Best Magnetic Drill Press In 2019-Unbiased Review By Expert!

Drilling is tricky and risky job. Thus drilling or fabricating something require more concentration and accuracy. For this ones need the best magnetic drill press which is most featured, technologically developed and user friendly. Now a day’s magnetic drill press has become popular as it has versatile applications to do many operations.

With the help of magnetic strength it hold the job. Thus performing a metal work easy and the performed job is so much accurate then other drilling machine.

Again magnetic drill press is compact and lightweight. For personal usage it is the best option and some of them so likely be usable for the industrial application.

For your convenience, here 10 best mag drill press is reviewed. Let’s go through the reviews and pick the best one which satisfy your requirements and also for best value.

A magnetic drill press or mag drill press or magnetic drill is a specialized drill press which is designed for drilling holes in metal or wood. During working, Magnetic drills must magnetize to a solid surface. Magnetic strength is certainly related to steel thickness. Minimum thickness of steel plate is 3/8 inch.

Mag drill has versatile application both in metal fabrication, woodworking, product design and development. It’s little bit different from other drill press like bench-top drill press or floor drill press. 

Magnetic drill press more likely consist of 4 components like,

  • A magnetic base
  • A drill stand or column
  • A motor
  • An arbor or chuck

Magnetic drill press also supports wide variety of cutting tools like,

  • Annular cutter
  • Twist drill
  • Taps
  • Reamers and Counter sinks

Top 10 Best magnetic drill press Comparison table

Top 10 Best magnetic drill press reviews

Editor's 1st Choice

DeWalt dwe1622k 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press

DeWalt dwe1622k magnetic drill press is the best magnetic drill press for the money available in the market. It is 2 inch height and it is provided with 8 feet cord. It can apply 741 lbs. (317 kg) pressure.

 For optimal performance and variety of applications, this awesome mag drill press featured with 2 speed setting and 10 amp motor.

Its maximum annular cutter capacity is 2 inch (50mm). It accept ¾ inch Weldon cutter. Its clamping force is about 3800N. Drill stroke length is about 147 mm. Its magnetic base dimension is 180 mm × 84 mm. Its power input is 1200 watts. No load speed is about 300/400 rpm.

DeWalt dwe1622k Magnetic Drill Press package includes Kit box, Adjustment tools, quick change ½ inch keyed chuck, magnetic coolant tank, safety chain.

The versatile features of this magnetic drill press will ensure that you have a smooth, customized and safe drilling experience every time.

Product Features:
  • DeWalt dwe1622k magnetic drill press is equipped with overload protection electronics which prevent excess wear of accessories and motor damage. Three stage LED indicator also help to introduce improved user control.
  • It has quick change drill chuck system that help you for tool free change between ¾ inch Weldon shank and ½  inch keyed chuck.
  • This also equipped with motor height adjustment that provide greater range of accessory compatibility.
  • It allows you a variety of tool orientations. As magnetic coolant bottle can be placed on either side on a work surface or tool.
  • This can be workable in 4-3/8 inch drill travel which offers maximum capacity. Thus heavy duty applications is easy for DeWalt dwe1622k mag drill press.
  • It has 10 Amp motor with two speed settings which provide optimal performance in a variety of applications.
  • DeWalt dwe1622k magnetic drill press has quick release feed handles. Thus it able to provide tool free change of handles to either side of the tool.
  • For safety, it is provided with a safety chain.

What We Liked:

  • Compact and Light weight.
  • Designed for long life.
  • Magnetic self-feed cooling tank.
  • Good quality. I think it is the best magnetic drill press available on the market.
  • Easy to use.
  • Storage box and accessories.
  • It comes with a very nice case.
  • It is applicable in heavy duty applications
What We Didn't Like:
  • Loose fit in quick change chuck system.
  • Cord is not long enough.
Best Magnetic Drill Press In 2019-Unbiased Review By Expert! 12Best Magnetic Drill Press In 2019-Unbiased Review By Expert! 13

DeWalt dwe1622k 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press

NOVA 58000 Voyager DVR smart Drill Press

Nova voyager DVR mag drill press is the first smart and most featured drill press. This also plug and play type drill press with advanced direct drive motor technology and safety sensors.

