Best Metal Polisher – 2021 Reviews And Buying Guide

Are you tired of your car’s finish looking like rusty iron sheets that have seen better days? Do you want to restore the finish your motorcycle had when you bought it?

The answer lies in getting the best metal polisher. How do you get a metal polisher that will serve you well and be suitable for your car or motorcycle?

Reading this to the end could be a good start. With our guide, such a task will be more straightforward.

Enough chit chat. Let’s get on with it.

Top 10 Best Metal Polisher Reviews

1. Simichrome 390050 Polish Tube (All Metal)

Simichrome 390050 Polish Tube (All Metal)

Are we in agreement that rust is one of a car owner’s worst nightmares? That’s why you must have an all-metal polisher such as Simichrome in your posse of care equipment.

Simichrome metal polisher can restore a metal surface’s original look eliminating rust and leaving. It leaves the body as shiny and as smooth as new.

It has a unique formula that dissolves rust and provides a rich shine on various metals.

Is it brass? Yes. Gold? Yes. Copper? Yes! As long as it is a non-ferrous metal, this polisher will work on it.

The unique formula this polisher contains is fast-acting and can remove the rust in as little as a minute. You can even use it to restore faded surfaces to give a shiny new-like glow.

One might think that’s all this polisher can do.

No. Apart from restoring a surface’s smooth and shiny look, this polisher also leaves a protective coating on the surface. As a result, the car body will be safe from any future abrasions.

You also get versatility with this polish. You can use it at home and on various automobiles. Yes, that’s right, you don’t have to limit yourself to just using it on your car.

What We Liked

  • Highly effective against rust
  • Fast-acting and doesn’t take up too much of it to work
  • Provides a protective coating on the surface you polish
  • Versatile in its usage

What We Did’t Like

  • For some surfaces, it might require multiple applications

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2. Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish and Restorer

Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish and Restorer

If you are into chemicals, we bet you must have heard of Chemical Guys. They make some of the most useful chemicals for home and industrial use. They are known mostly for their detergents.

But did you know they also make metal polishers? You bet they do. This metal polisher prides itself on the fast-acting formula. Also, the formula enables it to add a shine to any metal’s surface.

This metal polish works exceptionally well on chrome bumpers, aluminum tips, and stainless-steel exhaust tips.

It also restores the shine on diamond plates, cleaning them with ease and brightening them.

What makes this polisher among the best is that it is simple to apply and has a fast-acting formula. The fast-acting formula is safe and doesn’t corrode the metal surfaces when polishing.

All you need to use this polisher is a simple microfiber pad. Apply a few drops on the work area and gently rub over the chrome, diamond aluminum surface you are cleaning.

The polymers that make up this polisher are safe and have protective qualities. After applying, the polisher leaves a protective coat on the surface to prevent easy tarnishing in the future.

However, you can achieve better results when you use it in tandem with Chemical Guys Ballbuster system.

What We Liked

  • Easy to use due to its fast-acting nature
  • Gives a protective coating on the metal surface after cleaning
  • Doesn’t require too many applications to remove stains
  • Versatile and is usable on all metal types

What We Did’t Like

  • It might have issues bringing a shine to car wheels

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3. Quick-Glo Chrome Cleaner

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The Quick Glo rust remover has the name chrome cleaner, which can be quite misleading. Because it just doesn’t work incredibly well on chrome alone. You can use it to restore the shine on glass, stainless steel, and brass as well.

Although water-based, Quick-Glo’s formula is efficient and fast-acting. It can remove rust, stains, and heavy oxidation on metal surfaces. Also, you won’t need a water bucket and soap to use it. The active ingredient in this polish is Pumice.

Not many metal polishers use Pumice as the active ingredient n their products. What’s the difference? Pumice is less harsh than sand or other mediums.

Sand through removing rust and stains can end up having some effect on the finish. Pumice disintegrates into smaller components that allow for the safer removal of rust and stains.

