Best Drywall Sander – Reviews And Buying Guide

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Best Drywall Sander

Frankly speaking, drywall sanding isn’t such a glamorous sanding task for many a DIYer. That is because it can be messy, challenging, and will take most of your time.

But is that all it is cut out to be? No. With the best drywall sander sanding walls and ceilings shouldn’t be as complicated as most people make it out to be.

But before you start, you’ll need the tool for the job, right? And where else to start but here. We have here a list of the best drywall sanders and the features that make them the best.

Let’s dive right in.

Top 10 Best Drywall Sander Reviews

1. Porter-Cable 7800 Drywall Sander (With 13-Foot Hose)

Are you new to the world of sanding tools? Then you should know that Porter-Cable is one of the leading makers of sanding tools in the market at the moment. Their drywall sander sticks to the script in matters of efficiency and power.

After all, with a 4.7amp motor that gives you a rotation speed of 2000 rotations per minute, don’t you agree this is a powerful tool.? Furthermore, the speed is variable from 1400 rotations through 2000.

The variable speed setting ensures you can choose a speed you are comfortable with as you work. Of course, there are times you want to complete a task as fast as possible, and sometimes you want to take your time.

An excellent tool should achieve the right balance in the hands of the user. It should also be easy to control, with the counterweight perfectly matching the tool’s build. That is why the motor of this sander is at the other end of the handle.

The Porter-Cable drywall sander also has a vacuum hose 13 inches long to give you enough reach. You won’t have problems getting to high areas on the wall or ceiling while sanding.

To help you further reach high up walls, this drywall sander is also equipped with an articulating head. The articulating head allows you to sand different areas without having to turn the direction of the device.

Finally, the skirt brush-type and surrounds the sanding pad to guard against gouging wall joints. It also helps in dust collection for a cleaner work environment.


  • Thirteen-foot-long vacuum hose makes it a more effective sander
  • Lightweight and compact to reduce the strain on your hands as you work
  • Variable speed dial allows you to work at the speed you want
  • articulating head makes dust collection possible for a cleaner work environment.


  • It requires specific vacuums for the best dust collection

2. Power-Pro 2100 Electric Drywall Sander

If you are familiar with drywall sanding, you must appreciate the need for variable speed control settings on any drywall sander. The Power-pro sander gives you just as you can adjust speeds from 500 rotations to 800 rotations per minute.

The rotation number is quite impressive is powered by a 6.7-amp motor. The motor gives maximum power to enable the sanding pad to smooth a wall quite fast. The motor, however, doesn’t make the sander any heavier.

Dust extraction is one of the features to look for in any drywall sander. That because you will be generating a lot of dust as you sand. This tool comes with a PVC hose that makes the extracting of such dust easier.

Connecting the hose to a vacuum will help collect the dust that can be an issue if not extracted well. It also has a dust bag that serves as a substitute for the vacuum hose if you don’t own a vacuum.

 Unlike its predecessor, this drywall sander comes with an extendable handle. Those hard to reach areas won’t give you much trouble with this sander as you can extend the handle to get them.

Additionally, you can swivel the sanding head in multiple directions for easier maneuvering as you work. The sanding head itself is nine inches in diameter, wide enough to ensure it stays flat on the wall.

If you mostly work in dimly lit job sites, then the sanding head’s LED lights will excite you. The lights light up the area around the head and ensure you see where you are working and be more precise.


  • The LED lights on the working head make it easier to work in dimly lit areas
  • The sanding head can swivel in different directions and has a wide surface area
  • It has a PVC hose and a dust bag that make dust collection easier.
  • Powerful 6.7amp motor


  • It is quite heavy and might tire one’s hands as they work

3. WEN 6369 Drywall Sander

Wen is another reputable maker of excellent work tools that not only offer you efficiency but dependability. The Wen 6369 drywall sander is just another tool in the collection of tools made by Wen.

Thankfully, this drywall sander has variable settings that you can use between 600 rotations per minute and 1500 rotations. The variable speed settings make it convenient to work at a speed you are comfortable with.

Additionally, the sander also comes with a hook and loose base pad. What does such a pad mean? It means it is near effortless installing and removing the sanding pads or sheets.

Of more relevance, however, is a powerful 5-amp motor that is mounted on the sanding head. It powers the sanding disk, thus enabling it to give efficient sending on various walls or surfaces.

With an automatic dust extraction system, this sander ranks high on the tools that are easy to use. The fifteen-foot hose ensures cleaner working environments. It works in concert with the dust bag to ensure efficient dust collection.

What will make you love this drywall sander is the different sanding discs it comes with. The sanding discs are of varying sanding grits and nine inches in length.


