Best 60 Gallon Air Compressors-2020 Review & Buying Guide By Expert

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Today’s society has long been using air compressors. People who involve in a business know this air tools well. Whether you are an architect, a carpenter, an engineer, a factory owner, or anything similar, then you probably know and have used one. You have to use the best 60 gallon air compressor provide huge assistance when it comes for saving power.

However, they are expensive, and it is hard to make a decision when it comes to where to put your money. Why you spend a lot of money on something that won’t be of use? You need to get your research done. To make an informed decision, what you need is a very detailed review of the machine. And nowadays the internet is so full of information it might be hard to do it.

60 gallon air compressor is an industrial level machine that will give you a massive upgrade to your DIY projects — several things you should be considered before getting one. The following review will help you get the revisions on the top rated 60 gallon air compressors in the market. As mentioned before, we do not want you to throw away your money, and we are only writing about quality stuff that will help you to make your buying decision perfectly.

In this article, we will present the best single stage and two stage air compressors available in the market. We will take about their features, their overall performance, and even the customer satisfaction they have. You don’t need to look through Amazon for hours because we already did that. So, save yourself some time from checking a bunch of 60 gallon compressors that will not probably fulfill your requirement.

Top 10 Best 60 Gallon Air Compressors Reviews

Below 5 are the top rate single stage 60 gallon air compressor and next 6 to 10 are the best quality 60 gallon double stages air compressor.

1. Puma Industries PK-6060V Single Stage 60 Gallon Air Compressor

Puma industries pk-6060v single stage 60 gallon air compressor is one of the very top rated 60 gallon air compressors out there in the market. It is mainly designed for home and professional application. It can power several tools at the same time and will be very useful.This product comes with a built-in pump oil lubricator that will make it super easy to use and set-up, especially when you are just getting started on 60-gallon compressors.

However, this might imply you will need to spend some extra money when it comes to replacing and supplying the machine with oil. However, these tanks are often preferred because they provide you with sustainability and durability higher than others.

The part named compressor PK-6060V is a single stage belt drive series. It is made of cast iron. The cast iron built ensured long term durability. Not only that, but it makes it very strong and resistant to bumps and hits. Sustainability is crucial when it comes to compressors. Since a damaged compressor can easily cause an accident, or prevent it from performing its daily tasks.

Another feature that this compressor offers is that all the reviews mention how quiet it is. Noise can be a big bugger when it comes to air compressors, especially if you are going to be using it in your garage or at-home workshop. This air compressor will let you work almost noise free. The compressor is also built with thermal overheat protection and has an outlet pressure control with coupler. The pressure is low but will handle non-industrial kinds of jobs efficiently.

There are some issues with this compressor; one of them is that the plastics that were used on the on and off switch are not made for rough use. They seem to be likely to break down. This can cause a risk of electrical shock. However, if handled with care, it is unusual. Something that differentiates it from the others is the steel wheels that come included if you have a job that might require moving it around, it is ideal.

If you want an air compressor to help with your projects, and that will cover almost all your necessities when it comes to air needs, from tires to nail guns, then this is the one for you.

What We Liked:

  • Quiet, almost noise free.
  • Easy to set up
  • Great built-in security measures.
  • Durable product.
  • Steel wheels for transportation.
  • Hopefully best for home garage.
  • Sensible switches.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not ideal for multi-tool using.

Overall, this puma 60 gallon air compressor is excellent and very easy to use. It comes with a series of guidelines that will help you wrap your head around the whole installation. However, with this compressor, it is recommended to call an expert in electrical services, in case you get lost in that part

2. PowerMate 60-Gallon Air Compressor

Just like the Puma compressors, the PowerMate 60-Gallon Single Stage Vertical Cast Iron Air Compressor is one of the best in the market. Specially designed for do it yourself, this compressor is also cast iron and oil lubricated. One of the main perks of this compressor is that it intends to provide more air to your tools, in a way that you can use it even with hammers or sandblasters. They will have a much longer running time.

This compressor is specially designed to fit the accommodations you might have at your workshop. However, the fact that it is workshop friendly doesn’t mean it can’t have more massive services, this air compressor can easily handle a 240-volts operation and hence allows it to perform better and also have a more relaxed start.

