Best Airless Paint Sprayer – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Best Airless Paint Sprayer

If you really need maximum control over your spraying art, then the airless paint sprayer is exceedingly recommendable.

With the airless paint sprayer, you can control the painting tip pressure and choose the best sprayer painting tip.

However, what even significantly makes these paint sprayers indispensable is their time convenience. That is, they are two times faster than the painting brushes.

Do you need the best airless paint sprayer? You will get it exactly if you read this piece. Alongside is a detailed buyer’s guide to help in decision making. Can we start?

Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

1.Graco magnum 262805 X7 cart airless paint sprayer

To kick off our review is this excellent item from the Graco manufacturers. This item boasts a greater control over the paint flow and significantly adjustable paint pressure.

As a result of the adjustable paint pressure, you can set it depending on your project’s size. Consequently, it helps to finish the project as per your schedule.

Still, when you in need of an unthinned painting, this is a perfect item. Why?

It has a piston pump, which facilitates spraying unthinned paint at very high pressure. Consequently, it gives an output that you can boost of.

Though, what really shocks me about this sprayer paint is its ability to spray directly from the bucket. Let me explain what that means.

You will only have to connect the suction to the bucket with the paint and just point to the spraying place. Consequently, you will not have to strain to hold the bucket and give a greater flexibility level.

And if you are anything like me, who gets pissed off every time you need to clean an airless paint sprayer container. Don’t worry.

This excellent sprayer has a power flush adapter that you can effortlessly connect to the garden hose and flush all the dirt. Yes, as simple as that!

Lastly, it also guarantees portability as a result of its lightweight construction.


  • It is effortless to clean
  • Due to the greater control of the user, there is less overspray’s
  • The tip is reversible for continuous spraying
  • Supports up to 100ft hose
  • It can spray directly from the bucket
  • Has unthinned paints at a high pressure


  • It will not run on a 220VAC motor

2. Graco magnum 262800 X5 Airless paint sprayer

To follow is the Graco X5 paint sprayer, which can spray up to 25 gallons of paint per year.

Is this item worth the money? Let us find out.

One of its most outstanding features is the control the user has while using it. Imagine you can regulate the spraying pressure to the speed that you need.

Still, it has a true-airless spray tip. Therefore, it has very soft spray finishes and very minimal overspray. Indisputably, you can agree that it just gives the needed spraying output.

Also, if you need unthinned paints, the steel piston pump will facilitate your expectation. The pump fantastically ensures a high power pressure to deliver extremely unthinned paints.

To top it off?

Besides having eye-pleasing paintings, you will not struggle to clean the device. Do you need a reason?

It has a power flush adapter. Consequently, you can connect it with the garden hose and flush it to clean up the system.

Nonetheless, the flexibility of the suction tube will make you fall in love with this device. I am not exaggerating anything!

The suction tube can connect with over a 5-gallon bucket of paint such that you can directly spray from the bucket. That is amazing, right?


I wouldn’t fail to mention the tip and the hose construction. The tip has a max tip size of 0.015-in to ensure the finest and uniform spraying. On the other hand, the hose is quite lengthy to paint even the hard to reach areas.


  • Very lengthy hose
  • The tip ensures uniform spraying
  • Adjustable painting pressure
  • You can connect to the garden hose while cleaning
  • Super light for portability
  • It has very fast start-ups


  • It is quite pricy

3. Wagner spraytech airless paint sprayer

Are you looking for a handheld, unthinned sprayer that can avail of eye-pleasing painting? We got the perfect match for you. The Wagner airless paint sprayer offers precisely that and much more.

To begin, this outstanding paint sprayer has two nozzles, namely, the detail nozzle and an ispray nozzle.

For lengthy spraying projects, an ispray nozzle is the best, while the detailed nozzle is recommendable for small projects that require fine finishing.

Also, this item is focused on ensuring that you get precise controls and very flexible painting patterns.


It has an x-boost power dial that facilitates paint flow adjusting. In point of fact, the dial has up to 10 times speed settings.