You not only get to eliminate stains and rust with this polish since it can also remove tar and bugs. You can also use it to remove road grime on your wheels or bumper.

As if that isn’t enough, the Quick-Glo metal polish also gives surfaces a protective coating that will last one year from the day of polishing. The main reason that is possible is that you not only get to polish and clean but also wax the metal’s surface.

What We Liked

  • It cleans, polishes and waxes all at the same time
  • The wax provides a protective coating that can last one year after application
  • It uses pumice as the active ingredient, which is less harsh than sand
  • Water-based, which makes it less harsh

What We Did’t Like

  • High humidity can liquefy it real fast, rendering it unusable

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4. Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish

Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish

The first thing you would ask yourself about this polish is why they’d call it Mothers. We reckon they meant your mother would recommend its usage, no doubt.

It is easy to use as it balances its shine and protective coating after application. The application is straightforward and needs you to have a clean cloth and a little elbow grease to get a brilliant shine.

With its secret fast-acting formula, this metal polish can eliminate rust and stains on aluminium wheels, brass, stainless steel, and other metal alloys.

Most metal polishes emit a strong odour that can be repulsive for some users. This polish has a chemical that does not produce a stench. You don’t have to wrinkle your nose as you apply.

The formula is tough on stains and gentle on the surfaces. You can therefore use it on headlights as well. It won’t leave any unwanted scratches and marks on them. Instead, it will leave a protective coating to prevent future tarnishing.

Were your foggy headlights becoming a cause for concern? This polish will make it easy to clean them and remove the fog. Why risk accidents with cloudy headlights when you can restore your headlights to their original look?

What We Liked

  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Provides a protective coating on the surface after polishing
  • It has a neutral scent that isn’t irritating
  • The formula isn’t harsh but fast-acting

What We Did’t Like

  • Nothing

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5. 3M Chrome & Metal Polisher

3M Chrome and Metal Polish

If you want to bring out a reflective shine on your headlights, chrome surface, or stainless steel, this polisher will serve you right. It is safe to use on stainless steel, copper, bronze, and other non-ferrous metals.

The 3M metal polisher contains a unique removal formula that makes it tough on stains, rust, and oxidation. The formula isn’t that harsh to avoid damage on car parts but instead adds a layer of protective coating on the surfaces you use.

In addition to removing rust and other stains, this polish will also reduce spotting and removing pitting on the metal surfaces.

You can apply this polish with the help of a clean cloth by hand. If it suits you, a polishing tool could also come in handy.

That would make your work not only easier but faster. For the ultimate shine, however, you’ll have to buffer the surface with a microfiber cloth.

If you want to boost your car’s resale value, we don’t see why you shouldn’t try this polisher. You can even use it on cars in the showroom to give them the sparkle that will attract buyers.

Any car owner that loves their car only wants what’s best for the car. With the protection this polisher adds to an automobile surface, you will take pride in owning a shiny wheels and trims vehicle.

What We Liked

  • It reduces pitting and spotting on metal surfaces
  • It is easy to use as all you need is a clean clothe
  • Versatile
  • Safe on metal surfaces and provides a protective coating

What We Did’t Like

  • It might be too intense for overly sensitive chrome surfaces

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6. Blue Magic Polish Cream

Blue Magic Polish Cream

Do you believe in magic? Well, we know most people deem magic to be some fallacy. The Blue Magic cream, however, gets its name from the magical transformation it gives to dirty metal surfaces.

You can use it on all metal surfaces for the best results as it restores them to the original shine. It uses a fast-acting but non-abrasive formula that removes stains and tar fast.

It doesn’t stop at restoring the shine as it also provides a protective coating on the metal surfaces. The coating prevents future oxidation and tarnish on the metal surface and enhances their lifespan.

If you have a buffer, you can use it with this polish cream as well. Using is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is apply a few drops, then use a clean piece of clothing to wipe away the stains.