The air compressor comes with a built-in oil lubricator, which will not only make it easier for you to set it up and get it running. Similar to the Puma Industries compressor, this might imply an extra expense in oil to supply and the compressor.

But this isn’t something that should stop you because these tanks provide you with sustainability and durability higher than others because of the oil, which avoids too much friction between parts. Also, this compressor comes with synthetic oil, which has a long life performance and will, therefore, allow you to spend a little less money. Also, the oil deposits are straightforward to access.

The machine has an average powering, not too high and not too low, at 3.7 HP. It also has a maximum working pressure of 155 psi, which, while it isn’t high, it’s pretty good for home operations. Durability is also something remarkable in this product, made out of thermally stable cast iron, and you can be sure it’ll last yours for more than a month. Cast iron will help to avoid bumps and hits. Contrary to some other tanks made out of aluminum, which is rather easily dented. It has an automotive style ball bearing, and the reed valves are made from durable Swedish stainless steel.

Oil lubricated cast iron compressors are preferred for performing all the jobs that are entailed in the life of a farm or professional air compressor used. Another advantage to this machine is the size, it only weighs 247 pounds, and its dimensions are of 30 x 27 x 68 inches. Even though it is meant to be stationary, it will be rather easy to handle and move around.

If you like to take projects into your own hands and want an air compressor that will let you perform at your full potential, this is the compressor for you.

What We Liked:

  • Cast iron cylinder.
  • Style ball and bearing balls Swedish stainless steel.
  • Quiet air compressor.
  • Deliver faster performance.
  • Maximum efficiency at 240 volts.
  • 12-inch cast iron balanced flywheel.
  • Oil lubricated.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No regulator with this package.

3. Porter Cable 60-Gallon Single Stage Stationary Air Compressor

This porter cable single stage 60 gallon air compressor is not designed for heavy work. However, that doesn’t mean it performs poorly inside its range of jobs. It can handle several tools for an extended period.This product comes with a built-in pump oil lubricator that will make it super easy to use and set-up since it is specially designed for those who are just getting started on 60-gallon compressors and are doing light work.

However, this might imply you will need to spend some extra money when it comes to replacing and supplying the machine with oil. On the right side, this model is shipped with synthetic oil, which ensures optimum performance and long life of the device and reduces this expense. This kind of feature is often preferred by those who use these machines professionally.

The power is medium, at 3.7 HP. However, the machine can easily handle several tools at the time as long as these don’t require an excessive amount of energy. It can handle operations that require a 230 voltage. This air compressor has not ability to handle a hammer or a sandblaster being used together for an extended period. But it can correctly handle them separately and give you maximum performance.

Unlike many compressors of its kind, the Porter Cable 60-Gallon Single Stage Stationary Air Compressor comes equipped with a pressure gauge that handles the pressure inside the tank more similarly to a gas-powered compressor. It also comes with an on and off switch, so that the compressor will turn off it the pressure is too low or too high.

When it comes to pressure, this compressor is a little on the low side, anyway, it is for light use so if that’s what you’ll be doing, pressure won’t be an issue. The machine performs at 3.4 CFM @ 40 psi and 11.5 CFM @ 90 psi. Also, the manufacturer offers as an extra advantage what they call Toll-Free Customer Help Line. The machine is supported by it, and you can communicate at any time.

One of the issues might be the porter cable since they tend to be delicate. It also needs a lot of attachment fillers or regulators. If what you want is to get started on light jobs that require 60-gallon air compressors, this is a great one.

What We Liked:

  • Provided with pressure gauge and also on/off switch.
  • Oil lubricated pump.
  • It Shipped with synthetic lube oil for maximum performance and longer lifespan.
  • Supported by Toll-Free Customer Help Line.
  • Supported by our Toll-Free Customer Help Line.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Attachments and fillers needed.
  • Power cord is not provided with the package.

4. Ingersoll Rand SS5 60 Gallon Single Stage Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand SS5 5HP 60 Gallon Single Stage Air CompressorThe Ingersoll Rand SS5 5HP 60 Gallon Single Stage Air Compressor is designed for any environment. The manufacturer seeks to reach everyone through this model since the usage thrives from individuals that thrive on DIY projects to the professional air compressor user.