Further, it has four pattern adjustments. That is vertically, horizontally, wide or narrow. Undoubtedly, it allows you to paint just as per your wish.

As if all that is not enough, the Wagner paint sprayer also has a fast flow rate. Honestly, if you need quick paintings, this item will meet your expectations.

Amazingly, it is rated to be ten times faster than a painting brush. And that also includes the latex surfaces.

Likewise, forget about the strains while painting due to the heavy paint sprayer.


This excellent performing device is super light with very user-friendly handling surfaces.

Besides, the hose is quite lengthy to guarantee a high level of flexibility.


  • The hose is lengthy for flexibility
  • It is ten times faster than a painting brush
  • Has two nozzles
  • Facilitates a variety of projects such as trim, cabinet, furniture, and fence paintings
  • User-friendly handling surfaces
  • Very light


  • Not recommendable for latex paints

4. Homeright power Flo pro-2800 C80089 airless paint sprayer

With the homeright paint sprayer, you can do every painting at your home and walk with a stunning output rather than spending bulks of dollars hiring an expert.

This device is equipped to handle all possible paintings in a typical home, such as ceiling, furniture, wall, fence, and many more paintings.

But what equips it for such versatile functionalities?

First is the reversible tip.  Such a tip removes all the potential clogging for smooth finishes and assures a fast assembling time.

Next is the pressure control knob. Consequently, you just need to turn the knob to adjust the painting pressure. 

Still, it has a patting pattern dial to change to the perfect spraying pattern.

What’s more?

Addedly, every homeowner needs a portable paint sprayer.

Luckily, this device offers precisely that. It is not only lightweight but also has a carrying handle for maneuverability.

And when it comes to the cleaning process, it is simplified like never before. You simply need to run the cleaning solvent into the sprayer until all dirt is removed.

All credits to the 100-mesh gun filter. This type of filter ensures minimal clogging and that you can achieve very smooth finishes.


  • The replacement products are available
  • It has a 2-year warranty
  • A reversible tip hence minimal clogging’s
  • Fantastic filter that promises smooth finishes
  • A pressure adjusting knob
  • It has a pattern changing dial


  • Cannot support a 5oft hose
  • The knobs have no regulating marks

5.Graco magnum 257025 airless paint sprayer

Yet, this is another item for a hobbyist painter who values quality and smooth finishes. It combines a high level of versatility to paint various surfaces and a fantastic nozzle tip.

The most outstanding fact about this amazing paint sprayer is that it can even paint rough surfaces and promise smooth finishes.

But wait, there is more.

You will not face any troubles while adjusting pressure. That is because of the intuitive knob to control the paint flow.

To add is the true-airless spray tip. Honestly, if you are not ready to be troubled by overspray, this is your tip due to its soft finishes

Also, high-pressure power is ideal for unthinned paints. Are you wondering if this tool accommodates that?

Exactly. It has a stainless piston pump that provides high-pressure power.

Moving on is the power flush.

But before I jump in, if you have used an airless paint sprayer that doesn’t have a power flush, you can attest to how challenging the cleaning process was.

The good news?

This tool’s power flush makes it possible to connect to a garden hose to flush out all the clogs easily.


  • Very easy to use and operate
  • The hose is quite lengthy for flexibility
  • It has easy to adjust spray flow
  • It can spray directly from a paint bucket
  • Very easy to clean
  • A lightning-fast paint sprayer


  • Tends to clog faster
  • Prone to over-spraying

6. Goplus 3000PSI airless paint sprayer

In addition to ensuring you have a well-performing paint sprayer, you should also value longevity. Well, who is ready to get a short living device?

The good news is that the goplus paint sprayer doesn’t facilitate smooth and fast finishes only,  but also has a PU cover that promises longevity.

What’s more?

This item is a multifunctional device. Consequently, it is excellent for lengthy and short painting projects. Addedly, it can paint multiple surfaces like decks, ceilings wall, to name a few.

When it comes to portability, it promises just that. It is very light as well as with very user-friendly handling surfaces.

