workshop or car service, a compressor with a capacity of 50 l or 100 l is sufficient.In turn, for works with long and continuous specifics, for example,the best air compressor for car painting, a large capacity tank is required (for painting the car, the minimum is 300 liters).

Advantages Of Oil Air Compressor

  • Higher operating pressure possible.
  • Simultaneous lubrication (e.g important for compressed air tools).
  • Long lifetime.

Disadvantages Of Oil Lubricated Air Compressor

  • Higher maintenance costs.
  • Regular oil change & disposal of used oil required.
  • Oil leaks can occur.
  • Causes air / environmental pollution.

Oil Free Vs Oil Air Compressor- The Verdict

An oil-free air compressor offers many advantages. Oil-free compressors are particularly suitable for: paint processing, blowing with clean compressed air, for airbrushing, in the production and processing of food and beverages, in laboratories, in dentistry, or dental technicians or dental laboratories, in the dust removal, in the field of production of electronic parts, in metrology, in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry, to prevent contamination with oil. Another advantage is the lower volume of oil-free air compressors over ordinary reciprocating compressors

The oil-lubricated compressor is the best choice if the required compressed airflow is so high. Again, the required airflow could only be achieved with costly oil-free compressors and the oil for the lubrication of e.g., pneumatic tools is advantageous. Besides, when investing in your compressed air system, remember that an oil-lubricated compressor has a longer service life than a device without oil.

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