For more stubborn stains, let it sit a while before wiping to remove them. You might see a blue haze form when you leave it to sit for a while.

That’s when you wipe away the cream and stains. Remember to wipe in a circular motion. Although it isn’t that effective against rust, it still worth trying if you want to restore the sparkle on headlights.

What We Liked

  • Relatively easy to use
  • Restores the shine on different metals
  • Provides a protective coating after application
  • Works for nonmetal surfaces as well

What We Did’t Like

  • Make a tough job of rust and scratches

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7. Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish

Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish

The Eagle One wadding polish not only restores a car’s original sparkling look but also protects it. It uses a cotton-paste formula that is mildly abrasive and effortlessly removes tar, rust, and corrosion.

The cotton paste texture is safe for use even on delicate surfaces and leaves them with a sleek shine. It leaves no residue after cleaning and maintains the lustre of your car’s surface.

This polish is your go-to if you want to restore the shine on heavy metal surfaces.

Stainless steel, kitchen sinks, boat wheels, and a boat fittings surface that this polish will clean exceptionally.

With its ease of use, you can have your car clean in minutes. It differs from the other polishers in that it’s neither a cream nor a paste. It is instead a cotton wadding that contains polish.

To use it, you tear off some of the wadding and rub the surface you are cleaning. Buff the surface using a microfiber cloth after letting it sit for something like one minute. An electric buffer could also help.

It is relatively safe, and you can therefore use it on chrome-plated areas of your car. However, when wadding, remember to use it on the metal parts first.

Although it restores the shine on various metals, it isn’t that efficient for removing rust. It, however, is a safe option since it is non-corrosive.

What We Liked

  • It is safe to use since it is non-corrosive
  • Affordable
  • It is easy to use
  • Works well on non-ferrous metals

What We Did’t Like

  • It doesn’t protect the surface after use

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8. Flitz Multipurpose Polish & Cleaner

Flitz Multipurpose Polish & Cleaner

The Flitz all-purpose cleaner boasts incredible cleaning power that makes it suitable for different surfaces. It works for aluminium, fibreglass, plastic, chrome, and other metals.

You can use this polish to remove rust, stains, and graffiti on headlights and the car’s surface. It effortlessly removes tar, bug stains off nickel or stainless-steel surfaces.

That is because it is tough on the stains yet gentle on the Metal. It doesn’t stop at the safety of the surface you are cleaning.

It is also safe for you since it is non-toxic and non-combustible. What sets it apart from the other polishers is that you can use it almost anywhere.

In the kitchen, to clean the bathroom, and even in the garage. Its use is straightforward as the application is simple. A microfiber cloth is all you need if you don’t prefer a buffer. You apply the polish onto the surface and then wipe till the stain is gone.

Its non-abrasive nature means you can use it on headlights without any fears it might destroy them. It will restore the original shine and have them sparkling as if they were new.

The Flitz polish also adds on some protective coating on the metal surface to prevent tarnishing or oxidation. Headlights cleaned with this polish will be shiny for a longer time thanks to the protection.

On the downside, some of the ingredients that make the polish are known to cause cancer. Always ensure you wear gloves when you are applying to prevent prolonged exposure to the chemicals.

What We Liked

  • It is an all-purpose metal polish
  • Nonabrasive and non-toxic
  • Versatile and can polish most metals
  • Gives a protective coating

What We Did’t Like

  • It has chemicals that could be potentially carcinogenic

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9. 303 Metal Polish

303 Metal Polish

The 303 metal polish is yet another metal polish that guarantees you impressive results on most metals. You can use it to remove dirt, water stains, and haze on metal surfaces.

However, it doesn’t do much of a job removing scratches and or corrosion as it is more wax than a polish. It just leaves a protective coating on any surface.

It is easy to use and only required to prep the surface with water and soap before use.

After prepping the surface, you want to clean, wipe it dry first. You then apply the 303 metal polish using a microfiber cloth and let it sit for a few minutes. (three at most). After that, buff the surface till you see a smooth shine or sparkle.