This air compressor is supposed to behave good all the time, especially when you need it. You can use it for an extended period, at full capacity, and the compressor won’t present any issues at all.

This machine can easily handle a 230-volts operation and hence allows it to perform better and also have a more relaxed start. This also helps to make the machine’s process much more comfortable, since it will enable you to not worry about the beginning. Also, next to this, it has an automatic start and stops that will help improve your usage.

This machine is also electric powered, which is more comfortable when it comes to setting it up in a garage or personal workshop. However, it’ll give you the same performance as one that is gas powered.

This 6 gallon air compressor is also advanced when it comes to security features; for example, it has a thermal overload feature that works manually for you to measure the performance of your machine. This way, you can decide when thermal overload might be a problem and don’t have to rely on the automatic switch failing.

The machine is supposed to be very durable. First, the manufacturer ensures that it will give you over 5,000 hours of use without encountering any trouble. The cast is also made out of durable and long-lasting iron.

The manufacturer also ensures a long and extended pump life, compared to other similar products in the industry.

Since the 60 gal air compressor is meant to work in any environment, the power and pressure it comes with are rather stiff and will ensure you get maximum performance in either scenario. First, the horsepower of this device is of 5 HP, which is a high amount for a do it yourself and perfect for any heavy use. It has a high-pressure operation, although not as high as other machines, its maximum pressure is at 135 psi.

A reported continuously issue with this air compressor are failures in the motor. Everyone does not report them. However, many people have complained about the fact that after three months of burdensome work, the engine will begin to fail and get startled. Anyhow, many other individuals say that as long as it is appropriately set up, you shouldn’t be having any problems.

What We Liked:

  • Advanced safety features.
  • Maximum power and 100% continuous duty
  • Very much quiet 30 gallon air compressor.
  • Extremely efficient that means fill air very quickly.
  • It able to run a HVLP paint gun.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Motor failures seem to be a constant issue.
  • Pressure gauge not included. You will need an extra pressure gauge to regulate pressure.
  • List Element

5. Industrial Air 60-Gallon Hi-Flo Air Compressor

This compressor is 100% going to give you an industrial performance. It is designed to be used on heavy-duty jobs, as well as professional workshops and the industry. It is mighty, enough to easily handle the vast loads you might want to put on it. It can also power multiple pneumatic tools at the same time. This compressor is also electrically powered. If you are going to use it for a professional workshop, this feature is a serious advantage.

It also has a heavy-duty induction motor, and it can handle with ease up to 240 volts even though the power is a bit on the medium side, at 4 HP.

When it comes to durability, this compressor is one of the top ones. It is cast iron, which ensures ultimate resistance to rough handling. It has a one-piece iron crankcase, which is perfect for durable use. The machine also comes equipped with three steel cylinders. It comes with a built-in oil lubricated pump.

Contrary to other compressors, this device comes with splash type lubrication, which ensures long-lasting performance. The oil reserves are easy to access. You will need to have an extra expense when it comes to replacing and supplying the machine with oil, though.

When it comes to security, this compressor is also equipped with a pressure gauge which will ensure the pressure inside the tank doesn’t get too high or too low. This pressure gauge will be connected to an on and off switch, so whenever the pressure gets out of an average level, the machine will be turned off.

This air compressor comes with a 2-year warranty, which is excellent considering it is a heavy use machine that is designed to continually endure stressing, constant, and demanding work from the tools that will be powered by it.

The motor is sturdy and will handle a lot of work without entering a breakdown, or beginning to glitch and malfunction.

It is also a very light air compressor. It weighs only 250 pounds, which is very little for a compressor with so much performance capacity.

A problem that might be an issue for you is that it is very noisy. Owners are likely to need earplugs to work with it. Especially when it comes to using it in a workshop, this is a disadvantage.

What We Liked:

  • Three cylinders pump.
  • It is provided with pressure gauge and also on/off switches.
  • oil lubricated pump and splash type lubrication.
  • Hi flow air compressor that why we can work with impacts, spray guns and hammers, ratchets.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is very noisy. Owners need earplugs to work with it.

