What Is A Magnetic Drill Press Used For? Must Know It

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When cutting or drilling holes in steel, the magnetic drilling press is indispensable. You can align your drill and secure it in place, which will eliminate wear on your body while drilling. If you have the budget, get a magnetic drill with a rotating base. This facilitates the alignment of the drill bit over the hole.

Like some of the most popular workshop and manufacturing tools on the market, magnetic drills come in a variety of shapes and sizes, while also accompanied by unique skills and special uses. Let’s know what is a magnetic drill press used for?

What Is A Magnetic Drill Press?

A magnetic drill press is a more portable (smaller) drill that uses a magnet, usually located at the bottom of the drill machine and is used to drill holes in steel or a similar type of material. They are used when a standard drill press is not an option.

Parts Of A Magnetic Drill Press Machine

The Control Panel

This is one of the main and simplest parts of the mag drill. It consists of an on and off button. They are coated with an elastic housing to prevent the entry of reinforcement steel, dirt, dust, among other materials that could damage it. In short, it is designed to work in harsh conditions.

The control panel also has the following parts.

Turn Change Button:

It can work from left to right and vice versa. It is a useful function to take out drilling accessories that are sometimes blocked or have reached their limit. Its purpose is to be able to make threads in those models that allow it and have the possibility of automatic advance.

Regulator or potentiometer:

Choose the right revolutions to work with the power you need. The «speed» of cutting will be determined by the material of the piece to be drilled and by the accessory, so it is very important to read the instructions for the use of the bits or drills.

Drill Electromagnet:

This part comprises the metal base of the drill. This is a copper winding over a metal core. When current passes through the copper winding, a magnetic field is induced by converting the metal core into an electromagnet.

Indicator light:

It will notify you when the magnetic drill is already in operation, something that we can check very quickly, because the magnetic effect will be activated and at that time it will not be possible to separate it from the metal part where it is placed, as a piece indivisible next to the support.

The Drill Head Or Mandrel

It is commonly known as Weldon’s head. There are different models of heads, such as Morse, Weldon, and other types of heads whose function will depend on the type of drill to be used. Specifically, Weldon’s head allows quite good precision and ease of coupling parts or accessories. Weldon head accessories are characterized by having a cylinder with two broaches or recesses in it. These recesses increase the support surfaces; in this way, you will have much better control of the drill, the possibility of rotation, mismatch, and other benefits is reduced.

Lube Space

The magnetic drill includes the possibility of working by lubricating the part and the cutting attachment to avoid friction that damages the drill. It will be essential for proper operation of the same, and especially to increase the duration of drilling accessories, keeping the parts in good condition. The tank is placed in the upper part of the hole, and the lubricant goes directly to the head or mandrel, drains and reaches the metal cutting accessory.

Characteristics Of The Magnetic Drill Press

There are several different characteristics and types of magnetic drills to consider before selecting the most suitable for your job site. Be sure to consider the size of your available workspace, any versatility requirements and the possibility of a dangerous or humid environment (to name a few).

Here is an exclusive list of the various magnetic drills available:

  • Auto feed magnetic drills.
  • Compact magnetic drills.
  • Magnetic drilling kits.
  • Portable magnetic drills.
  • Cordless / battery magnetic drills.
  • Electric magnetic drills.
  • Hydraulic magnetic drills.
  • Pneumatic / compressed air magnetic drills.
  • Single speed magnetic drills.
  • Two speed magnetic drills.
  • Four speed magnetic drills.
  • Variable speed magnetic drills.
  • Multi-axis magnetic drills.
  • Reversible magnetic drills.
  • Rotating magnetic drills.

Electromagnetic drill presses are a mystery and are not very common today…Am I right?

Why Use a Mag Drill

A magnetic drill can be used in the following places. It should be noted that all these have an open or closed space with a spacious place in which it is possible to work without any inconvenience. Enclosed places where chips disturb other workers are not suitable for this type of machinery.

  • Steel manufacturing and handling..
  • Construction Industry.
  • Construction and reconstruction of bridges.
  • Mining and iron drilling.
  • Naval building.
  • Manufacture of trucks, recreation vehicles and special vehicles.
  • Oilfields, marine drilling and oil pipes.
  • Welding workshops.
  • Energy companies.
  • Railway industries.
  • Maintenance facilities.
  • Mobile repair shops.
  • Rig equipment.

Magnetic drills can be used anywhere as long as they have the appropriate space. Its use ranges from workshops where a single person works to large plants and construction sites with large numbers of workers.

Why Use An Electromagnetic Drill?

By using a magnetic drill, you will get the precision and speed to drill under challenging materials when you need to drill with accuracy and consistency. Magnetic bits have a robust electromagnetic base that allows it to adhere to a surface of carbon steel (ferrous metal) while it is on.

Magnetic drills can be positioned to drill horizontally, vertically or above the head, which is especially useful in construction. Be sure to secure your magnetic drill to the surface where it is drilled, especially when it is above the head, to avoid falls from heights or over your head.

Final verdict

Manufacturers and contractors who work with metal know how valuable a magnetic drill press is. If you want a stable surface when working with this type of materials, the only way to do it is with a drill or magnetic drill.

It may not be a tool that everyone needs, but there are many options available, whether you want to invest little or a lot.

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