303 works better at restoring the sparkle and shine of a metal surface than it does at polishing. It is that feature that makes it especially suitable for all metal surfaces. It contains safe chemicals that won’t destroy your car’s exterior.

It would be best if you clean your car thoroughly before using the 303 metal polish. Suppose you use it on a dirty car; it will take up too much of the polish.

Since you can’t use it to remove rust, it would be best to use it only to maintain your car. It helps maintain the care’s luster and shine. That will help keep its resale value relatively high.

What We Liked

  • Cleans and restores metal surfaces
  • Safe and therefore usable on most metals
  • Easy to use and protects the metal surface

What We Did’t Like

  • It is ineffective on scratches and rust

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10. California Custom Metal Polish (Purple)

California Custom Purple Metal Polish 12 oz

The California custom metal polish boasts a specially made formula that delivers a quality shine. That is down to the abrasives in the formula that removes stains and rust on metal surfaces.

This metal polish is especially remarkable at eliminating light scratches on car or motorcycle windshields. It can also help restore the shine on car headlights by removing oxidation or fogging.

After removing oxidation on the car surface or headlights, what next? Do you wait for the oxidation to form again so that you can remove it also?

No. You don’t have to do that with this polish as t protects the surface from future tarnishing.

After removing oxidation on the car surface or headlights, what next? Do you wait for the oxidation to form again so that you can remove it also? No. You don’t have to do that with this polish as t protects the surface from future tarnishing.

However, it would be best for better results if you use a deodorize before applying the polish. Before allying the polish, let the deodorizer sit for a while. You will also need to use a lot of it to allow the abrasives to work on the rust thoroughly.

For a more radiant shine, buff with a clean towel after you finish applying the polish. That isn’t hard enough to use, right?

Don’t restrict yourself to only using it on the care surface, as it can also remove road tar on rims and wheels. Additionally, you can also clean your kitchen sink with it. That goes to show how versatile it can be.

What We Liked

  • It is relatively straightforward to use
  • Safe to use and leaves a protective coating
  • Restores and maintains the shine of your car
  • It is highly versatile

What We Did’t Like

  • It won’t remove some stains unless you have a buffer

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Buyers Guide of Best Metal Polisher

Before buying anything, you have some factors that you consider. That isn’t any different for metal polishers. So, what are these factors?

1. Safety

The polisher should be safe for you to use and be safe on the surface you use it on. That means it shouldn’t have overly harsh chemicals that might ruin a car’s finish or have health risks for you.

2. Efficiency

How efficient a polisher is will determine how easy your work becomes. You don’t want a polisher that makes your task of removing rust or stains harder than it already is. That’s why you have to consider the efficiency of a polisher.


For anything you want to buy, you have to consider the price. That’s no different for metal polishers. It should provide you with the best service but not cost you too much.

4. Versatility

You have to consider how versatile a metal polisher is to ensure you don’t end up with a product that can only do one specific thing.

A desirable product should be multipurpose. You should be able to use it for several uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I prevent rust with a metal polisher?

A: No. A metal polisher might add a protective coating on the Metal, but it won’t prevent rusting. It will, however, make it easier for you to remove the rust in the future.

Q: Are all metal polishers safe for use on aluminum?

A: That would depend on the components of the polisher. Some polishers might contain elements that are harsh on aluminum.

Q: How do I identify the best metal polisher?

A: The best metal polisher should be safe to use, non-toxic, and easy to use. Our review has outlined all the features you need to see to now the best polisher.

Final Thoughts

While the choice of polisher you select is up to you, the best metal polisher should have a combination of features that ensure it will serve you efficiently.

Above all, it should be safe for you, and on the surface, you will use it. Some polishes might contain abrasives that are too harsh on specific metals.

You don’t want to risk your car or motorcycle’s well-being with the wrong metal polisher, so choose wisely.

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