This is the most versatile drill press in the market, easily can able to handle glass, plastics, metal, and wood for any innovative projects. With no load, it can run 50 rpm to 5500 rpm variable forward speed as well as reverse speed.

The spindle can travel 6 inch. It also provide Morse taper (MT-2). The table width is 419 mm and length is 419 mm. The table can be tilt -45 degree to +45 degree. The table can also rotate 360 degree.

With the package, its included woodworking table, DVR motor and controller,  2 MT Drill chuck, manual and fastenings.

Product Features:
  • NOVA 58000 Voyager DVR Drill Press is built with DVR technology. Thus it the direct drive motor runs smoothly. No belt or pulley required.
  • Built in intelligent adaptive control software made it smart machine.
  • This drill press built with 1.75 hp or 2 hp high torque motor.
  • This the first true cross functional machine, easily able to handle wood, plastics, metal, glass.
  • Self-starting function and tapping assistant function made it super one of the best mag drill press.
  • It is provided with incredible software including digital quill depth readout and digital speed readout.

What We Liked:

  • Easy to operate.
  • Smart design
  • Capacity to handle wide variety of projects efficiently and effectively.
  • User friendly control system.
  • Quite performance.
  • For safety, sensors are included.
  • Low maintenance required.
  • 2 year full replacement motor warranty and controller. Also 5 year full replacement of all other parts.
What We Didn't Like:
  • Digital screen is little.
  • Some customer found firmware problem.
  • Very large and heavy weight.
Best Magnetic Drill Press In 2019-Unbiased Review By Expert! 15NOVA 58000 Voyager DVR mag Drill Press

NOVA 58000 Voyager DVR smart Drill Press

Skil 10 inch drill press

The Skil 10 inch drill press is equipped with 5 speed gearing system which makes it versatile. Thus speed variation can easily be done for drilling with different bits, bit sizes and materials. This is basically manual belt adjusted for changing speeds. Skil 10 inch drill press is built with quality materials.

This low price pick drill press powered with 120 volt. It has five speed function like 570, 900, 1390, 2050, 3050 rpm.

If you have a limited bucks and limited space then it will be the best option for you. Skil 10 inch drill press should be on your shopping list.

Product Features:
  • Skil 10 inch drill press equipped with 3.2 ampere powerful motor.
  • This can be run in 5 variable speed from 570 rpm to 3050 rpm.
  • It also equipped with 2 beam laser system for precise holes alignment.
  • For additional safety, it is equipped with bump-off switch.
  • It also provided with depth adjustment system for easy depth of cut control.
  • It can be easily tilt about 0-45 degree left and right.
  • Half inch keyed chuck accept larger diameter bits for cutting.

What We Liked:

  • Accurate performance.
  • Durable.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Light weight.
  • Smooth and quite operation.
  • Equipped with quill depth stop adjustment.
What We Didn't Like:
  • Speed is changed manually.
  • Laser light is not work well.
Best Magnetic Drill Press In 2019-Unbiased Review By Expert! 17Skil 10 inch drill press

Skil 10 inch drill press

hougen hmd904 magnetic drill press

Hougen 115 volt hmd904 magnetic drill press is one of the best magnetic drill press available in the market. And also the best thing is that Hougen upgraded this drill press recently. Thus it become more efficient and accurate from the previous one through their continuous development and innovative designs.

Recent attachments of this great product is slot drive arbor which not only enhances accuracy but also enhances the change-out mechanism.

Drill bit also made with tough material. Cutter/Mount - Rota broach or Copperhead 3/4 inch shank. Thus it is able to make smooth hole. This is great for horizontal, overhead, tight areas and getting out of another piece of steel.

