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Have you ever looked at a stunning piece of furniture and wondered what went into the finishing? Have you ever asked yourself what goes into having that favorite table of yours come with a smooth finish?

A sander, that what. A sander gives whatever piece of furniture you are making a smooth finish. Now there are two types of sanders. The manual one and the palm sander.

The manual way involves you rubbing a piece of sandpaper on the furniture piece to smoothen it. It is quite a taxing exercise and would take you plenty of time to finish.

That’s where the palm sander comes in. You attach the sandpaper to the tool with the palm sander and have it quickly smoothen your furniture. It saves you a ton of time and energy.

What would therefore be the best palm sander? How would you recognize or choose the best palm sander? By reading this review till the end. Stay tuned.

1.DEWALT MAX XR Palm Sander

Dewalt is a household name in the tools industry and is responsible for some of the best tools out there. It is, therefore, least surprising to have the Dewalt XR palm sander on this list.

But what makes this palm sander one of the best? It comes with an efficient brush motor that gives you all the efficiency you need as you smooth up a wood piece’s edges and surfaces.

The sander rotates at speeds of 800rpm to 14000 oscillations per minute, giving you excellent application speed. In that way, you can quickly sand out the roughness out of a table without using too much time and effort.

Can it hold the paper securely?

Oh, yes, it can! It has a paper clamp that clamps the paper to the palm sander’s bottom, allowing faster installation and paper changing. Moreover, it has a low profile that is as close as possible to the work surfaces for a smoother finish.

There is more,

Its switch has a seal that prevents the sanding dust from getting into it and damaging the sander. The switch is one of the most fragile places for the palm sander.

Also, a dust bag on the sander makes for more convenient collection of the dust as you sand away. Nothing should slow you down with this palm sander, and the rubber grip adds further to the comfortable sanding.


  • Variable speed control
  • Dust bag provides a way to avoid dust slowing you down
  • Comfortable Rubber grip
  • The switch has a seal that prevents entry of dust for a longer lifespan


  • The dust bag doesn’t collect as much dust as possible

2. WEN 6313 Electric Sheet Sander

Unless you are just an eager DIYer, you will probably be smoothing down large surfaces of furniture. This palm sander comes with a wide surface that allows you to sand broad faces.

It has a robust brushless motor that gives you a rolling speed of 12000 oscillation per minute, giving suitable vibrational power. You can thus have your work done in no time.

Sometimes the work you are doing might be a site further away from your place, and might need to transport the tool to the worksite. This tool is compact and lightweight and wouldn’t be hard to transport.

Like its predecessor, it also comes with a dust bag that collects the dust as you sand away. Nothing will slow you down as you work as the dust collects in the bag, and you empty whenever it fills up.

Also, it comes with several slots on the underside of the tool that, together with the fans, make it easier to collect excess dust via the collection port.

That isn’t all.

It comes with a Velcro base that allows easier installation of the sandpaper and easier removal.

What’s most impressive about this palm sander that returns the power to your palms is the 1.2-amp motor. The motor allows you to sand away at rough surfaces fast while providing a very smooth finish.

What more would you want in a palm sander?


  • Powerful 12amp motor for faster work
  • Velcro base allows easy installation and removal of the sandpaper
  • Wide surface allows for faster smoothing of abrasive surfaces
  • Lightweight to reduce strain on your hands


  • It is quite loud

3. BLACK+DECKER Electric Sander

The comfort grip Black + Decker sander has 7.8 by 5.24 by 6.1 inches to give you the broadest possible width to work on the broadest possible woodwork surfaces.

It is highly versatile and is perfect for sanding table tops, doors, and crafts. Together with the lightweight design, the comfortable grip design ensures your hands experience no strain from using the sander for hours.

The inbuilt dust collector ensures the dust and dirt from your work doesn’t hamper the tool’s functioning. It collects the dust and enables later removal of the dust, thus enhancing the device’s lifespan.

The switch also has a dust seal to prevent the excess dust from getting inside the tool. The 110-voltage motor gives you the power to work fast and have your work completed in no time.

You might have heard complaints about how other palm sanders are quite loud. However, if you need quiet time to work, you should give this sander a try. It is ultraquiet, mainly because it’s just a small yet powerful tool.

It comes with a paper punch that you use to punch holes in the sandpaper before commencing work. The dust from your working passes through these holes to the collection port of the sander.


  • The extra-long electric cord facilitates faster working
  • Lightweight design that reduces strain on your palms as you work
  • Powerful motor that gives you 12000 oscillations per minute
  • The switch has a dust seal to boost its lifespan


  • Its sand collection system isn’t that efficient and leaves too much dust

4. Makita BO4556K Finishing Sander

The Makita finishing sander boasts an enormous oscillation power of 14000 oscillations per minute, making the fastest rotator on our list. That shows you that you can have smooth finishes as fast as you want.

The precision engineering that this tool s made with ensures little to no vibration and less noise. That is also down to all ball bearing construction.