6. Maxair 60 Gallon Single Stage Stationary Air Compressor

Maxair 60 Gallon Single Stage Stationary Air Compressor is meant to last a long time while working hard. This single stage compressor is specially designed for those who like the heavy-duty work.

The machine is electric powered, which means you will not have any of the dangers that come with working with gases, like flames or dangerous fumes that could potentially damage your health.

However, it is also intended to work for people who need it for a hobby or do it yourself. It has a heavy-duty belt guard. This feature ensures that your machine can perform at its highest. The compressor can power several pneumatic tools at the same time.

The tank is made of thermal controlled steel, and the pump housing material is cast iron. Both these metals ensure your air compressor will be very resistant to bumps and hits that might come its way; this way ensuring that its performance won’t be compromised if you are the kind of person that is rough on their equipment.

Another thing that makes this compressor outstanding and able to handle heavy work is its horsepower. However, those are machines used on a whole other level. 5HP is very good if you need to power several tools and use for several hours. Also, the compressor has a “V” Design that seeks to minimize vibration.

This compressor is also designed to improve cooling, which extends compressor life.This machine also has an extended drain at the base. Not only that, but it has a maximum pressure of 170 psi and performs at 18.5 CFM at 100 PSI.

Some of the problems with this one are that it is slightly expensive, there are some air compressors with similar features and specifications that can perform similarly and are cheaper. Also, it is meant to be stationary, which is why it weighs 306 pounds. If you need to move it around, it might not be the best choice.

What We Liked:

  • Heavy duty belt guard.
  • Extended drain at the base.
  • In the base there are holes thus you can bolt it anywhere.
  • Well made sturdy air compressor.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Heavy and slightly expensive air compressor.

In the above portion of this article we have discussed about the best single stage air compressor 60 gallon. In this section two stage 60 gallon air compressor are reviewed. lets check this portion of the article.

7. Quincy QT-54 Reciprocating 60-Gallon Air Compressor

This Quincy 60 gallon air compressor’s main feature is its durability. The manufacturer states, it is specially designed to last for life. The main idea of this compressor is that it is efficient and will allow you to have lower costing operations, producing as much compressed air as possible on a lower horsepower. First, this compressor has an industrial duty USA made Baldor motor. This is a perfect motor and very powerful.

It will ensure that huge jobs won’t be compromising its performance. The motor also has a inbuilt thermal overload protection, so you don’t have to worry about the issues that might come to your machine from heat.

This Quincy 60 gallon two stage air compressor is also gas powered, which makes it ideal for industrial environments since it can reduce even more the energy required to operate. The machine is two staged, which means it allows air to cool in between processes. This feature makes your two stages air compressor last a lot longer since it damages the tools and the system considerably less. It has a lower oil carry-over, of the only 5 PPM.

When it comes to performance regarding the pressure, this air compressor has a pretty high maximum pressure. It will work at full capacity between 145, all the way up to 175 psi. Another advantage seems to be that the pump RPM is of 1310, which is very high. It is another of the features that ensure efficiency. However, the pump is a little sensitive, and you might have to change it eventually. The machine is a little noisy, but on an average level for an industrial performance machine

What We Liked:

  • The starter motor has built-in thermal overload protection.
  • Provided with industrial-duty US-made Baldor motor.
  • Two staged gas powered.
  • It can attain high pressure.
  • Run smooth and quiet air compressor.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Little bit high price.
  • No low oil protection provided.

8. DeWalt Two Stage 60 Gallon Air Compressor

Two-stage compressors are generally designed for heavy-duty professional work and the DeWalt 60 gallon 5 HP Two Stage 60 gallon air compressor is no exception. It is enabled to be job site robust and works towards that. This air compressor is rather heavy at 400 pounds, and however, since it has industrial performance, you probably won’t be moving it around too much.

The 60 gal air compressor is electrically powered. However, the manufacturer offers a very similar model that happens to be gas-powered if you prefer it like that. When it comes to performance, as previously mentioned, it is for industrial levels. It handles a 230 voltage easily and a heavy-duty induction motor, which allows for better performance and a more relaxed start.