At no load rpm of motor of this drill press is about 450. It’s magnetic Base - 3-1/8 inches Wide × 6-9/16 inches long. Depth of this drill press is 2 inch.

Product Features:
  • Hougen hmd904 magnetic drill press has large about 1-1/2 inch ×2 inch capacity and positive slug ejection.
  • This is equipped with new pilot light which help you to perform your job in low light or no light condition. It also ensure greater hole accuracy.
  • It is provided with new two stage magnet which increase 30 percent power when motor is turned on.
  • This now comes with new slot drive arbor. It will ensure accuracy and quicker change out of accessories.
  • In housing, it is provided with stronger stiffer. Thus it became more efficient and comfort in the working environment.
  • It is provided with gravity feed coolant system. And it has rear mounted controls.
  • Feed handles can be changed from side to side.
  • With this package, you will get pint of coolant, safety chain and hex wrenches.
  • There are many accessories available in the machine shop like drill chucks, tapping, countersink and more.

What We Liked:

  • Compact and Light weight.
  • Powerful and versatile.
  • Well-made.
  • Easy to use.
  • It included carry case.
  • Lift detector safety system.
  • It can deliver smoothest hole.
  • Two year warranty
What We Didn't Like:
  • Little bit costly.
Best Magnetic Drill Press In 2019-Unbiased Review By Expert! 19hougen hmd904 magnetic drill reviews

hougen hmd904 magnetic drill press

Evolution EVO28 Magnetic Drill press

Evolution Power tools magnetic drill press is mostly popular for its light weight and compactness. This is very solid and well-constructed mag drill press with good price. This is ideal for bridges, I-beams and framework.

This can provide 1300 Kgf. or 2860 lbs f magnetic adhesion. Its maximum core diameter is about 28 mm or 1-1/8 inch. It can provide depth cut maximum 50 mm or 2 inch.

 Evolution Power tools magnetic drill press also provide Weldon shank cutter fitting type -19 mm. It also offer large variety of tool to be used with Evolution Power tools magnetic drill press. This package include a wide range of annular cutter, step drills and mini cutters, evolution cutting fluid.

Product Features:
  • Evolution Power tools magnetic drill press has heavy duty magnetic holding power. Thus it is highly productive in industrial and production work.
  • It is provided with six inch stroke length.
  • This mag drill press is ideal for site use and built around a steel framework. As it is lightweight, thus with the help of supplied carry case make it manageable to position in both awkward and confined spaces easily.
  • It is supplied with chuck and key. This also offer awesome value and an impressive 13 mm (1/2 inch) twist drill capacity with the added capability to use up to 28 mm (1-1/8 inch) cutter. It also featured with an integrated coolant system.
  • Evolution mag drill press is provided with left or right handles and right or left spoke handles.
  • It is built in high quality construction and can provide maximum 2 inch depth of cut.

What We Liked:

  • Having integrated cooling system.
  • It is included with a very nice looking carry case.
  • Portable and light weight for easy transportation.
  • Having Strong magnetic adhesion.
  • Efficient, reliable and pretty much durable.
  • 3 year warranty.
What We Didn't Like:
  • Twist drill bit not included.
  • Not very much powerful mag drill press.
Best Magnetic Drill Press In 2019-Unbiased Review By Expert! 21evolution EVO28 magnetic drill review

evolution EVO28 magnetic drill press

jancy slugger JHM Series magnetic drill press

Jancy Engineering slugger JHM series magnetic drill press is one of the best mag drill press for its versatile usages and compactness. This drill press power to weight ratio ideal for tight or high spaces.

It has a no load speed of 680 rpm which is fast enough. It is also provided with well-built stable platform and magnet circuity. This remains stable and supportive during job work.

Jancy slugger JHM series magnetic drill press also includes case, coolant tank, safety strap, chip hook, centering pins, 5-millimeters hexagon wrench, safety guard.