To boost your comfort as you work, its handle has contours that give you a comfortable grip and control. It is also rubberized to increase your comfort further as you use it. For the quick installation of the sandpaper, you have a large clamping lever.

For faster and easier operation, the on and off switches are placed conveniently on the tool’s top. That easily allows a comfortable one-handed operation that isn’t so possible with other palm sanders.

Finally, the switch has a rubber sealing that prevents the dust from getting into the tool and causing damage. Therefore, you can sand away in the knowledge that the dust won’t affect the tool’s long-term functioning.

The through pad dust collection system makes it easier to remove the dust and not slow down your work. You get a cleaner work environment and avoid the dust that might be a cause of allergies.


  • Highly efficient through pad dust collection system
  • Conveniently placed on an off switch for more effortless onehanded operation
  • Powerful motor that gives 14000 oscillations per minute
  • The switch has a rubber sealing to prevent dust from getting in


  • At times it tends to vibrate too much

5. Makita BO3710 Sheet Finishing Sander

This is yet another entrant from Makita that provides you with increased efficiency thanks to the 11000 oscillations per minute that this sander’s motor offers.

To cut down on the vibrations that plague its sister palm sander, it has a counterbalanced system that cuts down on the vibration as you work.

For any palm sander, you need a good drip on the handle as you sand away. Therefore, the handle has to be sturdy but comfortable enough. It should unnecessarily strain your hands as you work—that why this sander has an ergonomic rubber handle.

Like its predecessor, it also comes with the pad system of dust collection that gives you a cleaner work environment. You also don’t have to worry about the dust hindering you from working efficiently.

The dust bag takes care of the excess dust that comes from working with certain types of wood. It doesn’t, however, make the sander heavy in any way. It is light and compact to reduce further strain on the hands.

What is quite impressive about this palm sander is the sizeable two-finger trigger switch. The switch allows efficient operation t and more comfortable working thanks to the lock-on button as well.


  • Comes with a dust bag for efficient dust removal
  • Two-finger trigger ensures more comfortable operation
  • Ergonomic rubber handle for a more comfortable grip
  • Lightweight design to reduce strain on your hands


  • It struggles with heavier sanding work

6. Ridgid R8606B Cordless Random Orbit Sander

This is a battery-powered palm sander that quite gets the work done thanks in significant part to its dimensions. It has 8.8 by 5.91 by 5.71 inches, giving it a wider surface area for faster and more efficient sanding.

At a paltry 3.44 pounds, this sander is lightweight and compact to reduce the strain that comes with [pushing around a heavy tool. The weight means you can work for hours straight without feeling much stress on your hands and palms.

Inasmuch as it is lightweight, the little weight doesn’t reduce its pressure on the surface. Higher pressure is always needed on the surface if one is to use less energy while working.

The fact its plastic also works to make it lighter and thus faster. If you’ve used a heavy metallic sander, you must have seen how tired you feel after sanding. Thankfully you won’t experience that with this tool.

It comes with a vacuum bag that captures all the dust for a cleaner work environment.


  • Vacuum bag for easier dust collection
  • Lightweight design for less strain on hands
  • Wide surface for faster work
  • Exerts enough pressure due to the slight heaviness


  • At times it struggles to spin freely due to its weight

7. Makita XOB01T Random Orbit Sander

The Makita XOB01T comes with 3-speed settings that allow you to work at a speed that is convenient for you. You can either choose the maximum, minimum, or medium speed to work at a rate suitable for you.

The electronic control switch allows for fasts switching between these two modes. With the ergonomic body and grip, you have a more comfortable operation that isn’t a tall order for your hands.

It is battery powered and can give you a runtime of about an hour for every single charge. However, if you are using it at high speed, you get a runtime of about half an hour.

It only gets better from this sander. Thanks to its orbiting action, you get swirling motion that allows for high-speed sanding. The pad brake engineering further reduces the free spin and provides you with a smoother finish.

As with its sister palm sanders, this sander also comes with an efficient through the pad system of dust collection. You, therefore, have the assurance of working in a cleaner work environment.

That isn’t all,

The switch has a dust seal that prevents dust from getting into the tool and wreaking havoc. That also gives the sander a longer lifespan. You can also change the sandpaper as fast as possible, thanks to the quick hook and loop system.


  • Faster changing of sandpaper due to the hook and loop system
  • Through the pad dust collection system for a cleaner work environment
  • Orbiting action provides smooth finishes
  • Ergonomic body and grip for comfortable operation


  • It isn’t as good as its corded counterpart from the same company

8. Milwaukee Electric Random Orbit Sander

The Milwaukee orbit palm sander is yet another palm sander that comes with the quick-change hook and loop pad that allows you to change the sandpaper fast. With its powerful motor, you get speeds of up to 12000 oscillations per minute (OPM).

It has a dual variable speed setting that allows you to switch from the 12000 oscillations per minute to the low 7000 opm according to how fast you want to complete your work. It has a control that allows easy switching between the two modes.

