Best Portable Band Saw- Reviews And Buying Guide

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Best Portable Band Saw

Often, you’ll find that there is just that material that most saws cannot cut. Or maybe they struggle a lot and might end up damaged. In such situations, you might wonder which saw would best suit such materials.

If that is the dilemma you are currently facing, maybe it’s time to try portable band saws. The best portable band saw is compact and hardy to give you the best performance on even the toughest materials.

But how can you go about selecting the best portable band saw? An excellent portable band saw should be relatively compact and easy to use. The compactness, however, shouldn’t take anything away from power.

We have that and much more in this review of the best ten you can pick from. Read to the end.

10 Best Portable Band Saw Reviews

1. Dewalt Portable Band Saw

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The Dewalt portable band saw boasts an industry-best motor capable of producing ten amps of controlled power for work on the toughest materials, including metals. The steady power also gives it the ability to provide the best performance on any job site.

Dewalt is famous for its world-class tools, and this band saw doesn’t disappoint as well. It can cut up to five inches deep for either rectangular r rounded stock. The maximum cutting capacity you get on the rectangular stock is five by 4¾ inches.

Portable band saws for their application are supposed to be quite rugged. That means that they should be capable of working in challenging job sites without breaking. This saw comes with rubber bumpers and a steel shroud that add to its ruggedness.

As if that isn’t enough, you can service the steel whenever you feel it is getting weaker and weaker to serve you for longer. The steel shroud plays a significant part in the saw being able to withstand job-site abuse hours.

It is not every day you will be working in an area with sufficient light. The saw recognizes that and comes with an LED light that brightens up the surface you are working on to ensure you don’t miss a cut.

With the powerful motor that comes with this saw, you will need a way to control the speed by which it cuts through the material. That’s why the variable speed dial comes in handy here.

After you are done with all the work and want to store this saw, all you have to do is find a suitable to hang it. That’s because it comes with a hanging hook for easier storage.


  • Has a variable speed control for easier control
  • Compact and light, which makes it portable
  • Integrated hang hook makes for easier storage
  • LED light illuminated work surface for more accuracy when cutting


  • There is too much space between the bearings and the truck, which at times makes it give inaccurate cuts

2. Makita XBP02Z Portable Band Saw

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This saw prides itself on being one of the safest tools to use. How? You’d ask. It comes with a trigger switch that requires two actions to make it work. Therefore, you can’t accidentally make it start thanks to the lock on features.

It boasts the highly impressive Makita motor that spews power and can give you speeds of up to 530 feet per minute. The variable speed enables the saw to offer you the best cutting speed for whatever material you are cutting.

With the powerful motor, it couldn’t it be quite problematic controlling its speed? No. Like its predecessor, it also comes with variable speed control to enable you to work at a pace convenient for you.

Also, the variable speed is convenient for ensuring you don’t have to struggle too much to control the speed. You can match the saw’s speed to the application on the workpiece.

Just when you thought using this saw couldn’t get any better, it pulls another fast one. The protection circuit has an inbuilt alert light that gives a warning whenever the torque motor is overworking.

If you are to buy a portable band saw, then durability must be up there with the qualities you need. This saw has a rubber bumper that ensures it can withstand hard working conditions for a longer time.

We bet you’d agree that for most tools, the handle is a big deal, right? The Makita band saw comes with a rubber handle that provides you an excellent grip of the tool as you work. You thus won’t have to worry about tiring out your wrists even after long work sessions.

After work and you want to store it, the hook comes in handy. The tool hook on the saw makes it easier for you to hang it on the wall somewhere in your garage or store. It thus saves you time and space in storage.


  • Tool hook makes for faster and easier storage
  • The rubber handle makes it comfortable to work with, even for hours
  • It comes with a rubber bumper that adds to its lifespan
  • The variable speed dial is at a convenient place for easier control of the tool


  • Although it comes with a lock-off switch, it doesn’t have the lock-on switch

3. Milwaukee 2429-21XC Sub-Compact Bandsaw (M12)

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For most tools, you need to have all your hands on the tool as you work. What if we told you there is a tool that can enable you to use it one-handed? Yes, one-handed operation.