Product Features:
  • Jancy slugger JHM series magnetic drill press is provided with gravity-fed lubrication system.
  • It has 2 inch maximum depth of cut and 1-3/16-inch maximum cutting diameter.
  • This also equipped with right or left hand feed handles.
  • It is extremely compact mag base drilling unit which has optimum power/weight ratio for working at height.
  • Guard is included.
  • Made in United State of America.
  • Concealed motor wiring help to prevent wires from getting caught in tight space or snagging.

What We Liked:

  • Extremely compact and powerful.
  • Portable and light weight.
  • Multi position coolant bottle.
  • Metal construction and “Smart Magnet” circuitry is efficient and durable.
  • Easily usable in high or tight space.
  • One year warranty with purchase and two additional years available for warranty after registration.
What We Didn't Like:
  • This has no reverse.
  • 4 pilot pins not included.
Best Magnetic Drill Press In 2019-Unbiased Review By Expert! 23jancy slugger magnetic drill press review

jancy slugger JHM Series magnetic drill press

milwaukee electromagnetic drill press 4208-1

Milwaukee 4208-1 Electromagnetic Drill Press is manufactured in United States. And it can perform heavy duty drilling. It is built for production drilling. This can handle the toughest drilling jobs with up to a ¼ inch threaded holes capacity.

With no load, the two speed motor can run at 250 and 500 rpm. It can pressurize about 1670 pounds on a 1-inch of plate.

Milwaukee 4208-1 Electromagnetic Drill Press is a combination of Milwaukee’s 4203 adjustable base and the 4262-1 electromagnetic drill press. Thus Adjustment of base is super easy.

This awesome drill press is made for professional grade job work. It equipped with professional grade feature which ensure versatile usage to perform any job work.

With this package you will get Adjustable Position Magnetic Drill Press with 3/4 in. Motor - 4206-1, Electromagnetic Drill Press Base – 4203, 3/4 inch Motor -4262-1.

Product Features:
  • Milwaukee 4208-1 Electromagnetic Drill Press has dual mount gear case/reverse mount that allows tight quarter drilling.
  • It can develop 1600 pounds maximum drill point pressure with a 1 inch steel plate.
  • This also can taps up to 1 inch. It also has 14 threaded holes.
  • 11.5 amp motor makes it so powerful. Thus it can be engineered for the toughest applications.
  • It also introduced line lockout which prevent tool from operation if voltage is restored to an error line.
  • This awesome magnetic drill press equipped with solid state electronic switching which offer faster, smoother and quitter switching for a longer product lifespan.

What We Liked:

  • Easy to use.
  • Powerful.
  • Easy for maintenance.
  • Durable.
  • Feedback speed control.
  • Adjustable magnetic base is capable of precise placements of job.
What We Didn't Like:
  • Heavy weight
Best Magnetic Drill Press In 2019-Unbiased Review By Expert! 7milwaukee 4208-1 adjustable position electromagnetic drill press reviews

milwaukee electromagnetic drill press 4208-1

g&j hall tools magnetic drill press

Revo mag drill is a little monster. It has lots of power to get your job done in a tight space. This awesome magnetic drill press is mostly known for its compactness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

This drill press accept wide range of cutter types and sizes. It has a spindle with chuck which accept twist drill bits, annular cutter and threading taps.

Product Features:
  • G&J Hall tools magnetic drill press is provided with 1100 watts power efficient and reliable motor for various applications.
  • REVO low profile 35 mag drill press has the same cutting capacity as the R322 model but it can be easily fitted in tight spaces. Its cutting capacity is about 1- 3/8 inch.
  • For securing grip, it has 3365 lbs. magnetic adhesion.
  • It is provided with reversible stroke handle and easy- access control panel.
  • This also has a quick release arbor for quick cutter changes.