This tool also comes with a powerful motor that gives it more efficiency. It makes the tool orbit at high speed to remove abrasions off a surface and make it smoother.

The battery offers just over half an hour of runtime at whatever power mode you are working. It also charges fast to prevent you from having to stop work for a longer time.

As any palm sander manufacturer can tell you, this sander also comes with a dust bag that collects the dust as you work. You, therefore, avoid the nuisance that excess dust creates as you work.

The cherry on the cake is how light it is. You won’t overwork your hands with a day of working with this palm sander.


  • Lightweight design for more comfortable operation
  • Powerful motor boost efficiency
  • The battery gives half an hour of runtime and charges fast
  • Dual variable-speed modes


  • It isn’t as efficient for big sanding projects

9. Black & Decker BDCRO20C Random Orbit Sander

The BDCRO20C is another entrant from Black & Decker. It provides you with cordless convenience if you are working on smaller sanding projects and quick touches.

It is compact and lightweight to boost speedy yet comfortable working further. The dust collection bag also ensures fast operation as you don’t have to keep removing the collecting dust yourself.

Its motor is capable of providing 12000 oscillations per minute for faster smoothing of abrasive surfaces. It is highly versatile and can thus also smooth over abrasive paint surfaces or removes stains.

Installing and changing the sandpaper is simple and relatively straightforward, thanks to the hook and loop system. You can change the sandpaper fast enough while working and thus reduce interruptions as you work.

The main thing that works against it is that you will need so many batteries to power it to work on a big project. For all its efficiency, it can’t work on big projects.


  • Compact and lightweight more comfortable operation
  • 12000 opm is decent enough for work on small projects
  • Versatile
  • Cordless and thus convenient for small projects


  • The battery doesn’t hold charge for long
  • Unsuitable for large projects

10. PORTER-CABLE Random Orbital Sander

The Porter-cable orbital sandpaper is the only entrant on our list with a detachable dust bag. The detachable dust bag offers you convenient and easy handling of the inevitable dust as you smooth away the rough edges on wood pieces.

It also has a vacuum port that you can attach and collect as much dust as possible. With this sander, dust won’t be an issue. You don’t have to work in a dirty environment if you can help it.

The switch is dustproof to prevent dust from getting in and damaging it. That also ensures the sander serves you for a longer time.

The low profile that’s brought about the sander’s balanced weight and the engineering ensures you won’t have to put in too much force to get the perfect smooth.

For more comfortable sanding, this sander has a comfortable rubber grip. You can thus work for several hours straight without having to worry that you might strain your hands.

The 12000 oscillations per minute speed enables you to work on wood and many other abrasive surfaces. That serves to show you how versatile this sander is.


  • The switch is dustproof to prevent damage from dust
  • Comfortable rubber grip for more comfortable operation
  • Vacuum port allows maximum dust collection
  • The detachable bag also allows more efficient dust collection


  • It depletes a battery’s charge fast

Buyers Guide

Now that you have the best options to choose from, what are the key factors you need to consider before picking the best palm sander?

1. Dust Collection

When working with palm sanders, dust can be a big problem. That is why most people prefer palm sanders with an efficient dust collection system. The perfect palm sander should have a god dust collection system to avoid you having to work in a dirty environment.

2.Oscillations Per Minute

Oscillations per minute show how fast you can complete a work project. The more the oscillations, the faster the palm sander. You thus have to consider those palm sanders with the highest oscillations per minute.

A higher oscillation per minute figure is directly proportional to how fast you will be completing your work.

3. Weight

The weight of a palm sander is a big deal. Heavy palm sanders usually require less effort to press them on the surface. However, if too heavy, then they might strain your hands.

That is why you have to consider the weight of a palm sander before purchase. Lightweight and compact palm sanders are highly preferable.

4.Cordless or corded?

This would depend on your preferences. Some people prefer cordless sanders to avoid working with a trailing cord that might be a hindrance.

However, corded palm sanders don’t have to work with a battery like their cordless counterparts and can thus give you uninterrupted work sessions.

5. Cost

Yes, you want a palm sander that will serve you efficiently. But does that mean you are open to paying over the top for one? No. As good as a palm sander can be shouldn’t cost you too much.

That is why you have to consider the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can palm sanders smooth over rough walls?
Yes, they can. It would, however, depend on how versatile the palm sander is. Some would have trouble removing paint or stains on walls.
Q: Are electric palm sanders worth it?
A: Yes. Electric palm sanders allow you to work nonstop as long as you aren’t tired. You don’t have to stop work to change the battery or charge it. So yes, they are worth it.
Q: Will not sanding my furniture affect the finish?
A: Yes, it will. If the furniture had some rough spots in the initial making, you need to smooth them over with sandpaper. And what better tool to use than a palm sander

Final Thoughts

What is the best palm sander? We hope by now you have the answer to that question. Remember to choose the palm sander that best suits your needs.

All the best.

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