The maximum pressure is one of the highest in the market, necessary for industrial performance. This machine will give you up to 175 psi. Higher pressure allows for several energy-requiring tools to be connected at the same time without an issue. What differentiates this machine from the rest is mainly its pump. The manufacturer has a patented pump design that allows for a more cooling running pump, hence elongating the life of your tools and compressor. The cooling is very much improved between cycles, as well.

The motor is high performance, and also comes equipped with built. In thermal overload protection, in case the cooling systems are overwhelmed. Like other air compressors, it comes with a tank pressure gauge and on and off switch. This, however, comes with belt guard, which ensures maximum capacity and outstanding industrial performance.

However, if you don’t know about the wiring of an air compressor, it might not be the best option to purchase. The installation is a little complicated, and the machine comes with no manual whatsoever, therefore making it hard to install. You can always call an electrician, though.

What We Liked:

  • It is corded electric powered, but the brand also offers gas powered.
  • Industrial performance 60 gallon air compressor.
  • Provide sufficient power to handle more than one air tool or device at one time.
  • Patented cooler running designed pump.
  • Electric motor equipped with thermal protection which ensure safety during thermal overload.
  • Durable and perfect for speedy operation.
  • Provided a ASME approved tank with pressure gauge, on/off switch and wire form belt guard.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No wiring manual provided.

This machine performs greatly under industrial circumstances and will last a lot, regardless of the use you have for it.

9. Ingersoll Rand 60 Gallon Two-Stage Air Compressor

The Ingersoll Rand 60 Gallon Two-Stage Air Compressor is designed for massive shop and industrial use. It is meant to have an overall exceptional performance when compared to other similar machines.

It was engineered with precision for it to have long term reliability. It is specially engineered for the most demanding pneumatic tools you might encounter.

This machine is one of the most durable two stages compressors with features such as the durable cast iron construction. The sixty gallon air compressor promises over 15,000 hours of continuous work. The manufacturer makes it a reliable 60-gallon air compressor that can have 2,000 hours of uninterrupted service before it needs any change out of synthetic lubricant. The compressor is especially good at providing continuous work without having motor fails, overheating, or pressure issues.

The machine is electric-powered, which is excellent if you are thinking about improving your workshop’s tasks and need a compressor that performs excellently. An electrically powered compressor will allow a certain amount of versatility. This compressor is also particular because it has individually cast cylinders, which makes it extremely easy to service as you have it for more time.

When it comes to overall performance, it has heavy-duty powering. The sixty gal air compressor comes with a 5 HP horsepower that ensures you will have a maintained performance over long hours of work.

On the wrong side, this machine has three issues. First, it is made out of aluminum. Aluminum is not a harmful material; however, it is not as strong as iron or steel. It might make your compressor a little less able to endure rough handling and more likely to be damaged and compromise its performance. Anyhow, this isn’t an issue if the compressor is parked in a workshop.

The second issue is that it is cumbersome, at 430 pounds. But again, if you need it to have it parked in a garage, this doesn’t represent a problem. Maybe just a more complicated installation. Third, it doesn’t’ have anti-vibration pads, which can make it uncomfortable to work with it.

What We Liked:

  • Relatively quiet 60 gallon air compressor.
  • Easy to service because of individually cast cylinders.
  • Industrial grade ODP motor built air compressor.
  • standard beige color
  • Continuous duty to do any workshop project.
  • It can be used in heavy duty industry.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Don’t have any anti-vibration pads.
  • Relatively heavier than other 60 gallon air compressor.

10. Industrial Air 60 Gallon Two Stage Air Compressor

This two stages compressor is also meant to have an industrial performance and designed to be working inside workshops and industries. It handles larger loads and multiple, demanding, pneumatic tools.

It is electric-powered, which makes it much more versatile. Its versatility also comes from its oil-lubricated pump, which, as per discussed, is an extra expense that is beneficiary.

The performance of this compressor is rather outstanding since it has a power of 5 HP and a heavy induction motor, that easily handles 230 volts. This gives you a benefit in the fact that the start is more comfortable and smoother. The fact that it is two-staged helps it prevent an overheating, which makes it much more durable. It is also made of cast iron, ensuring you will have minor issues when it comes to rough handling.

