Best Undercut Jamb Saw – Reviews And Buying Guide

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Best Undercut Jamb Saw

Lately, most people want to do things themselves instead of calling in a handyman to help. It just happens that for such people, the undercut jamb saw is a great tool to have in their retinue of tools.

But before we get to that, how do you get the best undercut jamb saw? What would distinguish the best saw from an average saw?

Read on to find out.

Top 10 Best Undercut Jamb Saw Reviews

1. DEWALT DWE315K) Oscillating Tool Kit

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If you are the kind of person that loves to keep a collection of tools for DIY projects at home, then you must have heard of Dewalt. Or it could be that you own any of Dewalt’s tools.

The Dewalt oscillating tool kit boasts a 3amp motor that is powerful enough to give you the best cutting and sanding performance. With a minimum number of oscillations of 22000, this saw will undoubtedly save you lots of time cutting a variety of materials.

You can change the accessories fast enough thanks to the design o the tool. You don’t have to worry about the blade and other attachments wasting too much of your time as you fit them.

With the high number of maximum oscillations of 22,000 oscillations per minute, you’ll wonder how one can control this speed. This saw comes with a trigger, which enables you to vary the speed as you want.

As if that isn’t enough, the trigger comes with a dual grip that enables you to control the tool as you work quickly. Furthermore, to guide you as you cut, the tool has an LED light that brightens the work surface so that you don’t miss a beat while cutting.

The tool guiding system also gives you the ability to either the height or depth of cuts as you work. You thus don’t have to keep setting those two parameters for each cutting.

What We Liked

  • The extra-powerful 3-amp motor gives maximum performance
  • The LED light offers guidance when cutting for more accurate cuts
  • The trigger has a dual grip, which provides the user with better control of the tool
  • You can vary the speed of the kit to suit the work you are currently working on

What We Did’t Like

  • It lacks a variable speed dial, and the trigger doesn’t vary the speed, as well as a dial would

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2. Rockwell RK5132K Oscillating Multi-Tool

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The Rockwell oscillation tool prides itself on its versatility. That’s mainly down to how it provides four degrees of oscillation that enables it to be an excellent all-around tool. For that, it can handle practically any task comfortably.

Unlike its predecessor on this list, this tool comes with a variable speed dial. The dial comes in handy when you want to cut at a constant speed or vary it to the one that best suits your cutting needs.

For most tools of this ilk, the vibration tends to be an issue. Well, to be fair, there is no way to eliminate vibrations. However, this tool tries its best to reduce them as much as possible with its lowered vibration counterweight.

A tool with lesser vibrations gives you the smoothest of cuts without much of a struggle. You don’t want to keep making inaccurate cuts with a tool that is continuously vibrating.

Another fantastic thing about this tool is that it isn’t a chooser of blades. That means that virtually any blade fits and can work with this tool. It has a universal fit system that makes that possible.

As if that isn’t enough, it has additional attachments that ensure it is easier to carry out as many projects as possible. Most impressive are the sanding attachments that make it possible for you to tackle any task.

You won’t have to worry about the blade slipping or being unsteady because of the hyper lock system. The hyper-lock system provides a strong holding force to keep the blade in position.

What We Liked

  • Blade oscillation of 4 degrees offers accuracy and precision when cutting
  • Comes with additional attachments that you can use for other projects
  • You can use any blade on the tool
  • Counterweight reduces vibrations for smoother cuts

What We Did’t Like

  • The included blades aren’t strong or efficient enough and might need replacing soon after purchase

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3. DEWALT MAX XR Oscillating Tool

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The Dewalt Max XR comes with a brushless motor that gives it the power to enable you to make a variety of cuts. It also makes it easy to change accessories thanks to its quick-change system.

Will you be working in a rather dark place and are worried about the accuracy of the cuts? The bright LED light that comes with this tool will, therefore, delight you. With the light, it will be easier to see where you are cutting and avoid costly errors.

You can adjust this tool’s oscillation speed thanks to the variable speed trigger. As such, it is easier to control the speed by which you make cuts for increased precisions and smoothness.

Thanks to the accessory adapter being universal, you can use most other accessories on this tool comfortably. You thus don’t have to worry about getting the right accessories for the tool when those that came with it start becoming obsolete.

The oscillations of 20,000 pe minutes give you the speed you need for the fast cuts. The 1.6-degree angle ensures you can make several angled cuts with ease.

If you’re looking for a tool that will provide you excellent precision and control, then this tool is just it. You won’t have to worry about leaving scratches on the tiles as you cut.

What We Liked

  • It is powerful enough to even cut through hardwoods and other materials
  • The dual grip handle gives you better control for higher precision cutting
  • The LED light illuminates the work surface for accurate cuts on dark surfaces
  • The universal accessory adapter makes it compatible with a variety of accessories from different brands

What We Did’t Like

  • The blade has issues staying firm or in one place

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4. Irwin Dovetail Saw 2014450

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This saw comes with a reversible blade that is spring-loaded and can make either left or right cuts. To cut on the strain that often accompanies using undercut saws, it has a pro-touch handle that makes operation comfortable.