The Milwaukee M12 is one such tool. It is incredibly light and compact to make one-handed operation as easy as child’s play. You can’t handle a massive tool with just one hand unless you want to break your wrist.

It comes with a powerful motor that gives it the power to make ¾ inch thin conduit cuts. Also, with the powerful XC battery, it can give you about 150 cuts for every charge. The blade length complements the motor’s power.

In case you are working in a somewhat dark area, you will still get the perfect line of view thanks to the LED light. The light illuminated the surface you are working on to ensure you make smooth and accurate cuts.

With a cutting capacity of about 1 to 5/8 inches, you are sure to make cuts on various materials with this saw. You can also easily adjust the blade to create the perfect cuts thanks to the adjustable blade tension system.

Additionally, you’d have to agree that this saw is relatively easy to use with the one-handed operation, right? The only problem with it, we’d say, is the lack of speed adjustment.

It is otherwise a decent tool that will give quite the proper performance.


  • Light and compact hence portable
  • It allows one-handed operation
  • LED light acts as the perfect guiding system when cutting


  • You can adjust the speed to have it run faster

4. Dewalt DCS371B Portable Band Saw

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This Dewalt band saw differs from its sister saw on this list thanks to the handle’s centered design. The centered handle ensures perfect ergonomics and balance as you work.

It also has a blade tracking adjustment that enables you to quickly adjust the blade whenever it gets in the cutting way. With a cutting capacity of 2-1/2 inches, you can get cuts with various materials.

Also, to ensure accurate cuts, it comes with an LED light that lights up the work surface for you to see the cutting line. The light has a twenty-second delay for increased accuracy when cutting.

The handle is ergonomic to provide you with a better grip and more comfort when working. That reduces the strain that will inevitably hit your hand as you work on long projects.

When you want to store it after a long day of work, the integrated hang hook ensures you won’t stress about where to keep it. You can just hang it on the garage or store wall without fearing any other parts getting damaged.

It comes with dual blade guide rollers that ensure the blades serve you for longer. Furthermore, it has a lever that reduces the blade system’s tension and allows for easy changing.


  • The ergonomic handle is comfortable to use even for long work sessions
  • LED light illuminates the workspace for accurate cutting
  • The handle is centered to improve the balance when using it
  • Integrated hang tool makes it easier to store


  • The blade that comes with this saw tends to vibrate too much

5. WEN 94396 Handheld Portable Band Saw

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The Wen band saw gives you impressive cutting capacity that can allow you to cut 5 inches deep and wide. That is no surprise seeing that it comes with a robust 10-amp motor.

The motor gives the saw the power to effortlessly cut through plastic, metals, and many other types of materials. And with the lightweight design, it means long work sessions won’t leave your hands all strained.

The Wen band saw can achieve a speed of up to 420 feet every minute. However, with the variable speed dial, you can effortlessly adjust the blade’s speed to a low as 60 feet per minute.

Because it is lightweight and compact, one-handed operation is possible with this saw. What’s more, the handle is adjustable to ensure you can work at whatever angle that suits you.

If you are going for a cutting project that involves metals, then this is the saw for you. The blade measures about1140 mm by 12.5 mm and is strong and durable hence the reason it cuts through metals quite easily.

With the universal blade system, you can easily replace the blades that come with the saw for stronger ones. That comes in handy when you have stronger blades that can cut materials the original blade can’t.


  • It is lightweight and compact, making it portable
  • Variable speed dial enables you to control the speed of application
  • It allows for one-handed operation
  • It is quite accurate


  • Doesn’t come with the LED light feature that boosts cut accuracy

6. WEN 3962 2-Speed Band Saw (With Stand)

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The Wen 3962 comes with a portable stand that makes it easier to use. Don’t worry about the stand impeding the portability of the saw as it is exceptionally lightweight.

The saw comes with a 3.5-amp motor that allows it to cut up to six inches deep. It cuts

with the same efficiency when cutting sideways and cutting about 9-3/4 inches wide.