What We Liked:

  • For portability, it provides a fold-flat carrying handle.
  • Compact in size thus well fitted for tight space.
  • Easy to use.
  • It has built in LED light.
  • The crank lever can be mounted on both side of the machine.
What We Didn't Like:
  • Pilot pin not included.
Best Magnetic Drill Press In 2019-Unbiased Review By Expert! 27g&j hall tools magnetic drill press review

g&j hall tools magnetic drill press

Steel Dragon Magnetic Drill Press.

Steel Dragon Magnetic Drill Press 12000 N pulling force. Thus it help to ensure that the drill machine will not move during operation even in thick metal drilling operation. Its strong magnetic base ensure precision drilling.

This magnetic base also allows the drill press to perform up-side down and underneath a piece of metal to be drilled.

Steel dragon MD45 also powered by 1350 watt motor for toughest drilling job. With no load, it can operate 100-500 rpm variable speed.

Comes with Spindle taper which offer MT2 and provide adapter to convert MT2 into ¾ inch Weldon shank and also can convert MT2 into MT1.

Product Features:
  • Steel Dragon MD45 Magnetic Drill Press can create 2700 lbs. magnetic force or 12,000 N.
  • It can produce maximum one to ¾ inch boring diameter.
  • This include MT2 to ¾ inch Weldon spindle adapter.
  • It is variable speed magnetic drill press. With no load, it spindle speed is 500 rpm.
  • This also can create 7 inch maximum boring depth and 1-3/4 inch or 45 mm boring diameter.
  • It has provided adjustable base for precise drill.

What We Liked:

  • Very much suitable for drilling metal surface.
  • Variable spindle speed which can be adjustable as requirement.
  • One year warranty.
  • HSS annular cutters are available with the package.
  • Affordable price.
What We Didn't Like:
  • Heavy weight
Best Magnetic Drill Press In 2019-Unbiased Review By Expert! 29Steel Dragon Magnetic Drill Press.

Steel Dragon Magnetic Drill Press.

Baileigh MD-6000 Magnetic Drill

Baileigh MD-6000 Magnetic Drill press combine two speed motor. Thus it can create 18000 N adhesive magnetic force. It has maximum 8.25 inch stroke. This also has cut of depth up to 3 inch.

At no load it can rotate 260 rpm and 460 rpm. This is an industrial grade magnetic drill press. It is mainly designed for fabrication shop and structural steel companies.

Product Features:
  • Baileigh MD-6000 Magnetic Drill press runs on 110 volt power.
  • It can easily handles a maximum twist drill capacity of up to .5 inch and an annular cutting capacity of up to 2.375 inch.
  • This has built in two speed settings. At no load 260 rpm on low and 460 rpm on high speed for smooth cutting applications.
  • It has Industry standard 0.75 inch spindle.
  • For faster and more efficient cutting, It is provided with gravity feed coolant system to improves tooling lifespan.
  • Chuck and adapter are included on the Baileigh MD-6000 Magnetic Drill press box
  • Built with Sturdy cast steel frame so that it stand up to maximum capacity.

What We Liked:

  • Gravity feed coolant system.
  • A steel carrying case rounds out the package.
  • Well Designed.
  • It include all industrial components that a fabricator need to get started.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • List Element
What We Didn't Like:
  • Heavy weight.
Best Magnetic Drill Press In 2019-Unbiased Review By Expert! 31Baileigh MD-6000 Magnetic Drill

Baileigh MD-6000 Magnetic Drill

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Magnetic Drill Press for the money

Before running a job operation you, you should know some basic about drill press and its types.Then, to buy a magnetic drill press Certain factors require your consideration if you want to get the top rated Magnetic Drill Press. They are as follows;


Drill press is the best to buy for special operations as it offers both the power and portability. There are some key factors that should be considered before buying the best magnetic drill press. The price of the drill press is not the major factor or deciding factor in purchase process of the best drill press. Following are some key elements that you should consider to make a rational choice for the top rated magnetic drill press.