The pro-touch handles are on each jamb saw. Therefore, even hours of use won’t leave you feeling like your hands will fall off. However, with the ten-inch-long and two-inch-thick blade, it wouldn’t be a struggle cutting materials with this saw.

As if the blade’s size isn’t enough, the blade also has 14 teeth that help cut materials as speedily as possible. You get to enjoy this saw’s versatility as it can cut through tile or door jambs with ease.

For more adept flush-cutting of door jambs, the handle comes offset from the saw. The handle might make it unsuitable for various other tasks. That, however, doesn’t detract from the fact that it is quite handy for flush cutting.

The comfortable grip not only cushions your hands from the strain but also makes this tool relatively easy to use. It delivers clean cuts with somewhat less effort than with other tools.

What We Liked

  • The handle is ergonomic and thus comfortable enough for use
  • Relatively more straightforward to use than other tools
  • Handle if offset to make it better at flush cutting
  • Thick blade offers decent enough performance

What We Did’t Like

  • Limited in the material it can cut, most notably not being able to cut oak

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5. Kraft Tool FC518 Undercut Door Jamb Saw

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If you will be cutting hard to reach areas or door jambs, this is the saw for you. Though not as sophisticated as oscillation tools, it still provides you with decent enough cutting.

The decent performance is down to the blade that is twelve inches long. You can replace the blade if you notice dips in performance since it is replaceable.

The blade is of durable and robust material that enables the saw to give you excellent cutting performance for longer. The blade can cut up to 1.5 millimeters, which isn’t thick enough for light-duty cutting at home.

It also comes with two different blade types: the square and the curved blades. You thus have two choices over which blade to go for. The square blade is much more reliable, though.

The other teeth on the saw make it a cutter of heavy trowel materials. Kraft is primarily a company that makes concrete materials. As such, you’d expect them to create tools that deal with heavy materials akin to concrete.

You would, however, need to have some top-notch techniques to get smooth cuts with this saw. Definitely not for amateur DIYers. Otherwise, it’s a decent enough tool.

What We Liked

  • Aggressive teeth make it a cutter of tough materials
  • Blade is replaceable
  • Comes with two different blades
  • The blade is durable ad strong

What We Did’t Like

  • It doesn’t provide smooth cuts, especially if your cutting technique is amateurish
  • Cuts aren’t as smooth as those of an oscillating tool

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6. Crain 835 Undercut Saw

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The Crain 835 undercut saw is a corded electric undercut saw that would provide you with the best cuts thanks to the powerful motor. 13-amp motor power this saw to give it the top performance that you require of any saw.

It is highly versatile and can thus cut doors, walls, jambs, inside corners, and toe spaces. It comes with two different blades that are as robust as they are durable.

The carbide and masonry blades are some of the most durable blades in the market and provide you with a superior cutting performance that saves you lots of time.

It is easy to use and wouldn’t, thanks to the simple design. The handle doesn’t strain the hands and prevents the weariness that comes with long work sessions.

Not many saws come with a way to deal with a large amount of dust they produce as they cut through different materials. This saw, however, comes with a vacuum port that makes dust collection easier.

With the vacuum port, all you need to do to collect the dust is hook up the vacuum hose to the vacuum port. You can, therefore, work in a cleaner environment. You also won’t dread cleaning up after work.

What We Liked

  • Comes with a vacuum port that makes dust collection easier
  • Comes with two different saw blades
  • The 13-amp motor provides enough power that enables it to give smooth cuts

What We Did’t Like

  • The blade guard only protects the blade when cutting in the default position, and thus any other position bends the shaft

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7. Roberts New QEP Electric Jamb Saw

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Of the many unique features that this saw packs is the vacuum port. Using a jamb will inevitably produce lots of dust, depending on the material you are cutting.

The vacuum port ensures you don’t have to persevere working in a dirty environment. That’s because you can attach the vacuum hose to the port and have it collect any dust produced as you use it.

Most often, when looking for a motorized saw, you want to know the power. The excellent 1100-watt motor that comes with this jamb saw will impress you. It is powerful to enable the saw to make quick but smooth cuts.

If you aren’t new to cutting saws, you must have had those accidents where the saw cuts right through a baseboard and into the plaster. This saw comes with a dept adjuster that minimizes the chances of such errors occurring.

The trigger is at a place that is easy to access for faster and better control. You won’t have to struggle to stop it or starting it whenever you are working or need to do some work.

With the precision height adjustment, it is easier to use this saw for flush cutting. It also makes it possible to cut doors as thick as ¾ inches without having to remove them.

What We Liked

  • Has precise height adjustment for more accurate cuts
  • The depth adjustment prevents errors when cutting baseboards
  • Has a vacuum port for more efficient dust collection

What We Did’t Like

  • The blade doesn’t pour dust through the vacuum port

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8. Dremel US40-03 Undercut Jamb Saw Kit

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The Dremel tool kit boasts a powerful 7.5-amp motor that provides the power that makes it an efficient cutter of different materials. It is exceptionally efficient on tough materials.

