Miter Saw vs Table Saw: The Ultimate Comparison

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The miter saw and table saw are both very useful tools in the home workshop. They have different strengths, which makes them suitable for different tasks. Miter saws and table saws are both tools used for cutting wood, but they have different features that make them better suited for certain jobs.

The miter saw is good at making accurate crosscuts on boards, bevel cuts, miters and compound cutting angles. A table saw can do these things too but it excels at ripping lumber because of its large blade height above the work surface.

So which one should you buy? This blog post will break down all the differences between a miter saw vs table saw and compares which tool is best for you.

What Is A Miter Saw?

A standard miter saw is a small power tool used for cutting wood at an angle or miter, usually for the purpose of making wooden joints. The blade moves in a back-and-forth motion and can make cuts across boards either perpendicular to its edge (a crosscut), along it but not through it (a bevel cut) or at an angle to the board’s surface, which are called miter cuts.

Miter saws have a base with one or more vertical columns that hold up the blade and allow it to be tilted in any direction relative to the workpiece so as not to cut on the edge of boards or other variety of materials being milled. They also typically have a miter gauge, which is an adjustable arm that holds the workpiece at either of two angles relative to the blade.

Miter saws are used in construction and carpentry for making precise crosscuts and bevel cuts along board piece of wood or plywood pieces (e.g., when fabricating carcass frames). They can also be used in masonry work and to cut drywall.

There are two types of miter saws: compound miter saws and compound sliding miter saws. A compound miter saw helps you make cuts that are both straight and angled like crosscuts, bevel cuts, and miter cuts.

A miter saw can make crosscuts, miter cuts, bevel cuts, and compound miter cuts.

What Is A Table Saw?

A table saw is a type of saw that can make straight cuts with a smooth motion. The table saw is usually mounted on top of a flat table and it can be operated by standing up. This position also allows the table to make cuts at an angle, such as when cutting the ends of boards.

Table saws are either electrically powered or gasoline-powered. They use a blade that can be set to cut at any angle, and the size of the table is adjustable. The height is adjustable on both sides.

The table saw is used to cut wood. The most common cuts are called rip cuts and compound bevel cuts. We use the table saw to cut wood pieces into a certain width.

Miter Saw vs Table saw: The Differences

The major difference is how they work and how accurate they are. This may be different if you want to carry the device with you. We will discuss their underlying differences based on different vital factor.

Table Saw and Miter Saw Uses

A table saw is typically used for cutting larger pieces of wood and other wider pieces of materials. They are not as portable, but they can cut a variety of angles. Miter saws are mainly used on small DIY project like trimming door moldings, windowsills or crown molding to size.

A miter saw is typically used cutting wood in different basic angles. It can also be used for crosscutting boards, but a perfect table saw would work better in this situation as it has more power and the ability to cut large thicker pieces of wood.

A table saw is mainly designed for making accurate cuts on long and wide boards with little flexibility when it comes to angle adjustments .

It can also be used for cutting miter angles, but quality table saws are better suited in this situation as they have more power and the ability to cut narrow pieces of wood which a miter saw cannot .

Table saws can also tackle some complex projects miter saws simply cannot. A table saw has the capability to cut through metal, composites and other materials that a miter saw would have difficulty with.

Table saws can cut many things, but they are not very precise. They are good for making long cuts and cross cuts.

A miter saw is a kind of power tool saw. It cuts in the shape of a cross, and it can only cut pieces up to 6-8 inches long. But what it can’t do is do all the things that other kinds of power saws can do, like cutting wide boards longer than 6-8 inches or using different shapes


In general, table saws and miter saws are about the same price. Sometimes prices change from store to store so make sure you look at the price of each one and compare.

A table saw price will range from $400-$2000.

A miter saw will cost anywhere between $100-500, depending on the features it has and how much power it can generate.


A miter saw can be easily moved around because it’s a light weight machine. It only weighs about 20 pounds, so you can put it in your car trunk and take it with you to various locations.