  • It comes with different sanding discs, all with varying grits
  • Has a fifteen-foot hose that boosts its reach
  • Variable speed settings
  • installing and removing sanding disc is easy


  • It doesn’t work well in tight spaces like corners and edges

4. Goplus 800W Electric Drywall Sander

Most people prefer to do their work in well-lit areas to avoid struggling with little light. But what if you need to drywall sand in an area that’s dimly lit even in the day? You get a drywall sander that had an LED light on the sanding head. Simple.

You can adjust the LED light through various angles as you work. Thus, you don’t need to have an extra light when working in a somewhat dark place.

We always wish for versatile tools. No one wants a tool that has only the one function it’s meant for. That’s why this tool’s versatility will excite you. You can sand construction walls, ceilings, interior and exterior walls, and any other surfaces.

The Goplus drywall sander has a lightweight make that enables you to use it in the tightest spaces. Since it’s lighter, it means you won’t use too much of your strength to lift it as you work.

When you purchase this sander, you will get six sandpaper pieces that have different levels of friction. Some are course with others of medium friction.


  • Vacuum bag makes dust collection straightforward
  • Lightweight construction makes it easy to use
  • LED light on the sanding head makes it easy working in dark areas
  • Versatile

5. ALEKO 690E Electric Drywall Sander

If all you need is a reliable and efficient drywall sander, you should probably try the Aleko drywall sander. This tool can not only sand walls or floors but also polish them. It is a rugged tool that can stand up to the meanest working conditions.

It has adjustable speed settings from 1000 rotations per minute to 2000 rotations per minute. The variable speed ensures you can up the work tempo whenever you feel like it.

Dust is always a troublesome issue when working with drywall sanders. With the repeated sanding, the walls or floors generate too much dust that might be a potential source of dust.

However, to prevent that, you can hook the Aleko drywall sander to a vacuum and have it suck away all the dust as you work. That will ensure a cleaner work environment as well as less work cleaning up afterward.

As long as you are buying Aleko, you will have access to several Aleko attachments that help the sander serve you better.

The telescopic handle ensures you have excellent reach. The handle also makes it easy to work in tight spaces such as corners and edges. They also add six sanding discs to make your work easier.


  • Variable speed controls
  • You can attach the hose to a vacuum for dust collection
  • Rugged and can withstand intense work
  • Versatile


  • It is difficult working on ceilings due to a lack of ergonomic handle

6. ALEKO DP-3000 Drywall Sander

Like its predecessor, the Aleko 690E, this drywall sander has variable speed control settings that make it suitable for whatever project you will be working on. They don’t differ much from each other.

It has an adjustable speed setting from 800 to 1700 rotations per minute. That makes it quite suitable for various tasks since you can set it to suit the.

You can use it by itself or attach a vacuum to it. It is advisable to add the vacuum to help collect the dust you generate as you work.

The vacuum ensures a cleaner working environment than using the drywall sander alone. You don’t want to have trouble cleaning up after work, do you?

With just 7 pounds, this tool is lightweight enough to ensure comfortable use. You won’t put too much burden on your hands as you work, reducing fatigue and making work easier.

This sander also comes with an LED light on the head. The light illuminates the place you are sanding, and you, therefore, boosting visibility. That makes it perfect for work in dimly lit areas.


  • Lightweight to ensure near-effortless working
  • LED lights enable work in dimly lit areas
  • You can attach the hose to a vacuum for efficient dust collection
  • Comes with several accessories that make it a better tool


  • The vacuum suction isn’t that impressive, and too much dust falls to the floor

7. Festool 571935 Drywall Sander

The Festool drywall sander is as easy to use as it is easy to set up. All you need is your basic intuition to set it up and get ready for work. But would a simple setup be enough for a drywall sander to be among the best? No.

A perfect balance and low weight profile weight, however, can. A brushless motor that powers the sander allowing it to be as efficient as possible, favors a sander being among the best.

With a flexibly moving head that enables the sander to move freely o the work surface, this sander certainly deserves its place among the best. For that reason, it is easier to reach all the areas.

Most of the drywall sanders on our list will have trouble cleaning edges. However, this sander has a removable top that fits better into tighter spaces, especially edges and corners.

With the integrated dust extractor, this sander takes working in clean job sites to the next level. The extractor captures dust at the source (on the sanding head) and doesn’t need a bag.

It works with Granat abrasives but is compatible with other Planax abrasives as well. The abrasives ensure efficient smoothing of rough and uneven surfaces ranging from ceilings to walls.


  • It uses Planax abrasives that are highly efficient
  • It is better at edge cleaning
  • Flexible sanding head reaches most of the work area with ease
  • Low weight profile that ensures little to no hand fatigue
  • Efficient dust collection on the sanding head


  •  The speed and number rotations are a bit on the lower side

8. HYDE 09170 Drywall Vacuum Sander Kit

The Hyde drywall sander boasts an uncanny ability to connect to any vacuum, whether wet or dry, for dust-free sanding.