It comes with three in one function that adds some versatility to this tool kit. You get a tool to help with preparing the surface and one for flush cutting. That’s in addition to the undercut saw.

For better cutting precision and accuracy, the saw also comes with an adjustable depth guide. You can easily control the blade not to cut too deep and thus avoid damaging materials.

To enable you to own this tool for a longer time, it comes with a durable train, metallic floor, and guard. The adjustments will allow you to tackle more demanding jobs without fear of damaging the tool.

The tool gives a clear line of sight as you cut. You can, therefore, see where you are cutting for increased accuracy as you cut. You can thus easily control the saw without worrying about making cleaner cuts.

It is a versatile tool that can cut various materials, including plastic, wood, and metal.

What We Liked

  • Versatile and can cut different materials
  • Helps in surface prepping before cutting
  • Works best with tough materials
  • Depth adjustment features make it more accurate

What We Did’t Like

  • It produces a lot of noise

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9. Galax Pro Oscillating Multi-Tool

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The Galax comes with a 1.5-amp motor that gives it the needed power that offers up to 22,000 oscillations per minute. That makes trimming, cutting, and sawing a straightforward affair.

Vibration might be an issue with other tools but not this one. That’s because it comes with vibration control that ensures your task isn’t made more challenging by the somewhat unavoidable vibrations.

The Galax Pro tool is very versatile and can cut a variety of materials comfortably. You can use it to trim cut, sand, plastic pipes, plasterboards, different kinds of nonferrous metals, or even skirting boards.

It also comes with a long cable of three meters that gives you enough space to operate it. You, however, have to be careful so that it doesn’t trip you. Its use is also easy as all you need to turn it on or off is press the switch.

Making it more comfortable comes with a comfortable ergonomic handle that gives you a good grip as you work. It is easier to use this tool in tight spaces or closed areas with the compact design.

With the universal screw system, it is easier and faster to change the accessories. Wats more, the accessories don’t have to be specifically from Galax pro. You can add accessories form different brands as it is universally compatible.

What We Liked

  • Allows for fast changing of accessories
  • Compact and comfortable for working in tight spaces
  • The long cable gives you the freedom to move around and work
  • Can cut different materials with ease

What We Did’t Like

  • The tool’s motor produces too much noise

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10. Genesis GMT15A Oscillating Tool

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Pretty ironic the tool to close off our list has the name Genesis, right? Well, the fact that Genesis is last on our list doesn’t mean it is that bad. As the name suggests, it belongs at the beginning of the list as any other tool.

What would put it there, though? Its multifunctional design would help, perhaps? What of the 21,000 oscillations it gives? That should have you taking notice, right?

The Genesis oscillations speed makes it a fast tool for sand, scrape, or grate surfaces. That makes this tool such a handy tool to restore or remodel your home, leave alone repairing.

It comes with a four-pin flange design that holds all the accessories firmly in the gear’s housing. As such, vibrations and falling won’t have the tool fall apart. Not that would be that easy since the housing is of aluminum.

Despite coming with an aluminum casing, the tool is still lightweight and thus portable. The light design, however, doesn’t take anything away from the power this tool packs.

What We Liked

  • Light design that makes it portable
  • High oscillations speed that makes it give speedy cuts
  • Multifunctional

What We Did’t Like

  • It produces too much noise that might be a nuisance to some users

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Undercut Jamb Saw Buying Guide

What are some of the features you’d have to consider before getting an undercut jamb saw?

1. Accuracy

Imagine getting a jamb saw that just can deliver smooth cuts. How frustrating would that be? You thus have to consider the tool’s accuracy before purchase to avoid this frustration.

2. Versatility

We often love tools that can do a variety of things. If it can do different things exceptionally, then the better. You have to consider a tool’s versatility before buying to avoid being stuck with a tool with only one use.

3.How Easy to Use Is It?

Sawing or cutting different materials is already hard enough. Therefore, don’t want a complicated tool to add to your headache. That is why you need to consider a tool that using is relatively straightforward.

4. Is it expensive?

Your budget comes into question anytime you want to spend on something. It would hurt to spend big on a tool that doesn’t give the same returns in quality. A fantastic tool shouldn’t cost too much without backing it up with quality performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do undercut jamb saws make it easier to cut under a door?

A: Yes, they do. Some other saws would either cut the tile on the floor or leave you with very strained hands.

Q: Are undercut jamb saws hard to use?

A: No, they aren’t. Most jamb saws are relatively straightforward in operation. If you find it complicated reading, the manual will help.

Q: Can a jamb saw cut baseboards as well?

A: Yes, it can. You just have to ensure you adjust the depth well to avoid cutting through the plasters.

Final Thoughts

If you were looking to start that project you keep putting oof for lack of the best undercut jamb saw, this review should have helped.

With so many jamb saws in the market, we understand that choosing the perfect one would be a problem. However, our review should be a step in the right direction, so make the right choice.

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