Whereas table saws are heavy machines that weigh over 400 pounds. They’re very hard to move from place to place unless they have wheels to move them around. Portable table saws are available, but they’re very expensive.

Also, a miter saw is easier to move from place to place. So if you want to do different jobs at many locations, get a miter saw.

A miter saw that rolls can be moved around easily. This would be very helpful for professionals.


You can customize the miter saw to your specific needs by adjusting its blade and moving it up or down. It’s great for cutting different types of wood at various lengths that you need to cut with a precision measurement.

Whereas table saws don’t have this ability so if you want to do anything more complicated than a straight cut, you’re going to need it.

Only miter saws have the ability of doing compound cuts and complex angles that are not possible with table saws.

Table saws do not have blades that rotate like a miter saw. A table saw can cut thick wood or something with a lot of moisture without splinters and you can use the fence to guide your cut.

One downside is that miter saw blades are on the sides meaning they only work when cutting in one direction which makes it difficult for people who want to do cross cuts.


A miter saw can be more accurate than a table saw. This is because the blade on a miter saw moves in one direction, whereas most table saws have two blades that move back and forth at 45 degrees from one another.

This means you will get straighter cuts with less risk of splintering or having an extra piece of wood sticking out.

A miter saw is the best way to cut wood and other sheet materials. Table saws can do that too, but if you use a table saw, then it will be harder to make precise cuts without mistakes.

A table saw is a versatile tool that people can use to make crosscuts and miter cuts. A table saw requires accessories like a sled for precise crosscuts and miter gauges with extensions for making precise cuts.

 Working Principle

In a table saw, the blade is fixed. When you make a cut in the wood, you need to move the wood against the blade. This means you will get straighter cuts with less risk of splintering or having an extra piece of wood sticking out.

On a miter saw, you will fix the wood on the table and put the blade against it to cut. You will also move the blade back and forth across the wood. The table will have a stop to keep the blade from moving beyond it. This means that you can make angled cuts on this type of saw.


A table saw usually has a cover over the blade to keep your fingers from getting cut in case of an accident. There is also no power cord or electrical outlet needed for this type of saw, so it’s safer to use around children and pets.

On a miter saw, you will have to plug it in and the blade is exposed. It’s not as safe because you need to be careful of your fingers getting too close to the blade.


A table saw will give you more power. It is also has a wider range of rip capacity than the miter saws. A table saw will, therefore, give you a smoother cut.

A miter saw is more lightweight and portable than the table saws. It’s also cheaper to buy in most cases because it doesn’t have as many features. A miter saw is good for making precise cuts on angled surfaces that are too narrow boards to fit large pieces of material on a table saw.

Cutting Angles 

Miter is a way to cut something at a 90 degree angles. It is easy to do with the miter saw. The head of this saw can be turned in order to cut lots of different angles. Trim carpentry uses these because they are needed for installing trim and crown molding. You cannot do this with a table saw.

 Bevel Cut

A miter saw can be used to cut a board on an angle. You can also tilt it to cut at the same time and create a beveled edge instead of just a flat edge. Beveled edges are for trim work in corners, so that the trim goes seamlessly into the corners.

Table saws are used for cutting things on a table. They can also be used to cut things that need to be cut at angles. Table saws can have blades set up to make cuts that are angled too. This is difficult because it is hard, but it can be done if you know how.

Compound Miter Cut

Miter saws are better for compound miter cuts than table saws. Miter saws have the capacity to pivot and they can make up to a 45-degree angles cut which is what you need when cutting crown molding or trim work that has an inside corner with a right angle.

Table saws can’t do this because it would be too hard.

Table saws also have the ability to make miter cuts, But they can only do 45-degree angles cuts, which are not as good for corners that will have trim work like crown molding.


Table saw blades are better for making straight cuts and miter saw blades are better for angled cuts.

Table saw blades are not as good for making angled cuts because they only have the capacity to do 45-degree angles.

Miter saw blades can pivot and this is what makes them better for cutting mitered trim or crown molding with inside corners that turn at a right angle.

The table saw blade will wear out much faster than miter saw, as the miter saw blade is softer.