The sanding screen is a capable substitute for sanding paper as it is washable and more durable. The easy clamp system ensures replacing and removing the sanding screen is relatively straightforward. Not that you have to keep replacing it every once in a while.

The acme-thread handle enables you to use it with a pole and gives you enough freedom to reach all the places. You can thus easily sand places high up walls without the need for a ladder or stand.

It comes with an in-built vacuum valve that enables the efficient collection of dust. That makes out this drywall sander the best tool for asthmatic or allergic people.

The dust collection by the vacuum makes this sander ideal for indoor sanding applications. For more efficient dust collection, you can add a HEPA filter. That is if you can get one.


  • It has an Efficient dust collection system
  • Acme-thread handle enables the use of any length of pole for added reach
  • Ideal for indoor sanding


  • It doesn’t come with any instructions on how to regulate the vacuum’s sucking

9. Goplus Electric Drywall Sander (Handheld)

Yet another entrant from Goplus. This drywall sander boasts an LE light on the head that can turn through 180 degrees. That means it will give you enough light without the need for a torch when working in dimly lit areas.

You will love the fact that you can adjust the speeds as per your projects with this sander. The speeds are adjustable from 800 rotations per minute to 2000 rotations per minute.

The bottom is removable, which enables you to sand up and makes it easier to clean afterward. The dust bag ensures the dust doesn’t escape into the air and be a health risk.

The Goplus also has a hose that allows you to connect a vacuum to better dust collection. Again, this sander is lightweight and doesn’t tire you out even if you work for hours.

When you purchase this drywall sander, you will also get some accessories. You will get six sanding paper pieces, two pieces of carbon brushes, and a wrench, among others.


  • Variable adjustable speed
  • The removable bottom allows for easier cleaning
  • Has a hose and dust bag for efficient dust collection
  • The LED light makes working in dimly lit areas easier


  • The coupler doesn’t hold and keeps getting off

10. TACKLIFE Drywall Sander (Automatic Vacuum System)

Closing off our list is the Tacklife Drywall sander that comes with an automated vacuum suction system. The self-suction system ensures little to no dust escape into the air and becomes a nuisance.

The self-suction system enables you to avoid having to lean up for hours after completing your work. You can’t attach a vacuum to this sander. Still, the suction system works just fine and ensures a cleaner working environment.

Unlike other sanders, this sander comes with two strips of LED lights that guide you as you sand in dimly lit areas. The lights surround the sanding head to give you visibility of the working area for better sanding.

This sander also allows you to adjust the speed to suit whatever task you are doing. You can change the speeds from 770 rpm to 2100rpm.

For a more comfortable grip, the handle has a rugged, beefy feel and is also ergonomic. You can comfortably work for long hours without having to worry about hand fatigue.

What’s more, enticing is that the handle is detachable. Meaning you can install it on either side of the sander. If you tire from working with the handle on one side, you switch the sides. Isn’t that cool?


  • Has a detachable handle that can fit on either side of the sander
  • The handle is rugged and thus feels firm in one’s grip
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • LED light for guided working


  • Gets tiring whenever one is sanding a ceiling

Buying Guide

Before you go out and buy a drywall sander, there are some factors you will have to consider.

The Length of the Hose

A long hose will provide you with a lot of freedom of movement. You won’t struggle to get to certain areas of the wall as you sand.

If you want to avoid complications sanding above floor areas, then give drywall sanders with short hoses a wide berth.

Dust Collection

You already know how dust generated from the sanding can be such a nuisance. That is why most people prefer sanders that have an elaborate dust collection system.

You don’t want to have a tough time cleaning a work site after every sanding project. An efficient dust collection system is paramount, more so when working indoors.


The presence and number of accessories that come with a drywall sander have a direct bearing on how easy to use it will be. Some come with a large number of accessories that make working them more efficient.

The more the accessories, the better. That’s why you have to consider them.

Variable Speed Adjustment

A powerful motor will give the drywall sander incredible speed enabling you to complete tasks fast. You, however, need to be able to control the speed for specific projects.

That’s why you need to consider whether a drywall sander comes with this option before buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a regular vacuum work with a drywall sander?

No. Drywall dust would quickly clog the regular vacuum’s filter. It is advisable to use a shop vac which deals with drywall dust better.

Can I limit the amount of dust I’m exposed to when drywall sanding?

Yes, you can. The best way to reduce dust exposure is to use a drywall sander with a sound dust collection system.

Is drywall sanding a health risk?

Yes, it is. The dust the sanding produces can be a source of several respiratory issues. That is why you need a drywall sander with an efficient dust collection system.

Final Thoughts

We hope our review helps you choose the best drywall sander for your job or sanding project.

You might still not have made a choice on which one to go for. However, by reading our review, you have made the first step in selecting the best tool for you.

If you use to select the right combination of features, you might get the tool you want. Good luck.

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