Model Type:

There is option to select the bench top model or the floor model of the magnetic drill press. However, the floor model is most appropriate for the large scale projects as these drills are accurate. On the other hand, bench top models of the best magnetic drill press are suitable for easy tasks, as they are space efficient and less precise.


The space is among the most deciding elements while buying the top rated magnetic drill press. Based on the availability of space, you can decide between different types of drill press, such as floor drill press or the bench top drill press. The floor drill is durable and more powerful than bench press models; however, it needs large space. The best magnetic drill press has both power and portability.


The magnetic drill press is a valuable tool, but you should consider the affordability. The great features of the  magnetic drill press come with additional cost. However, they are worth spending money for people who are in search of the top rated magnetic drill press. The price for some people is reasonable and according to their expectations, but many others consider it too high. As far as the quality and use of the drill press involves, it is worth investment especially for professionals.


One of the determining factor while buying the top rated magnetic drill press is its weight due to stability and portability reasons. The bench top model weighs less as compared to floor model, if you need more portable drill press. The weight is also important factor to consider before buying the top magnetic drill press because it contributes to the stability while you will be using it.


There are different purposes of accessories used for a drill press. These accessories are specifically developed for particular purposes. There are a number of drill press accessories that are available with the magnetic drill press, and are worth checking if you want to use your drill press regularly. Although, the price of the drill press will increase with the number of accessories you chose to buy, but the selection of appropriate accessories will make your work with dress press easier and efficient.


Another thing to consider before buying the top magnetic drill press is its serviceability. You will need to have routine support for your drill press. However, not all producers of drill press have new parts accessible for drill press models; and some producers ask you to spend extra money if you need new parts. Thus, you should consider the serviceability of the best magnetic drill press before buying it.


Cutting capacity is mainly determined by the size of the cutter that accept the magnetic drill press. Drill press are used to create holes in work piece.

How to use a Magnetic Drill Press?

Most of the magnetic drill press is powered by a DC brush motor. Some of them also pneumatic and hydraulic.

Electric type mag drills press are popular for its portability and power.

Pneumatic type drill press are best to use in wet condition.

Hydraulic type mag drill press are usually designed to use in underwater.

With the help of gear mechanism or directly rotational power is transferred from motor to arbor.

Arbor is supported by front support bracket. Here the cutter connect to the arbor. Front support bracket also act as guide to drill holes.

Magnetic drill press base are magnetized so that it create strong magnetic pulling force. Thus it can sticks with a metal plate which must be 3/8 inch in thickness. So the metal plate will not deform.

In a nutshell you needn’t to take large awkward metal sheet to a stationary drill press. You just take the drill press to the material that needed to be machined. Just place the drill press in required position, turn on the electricity, and boom, it will magnetize its base which generate sufficient strength to stick the drill press to metal sheet.

For those Who Needs a Magnetic Drill Press?

Magnetic drill presses are very useful because of their portability. Magnetic drills are used everywhere from one person shops to large plants and construction sites. More specifically it used in

  • Fabrication of steel
  • Rebuilding of Bridge
  • Construction and Building
  • Building of ship
  • Mining
  • Machinery Riggers
  • Vehicle industry more likely Truck and RV
  • Oilfields, Pipeline and Offshore
  • Railroad industries
  • Repair Shops

In some some case you need to get one drill press within your budget. Sometimes, it not be easy to get one by comparing the value and and the price too. 

Final Verdict

Hey good news, you have been reading this review so far,i think there will be no doubt in your mind that these above-reviewed products are the best magnetic drill press available in the market for the money. Here we did analysis and figure out some best feature of the above reviewed mag drill press. You can try DeWalt dwe1622k magnetic drill press or Evolution EVO28 Magnetic Drill Press, according to our choice. But make the right choice according to your requirement and application and say goodbye to disappointments.

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