The stand isn’t to make the saw look classy but also provides a spacious surface for your work. Furthermore, the table can bevel to an angle of 45 degrees allowing you to get those angled cuts you so desire.

Just because the Wen comes with a stand doesn’t mean you must use it. However, you’ll find that some applications will require you to use a stand or tabletop, and that’s where the stand comes in handy.

With this saw, you get two different working speeds of 1520 feet per minute and 2620 feet per minute. You also get to have a work light for when you are working in somewhat dark areas.

The light enables you to illuminate the area you are working on for more accuracy. If you’ve been in this business for a while, you know that accuracy and clean cuts matter a lot.

The universal blade system means you can use any blades as long as they are compatible with the saw. You can decide to use any blade depending on how intricate the work you are doing is.

What makes this saw the more impressive are the accessories that come with it. It comes with a miter gauge that allows you to make several angled cuts, a strong fence that enables straight cuts, and a dust port for dust collection.


  • Comes with a dust port, which ensures a clean working environment
  • You can use a variety of blades with the saw
  • The stand allows for tabletop applications as well
  • Comes with a flexible work light to illuminate the work surface for more accurate cuts


  • Adjusting the saw can be quite the nightmare

7. RIKON 10-326 Deluxe Bandsaw

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The Rikon band saw comes with a spring-loaded design that allows you to set it up and get ready for work quickly. The blade guides are easy to put in place, and you don’t even need a wrench to do that.

With the quick-adjust rip fence, you can quickly turn it to allow drifts when cutting something. The rip fence is also sturdy enough to enable you to make straight and accurate cuts.

Also, the quick-lock table has gear unlock and a hand lever that makes setting up effortless. You can set the right table angle for any cut in a matter of seconds.

Apart from the RIP fence being easy to adjust, it is also quite tall to give the much-needed lumber support when you are ripping or resawing. It is also quite versatile as it can cut different materials such as plastic, composites, and non-ferrous materials.

The tool is relatively easy to use, thanks in large part to the simple design. Also, the fact that you don’t have to use any tools to adjust or set up also adds to its ease of use. Assembling tools irritates most people. You, however, won’t have a hard time assembling this tool.

The large cast iron table provides ample working space for whatever material it is you’re cutting. For the affordable price this tool comes with, it is quite a decent pick.


  • Comes with a dust port, which ensures a clean working environment
  • You can use a variety of blades with the saw
  • The stand allows for tabletop applications as well
  • Comes with a flexible work light to illuminate the work surface for more accurate cuts


  • Adjusting the saw can be quite the nightmare

8. Ryobi Portable Band Saw

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If you arent new to the tools industry, then you have heard of Ryobi. Their tools are usually packed with efficiency and provide the reliable performance that makes them quite reliable.

This portable band saw sticks to the same script with the 2-1/2 inches cutting capacity. The cutting capacity enables you to cut different materials such as plastic, metal, or wood.

For most tools, the handle contributes a great deal whether people buy it or not. That’s understandable enough, seeing that you might be working with the tools for long hours. The makers of this tool recognize the need for a comfortable handle.

The Saw comes with an integrated pommel handle that increases your comfort as you work. That ensures you can use it for hours without the fear of strain on your wrists or hands.

The Ryobi saw can cut with a speed of up to 560 square feet per minute. The speed

ensures speedy cutting of any material of your choosing. You don’t want to struggle with cutting material for long hours.

We are used to the overly bulky tools that are usually hard to store because they take up too much space. But with this saw, the hanging hook ensures you can easily keep it by hanging on the wall without damage to the other components of the saw.


  • Lightweight and compact, which makes it portable
  • Pommel handle makes it easier to work longer hours as it is comfortable
  • Commendable cutting capacity
  • Easier storage thanks to the hanging tool


  • It doesn’t allow for one-handed operation

9. Milwaukee 2729-20 Band Saw

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The Milwaukee 2729-20 is your go-to if you need a saw that will provide you with deep cuts for various materials ranging from plastic, wood, and even metals. Wall pipe is yet another material that this saw will cut with remarkable speed.

