How To Quiet An Air Compressor: 13 Definitive Ways To Follow

To make quieter an air compressor is not an earth shaking revelation. But it’s something like annoying you and your surrounded people. So it is best practice to buy a quiet air compressor or reduce its noise level to some extent. Thus you will feel better to use it. Also your surrounded people will not be bothered. 

Air compressor noise depends on some issues like either your compressor is going to run on continuous mode or regular mode. Sometimes you need to use it for sandblasting, painting where you run your compressor on continuous mode. In continuous running mode, its produce bigger noise level as it supply high airflow rate. So stuck with us in this article to learn how to quiet an air compressor sound level.

At the same time you should have to know that reducing noise level will reduce airflow rate to some extent. As we will use some components that will hinder airflow rate. But we will try to keep it at the best possible level of airflow rate and pressure level.

But if you are too busy to do this handy list of job. Then get a quiet air compressor.

Air compressor decibel ratings usually are in a range of 40 decibel to 90 decibel. In that range, we divide it in 3 categories quiet, average, and noisy.

Quiet Air Compressor:

Those air compressors in the range of around 40 decibel to 75 decibel are called quiet air compressor. But they also can be ultra-quiet or super- quiet air compressor depending on their decibel ratings.

Average Air Compressor:

Those air compressors decibel rating in the range of 75 dBA to 85 dBA rating are called average noise level air compressor. With below modification guide, you can make it quieter. We will discuss it later in this article. Just stuck with us and follow the guide.

Noisy Air compressor:

Decibel rating of compressors above 85 dBA are called noisy air compressor. To reduce its noise you have to modify it. And you have to use some extra accessories to reduce its noise level like sound cabinet.

Sources Of Sound In An Air compressor

Air compressor is an air tools which has several parts that are the sources of noise. Before start to modify the air compressor, we have to know the sources from where the problem occurs. Thus we can modify or solve the problem quickly and efficiently. So let’s know the origin of air compressor noise.

Air Intake

Air compressor has at least one air intake port. Air from surrounding inter into the compressor. Then the air filtration is done by air filter. Thus it is the largest source of noise among air compressor parts as high velocity air pass into the compressor through the air intake port.

Air Exhaust

After compression of air, the secondary product exit through the exhaust port of the compressor at high speed. Thus it is also one of the loudest source of air compressor.


During the operation of air compressor, the compressor is subjected to vibrational effect. As Electric motor or gas engine provide rotational power to the compressor. As a result it produce noise but it is not so high.

If the compressor placed in a rigid structure, then vibration will be reduced sufficiently. Thus the vibrational effect depends on air compressor structure and its placement.

Material Of An Air Compressor

Noise level of an air compressor also depends on the material that is used to build the compressor. It also depends on the thickness of the sheet metal used to build the compressor. Low thick sheet metal produce noise during the operation of the compressor.

Types of Air Compressor

Depending on the types of compressor, its noise level also vary. Reciprocating air compressor produce much noise than the screw compressor.

Air compressor size also affect the noise level. Like 60 gallon compressor produce more noise than the 30 gal air compressor. Again 5 gal compressor, 4 gallon compressor, 3 gallon compressor, 2 gallon compressor, 1 gallon compressor are the quiet air compressor as they are small.

Air Compressor Placement And Store Room

If you place the air compressor on a shaky and unstable location, then obviously you will face noise pollution. Again if the store room is not air tight or located near your working place, then you will face much more sound pollution.

Safety Issues Regarding To Modification Of Air Compressor

You should know some safety issue that may arise after the modification of air compressor. For this reason, you should know this safety issues regarding to modify your air compressor to make it quieter.

Relief Valve

Make sure that all safety relief valve works perfectly after modification.

Pressure level

By turning the knob of pressure switch, don’t increase the pressure level than the maximum pressure rating labeled on the model of air compressor.