While the table saw has a more powerful motor, it’s also heavier and harder to work with when trying to make angled cuts or make straight cuts in narrow spaces.

Table Saw blades are much thinner than miter saw blades which makes them easier for making clean cut through thicker pieces of wood while miter saw blades are better for trimming thinner pieces of wood.

Table saws also have a wider range of blade types to choose from, while miter saw blades only come in two varieties: cross cut and rip-cut.

Carpentry vs Woodworking

I have heard that people often use these two words as if they are the same. But there is biggest differences. Carpentry is the building of different structures and woodworking is how to fix them.

A carpenter builds houses. Carpenters build the window and door frames, trim the moldings, etc. So a miter saw is an essential tool that carpenters use to cut things precisely in their work. So , they need a precision tool called the miter saw to do.

In furniture projects, woodworkers make furniture out of wood. They cut the boards to size, and use a table saw to rip plywood for cabinets or decks. Table saw is the most useful common power tools for a woodworker to cut wood of different kinds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to get a miter saw or table saw?

This question answer vary from user to user.

The miter saw is better for someone who needs a tool with more precision in cutting, whereas the table saw is best for those needing versatility and space saving.

A miter saw is an essential tool that carpenters use to cut things precisely in their work. So , they need a precision tool called the miter saw.

A table saw is a multipurpose tool that can be used for many purposes but it’s not as precise as the miter saw which makes it unable to cut in such tight spaces.

It depends on what you need  The Miter Saw excels at precision, whereas the Table Saw is versatileness.

Can a table saw do everything a miter saw can do?

A table saw is a multipurpose tool that can be used for many purposes but it’s not as precise as the miter saw which makes it unable to cut in such tight spaces. So you’re better off with a miter saw if precision matters and you don’t need much space, or use your table saw if versatility matters.

Should I get a 10 or 12 miter saw?

You can choose whether to get a miter saw that has 12 inches or 10 inches. If you want more precision, but do not mind getting it from one place to another, then go with the 12 inch. But if you need to do precision work and don’t care about moving your miter saw back and forth, then get the 10 inch miter saw.

What is the best table saw for a beginner?

The table saw for beginners would be the one that has a small range of cutting capacity. There are some miter saws with up to 12 inch blades and they can cut material as thick as 16 inches, so if you’re just getting into this field, it’s not recommended that you get something too big or complicated at first and start off small.

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw is best for the beginner.

What are the best miter saws?

The miter saw s that are the best for woodwork would be those with high power motors. That is because table saws use blades to cut material and if you don’t have a good blade, then it’ll wear down quickly.

Makita LS1219L Miter Saw has an 18 amp motor which is recommended to be on the higher side for heavier materials.

Can you use a miter saw to rip boards?

Miter saws are best suited for cross-cutting boards and they do not have the capacity to rip boards.

Miter saws can’t use ripping blades because they are designed to cut wood that goes across the blade, not along it. Miter saw blades are more powerful than regular carpentry blades and can do things like cutting two-by-fours.

Can you use a miter saw on a table?

People often use a miter saw on their table or benchtop table to do things like making cross-cuts but they should never try using it for ripping boards.

Can you cut plywood with a miter saw?

You can use a saw blade to cut plywood. This technique is not very accurate or fast but it is still good. You should always start with a sharp blade. A miter handsaw might be better for smaller cuts, so you should try that if you are making small cuts.

Final Verdicts

The miter saw is a more portable and affordable option than the table saw. If you are looking for power, then the table saw might be a good option. It can cost more and take up more space, but if that is important to you, it is worth considering.. You need to consider what matters most when deciding which type of tool to purchase because they each have their own pros and cons.

The miter saw is the best tool to use when making cross-cuts. It can also be used for cutting plywood but it isn’t accurate or fast. The table saw is better for cutting boards because its blades are designed to cut along the wood rather than across it, which means that they are more powerful.

When you’re considering what type of power tool to purchase, consider how much power you need based on the size of cuts or thicknesses of boards before making any decisions. Which do you prefer? What features are most important to you? Let us know in comments!

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