This saw is cordless and gives you some freedom of movement as you work. Despite it being cordless, it still retains the power that is evident in the corded versions. The only downside is that you will have to keep changing the battery.

This saw is a heavy-duty cutting saw usable for various industries starting from the pipeline industry to construction areas. It is, however, not as lightweight as its corded cousin.

By being heavy, it also lacks the balance that would make it perfect for onehanded operation. But what it lacks in compactness, it makes for in power and efficiency of cutting.

Although you will continuously have to change the batteries, the battery that comes with it is quite strong. It gives decent performance without quick stops to recharge, which might be quite frustrating.


  • Efficient and versatile
  • Best for deep cutting tough materials
  • The long-lasting battery gives decent runtime

10. Milwaukee 6232-21 Band Saw

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Yet another entrant from Milwaukee. This band saw features job site armor that makes it quite hardy and suitable for abusive work environments. The all-metal direct drive system gives the saw the strength and endurance to outlast most other tools.

The proprietary material that makes up this saw makes for a rugged tool that will offer you efficiency and durability. The gearing system also doesn’t need as much servicing as other chain saw designs.

The gear also comes with a clutch that acts as protection and a shock absorber from high and low impact forces. That ensures the motor serves you for a longer time.

A debris removal system works to remove the dust that accumulates within the saw as you cut materials. The debris collection system also ensures a longer lifespan for the saw.

Additionally, the saw is in a balanced way to ensure it feels right in your hands as you use it. With the comfortable handles, you can, therefore, work for several hours without hand fatigue.

This saw is also quite heavy, which gives you the necessary weight needed when cutting materials. With the trigger action start, you will easily control it to cut the material to your liking.


  • Offers relatively quiet operation
  • Rugged construction boosts the lifespan of the saw
  • The blades offer superior cutting performance
  • Comes with an efficient debris collection system for a cleaner working environment


  • It is quite heavy and might give you trouble transporting it from place to place

Portable Band Saw Buying Guide

Yes. You already know what the best portable band saws are and what makes you the best. However, features alone can’t convince someone to buy a particular saw. There are always influencing factors that determine whether someone will buy a portable band saw or not.

You have to consider the below factors before going ahead to purchase a portable band saw.

1. How Safe is It?

Some tools can be quite dangerous, especially when you have children. When choosing a portable band saw, always go for those that have the lock-off switch. The switch ensures that turning them on is quite the process, and children can’t easily play with the saw.

2. Versatility

Yes, you need a saw to cut through plastic materials. But there isn’t a problem if the saw can cut a variety of other materials as well, is there?

That’s the reason you always have to go for a saw that can cut a wide variety of materials. You’d agree the more materials it can cut, the better for you.


You need a saw that will give you smooth and accurate cuts since you don’t want to keep ruining your workpieces. Accurate saws also save you lots of time as you don’t have to struggle for the best angle to make a straight cut.

4.The Price

In these pandemics enforced hard times, most people have felt the pinch dues to the widespread unemployment crisis. Therefore, it would matter a lot for a tool’s price, let alone a saw, to be reasonable.

You definitely will have to consider the price. However, the price shouldn’t dupe you into not giving much thought to the quality.

5. The Cutting Capacity

It makes a lot of sense to carefully consider the saws cutting capacity since it determines what type of materials it can cut. The more the cutting capacity, the thicker the materials the saw can cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are band saws really worth the money?
A: Yes, they are. You can’t use the usual saws to cut through overly thick materials such as metals, and that is where band saws come in handy. Try them out, and you will see.

Q: What makes a portable band saw efficient?
A: The main thing would be the cutting capacity. A higher cutting capacity makes for a more efficient band saw. It, however, has to be in concert with other features that come with the particular saw.

Q: Can a band saw be dangerous to use?
A: Yes. Although generally safe, if you use the saws badly, band saws could cause you some injuries that would leave you with a stitch or two.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve got all you need to know about the best portable band saws, you can easily go ahead and get yourself one. Remember to choose wisely.

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