Intake Air

To reduce the noise level, don’t restrict the intake air too much. Thus it will effect on compressed air required time. It will decrease the performance of the air compressor.


During the operation of compressor, cooling liquid and vents are used to cool down the compressor. So don’t reduce the airflow rate around the compressor vents too much.

How To Quiet An Air Compressor Step By Step

Here in this article, we will discuss about several methods to make the air compressor quietest ever possible. After going through this article, you will get entire overview of reducing air compressor noise level or decibel rating.

Using Intake Air Filter Silencers

As we have discussed at the beginning of this article that air intake is the major source of air compressor irritant noise. But don’t worry, we have solution of this problem. Just install high quality silencer or high quality muffler. This will reduce the air compressor noise level.

Here is our two recommended silencer or muffler.

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Depending on the size of the compressor, silencer or muffler size also vary. Intake silencer has the built in combination of air filtration device and noise reducing device that means silencer or muffler. Buy a high quality silencer or muffler regarding to your air compressor matched size and other criteria.

Sound Dampening Materials

You will get several sound dampening material in the market. Use one them in the store room of the compressor that will reduce the noise level. This type of noise insulation material help you to make your air compressor much quieter.

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Rubber Vibration Isolation Pads

Use rubber pad at the bottom of the compressor body and fix the compressor tightly with the structure. Rubber vibration isolation pad will absorb the vibration of air compressor during its operational condition. Thus noise decibel rating will significantly been reduced.

Check our recommended rubber vibration isolation pads

Use thick rubber pads on the floor and mount the compressor on it rigidly.

Lower RPM Operation

Always operate your air compressor on low rpm that will keep running air compressor silently. But it is not possible sometimes when you need continuous airflow to run continuous air tools. Thus this technique is less effective to reduce air compressor noise.

In other cases, it may be fruitful where low rpm can do your job perfectly. For this you should have rigid knowledge about the operation of air compressor.

Oil Lubrication

Hey, always check your air compressor lubrication system regularly. Before starting air compressor, you must follow some pre-start checklist to avoid unexpected damage of your compressor. And also for maintaining the decibel level low. You should use oil lubrication if you used oil-lubed compressor. It will help you to keep noise level low as possible as it will reduce friction among different parts of compressor.

Reduced Friction Pumps

Reduced friction pump is such a machine that designed to minimize friction among the pump parts. This type of pump is really helpful to keep the noise level low.

Scroll Type Compressor Pumps

This type of compressor are reciprocating compressor. Two scrolls are meshed, one is fixed and other one is reciprocating such a way that pressurized or compressed liquids or gases. One scroll is orbiting eccentrically. In this way they trap air and pumping the air as a pocket of compressed air between the scrolls.

Rotary Screw Compressor Pumps

Rotary compressors are build based on helical spring mechanism. Thus it maintain contact between the two shaft in certain angle which minimize friction and increase compressed air amount.

This type of compressor are mainly used in industrial level where high volume of air is needed.

Maintain Distance From Compressor Working Place

Keep a safe distance between your home and your garage or workshop, so that the sound will not get into your home from garage.

In this way you can minimize the noise level.

Soundproof box

An air tight soundproof box will definitely reduce sound level significantly as the noise is absorbed the soundproof box material.

Here you can try this California air tools soundproof box which is our best choice to reduce noise level.

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Using Sound Blanket

Using sound blanket is another way to minimize noise level. Here you will get a best sound blanket from the market which is tested and provide best result to minimize noise level.

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Place Air Intake To Outside Of Home

Place air intake to outside of home as during sucking air it produce so much noise. This is the main source of extreme noise of air compressor.

At Least use Earplug or Muff

To keep your ear from extreme noise use an ear plug. It is also good practice to use an ear plug in industrial environment to keep safe you ear.

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Final Verdict

Using the above definite guide, you can easily minimize the noise level easily. But if you don't want to do it at home, you can buy the quietest air compressor from the market. 

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