This one also has a patented Pump design, which provides for a more cooling running pump. It has an industrial style air intake filter. It also has a very accessible oil level sight glass for you to know when you’ll need to refill it. It comes with a low pump RPM. Just like the other machines, it comes with a gauge pressure tank that improves its cooling.

It also has the advantage that it comes with an electric motor equipped with thermal overload protection. This will make sure the motor is protected from voltage fluctuations. A magnetic starter is not required. It is also super quiet, enough to hold a conversation while using it, which is rare in an industrial performance air compressor. The only issue could be that the bottom drain doesn’t perform quite as highly as others do.

What We Liked:

  • No magnetic starter required.
  • Thermal Overload protected motor.
  • Oil lubricated pump.
  • Documentation is excellent, and easy wiring process makes a much easier installation.
  • Quiet air compressor.
  • It can be used to run other air tools

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Poor bottom drain performance.
  • Non existing customer support.

60 Gallon Air Compressor Buying Guide Both Two Stages and Single-stage

Before getting a 60 gallon air compressor you must ask yourself some question whether you go for single stage or double stages air compressor. How much power do you require? What type of job do you want to do in your workshop? And other things that you should keep in mind to get the quality 60 gallon air compressor for your home garage available in the market.

Which One Should I Get Single Stage Or Two Stage Air Compressor?

Almost every industry requires you to have one nowadays. They are mighty systems for pneumatic tools to work at its best.

Air tools come in various forms and need adequate air supply to work properly. You need to evaluate the kind of work you will be doing to know what are the characteristics you are looking for in a compressor. If it is a roadside job, a construction site, or something that might require much more power. That is why we’ve provided with a review of the best single staged and two-staged 60-gallon air compressors.

When you need to power several tools, that are also demanding at the same time, you will need a compressor that can stand up to the demands of the tool.

That is why, if you know you need a 60-gallon compressor, you should read these reviews carefully to see which are the features that best accommodate to your needs. 60 gallon air compressors are the best for heavy-duty work and industrial tasks, however, they can give a severe step up to medium and light jobs.

If you want to use them at home, then a single-stage low horsepower one should be enough, like the Puma Industries PK-6060V 60 Gallon Air Compressor. However, if you want much heavier tasks, you’ll need to get two-staged, preferably 5 HP compressor.

The Gauge Provided With The 60 Gallona Air Compressor

You must want to know the pressure level of the sixty gallon air compressor tank. That’s why you need to check the pressure gauge. You have to check pressure gauge whether it is analog or digital pressure gauge.

The Power Cord Length

AT first you should check whether it is electric or gas powered 60 gallon air compressor. Then you must check the power cord length if you choose the electric corded 60 gallon air compressor.

Noise Level Of The Air Compressor

You must check the noise level of the air compressor. As high noise level air compressor is so irritating not only for you but also for the passerby or people are working around the air compressor.

What is CFM And Why Should You Check It Before Getting One?

CFM means cubic feet per minute and tells you how much your compressor will deliver the air. It is crucial to consider it when seeing if the 60-gallon compressor fits your needs. A low-pressure compressor will likely not be able to power too many tools or the ones that require a lot of air, like a sandblaster.

You have to know you require CFM rate as it defines what type of air tools you can use.

What is Horsepower And Why Should You Check It Before Getting One?

Horsepower is not directly implicated in its performance; however, you want higher strength when you are going to be using it frequently. Horsepower is what the speed of the tank filling depends on CFM is much more important than horsepower since it is what your air tools performance depend.

However, if you do need a fast filling compressor, you should get high HP.

Final Verdict

The answer to the above-discussed questions ultimately depends on what are your specific needs and specifications. What tools will you be using and how many at the same time? How much CFM do your devices require? Will I need to move this around often? Do I need a fast filling tank?

You need to ask yourself all these above questions and know how much energy your tools will be consuming before looking for the features that suit you. Make sure that you go with a reliable manufacturer and a compressor that has an extended warranty. The brands we listed above are some of the top quality 60 gallon air compressors.

You should carefully evaluate the reviews we set up for you so you can see the subtle differences that might make one compressor better for you than the other.

Yes, some of these compressors are more expensive, but it is only because this performance is better than those who aren’t as valuable. These are qualitative machines.

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