Beyond that, is that you will experience straightforward cleanings. This is it; it has an adapter connected to the garden hose to flush out all the clogging.

Nevertheless, it promises high power pressure. However, if you need low painting pressure, you can adjust it. 

Even to top up, it comes with a relatively lengthy hose. Thus very flexible to paint even the hard to reach areas.


  • Very easy to carry along
  • It has a high abrasion resistant
  • PU cover which promises longevity
  • Can manage very tight bends
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Prone to regular clogging

7.Wagner 0580678 control pro airless paint sprayer

Are you a beginner in painting and need a high-performing paint sprayer that will bring a pro-like output? Allow me to introduce the Wagner paint sprayer, which has easy operations and very superior finishes.

Let’s first look at its efficiency. Saying it is a highly efficient device feels like an understatement.

That is because it has very minimal overspray.  In comparison to other high-quality paint sprays, it was rated to produce 55% less overspray.

Beyond that?

It has an extraordinarily efficient filter. Consequently, it is not prone to frequent clogging. But more importantly, this high performing filter ensures that the finishes are smoother than ever.

Also, as a beginner, you need to have maximum control over the painting device. This is the best airless paint sprayer that is super light and has elementary operations to give the user maximum control.

When it comes to the exterior crafting, it is nothing less of high-strength construction. Why?

The case and the hose construction are of high strength materials. Still, its filter is super sturdy to enhance the lifespan of the entire device.

Finally, if you will be painting for extended sessions, the hose and the paint bucket will simplify the project. The paint bucket can hold up to 1.5 gallons of paint. On the other hand, the hose is 25ft long for maximum flexibility.


  • Connects to the garden hose hence fast clean-ups
  • Superlight for maxim user control
  • Very negligible overspray
  • Perfect for latex paints
  • Durable construction
  • Straightforward operations and assembly


  • Not suitable for painting sharp bends
  • The pressure is not adjustable

8. Wagner sparytech 0518080 airless paint sprayer

Additionally, this airless paint sprayer has expert crafting and incorporates the latest technologies to ensure you get the most pleasing looking finishes.

An example of such technology is the low-pressure-technology, which ensures all the spray particles are in their finest texture before getting out through the nozzle. You can now relate when I say it provides smooth finishes.

Though, even the nozzle is beyond the average. It is quite superior to ensure uniform painting and long-lasting.

Adjustability is another feature that is greatly enhanced. 

To begin is the pressure dial. Consequently, by simply pressing the dial, you can set the required flow rate of the paint.

Next is the ability to easily change the painting patterns. That is possible because of the air cap that you can turn to shift from horizontal spraying pattern to vertical and vice versa.

The best part?

Nonetheless, you will experience minimal hand fatigue. It has a stationary base, hence no need to hold it in the entire spraying project.

Still, the hose is super lengthy to reach most if not all areas.

I am sure you are not ready for lengthy assemblies. And that is why the Wagner paint sprayer has the shortest and brainless assembling.

To top up, it has a compact design. Thus, it is lightweight and also takes minimal storage space.

Lastly, this perfect tool for you comes with one year warranty and an extra container from which you can spray.


  • A one year warranty
  • Very consistent finishes
  • A lengthy hose
  • Relatively easy to clean and assemble
  • It has up to 3 spray patterns
  • A pressure control dial


  • Not recommendable for thick paint or stain

9. Homeright C800766 finish max paint sprayer

We recommend this item because it can handle both thick and thin paints, including latex.

Besides, it will paint the smooth surfaces with a lot of preciseness and rough surfaces.

In short, I don’t find anything that will limit it from delivering the smoothest possible finishes.

Let’s have a look at its features.

To kick-off are the brass tips and nozzle.

In contrast to the regular plastic nozzle, the brass nozzle has a precision rating of 2mm.  Resultantly, it paints with a high level of consistency for a high-quality pattern.

Further, it is resistant to the effect of temperature.

Let me explain that this way, the plastic nozzles tend to change hardness and shape according to the temperature changes. Consequently affecting the spraying pattern.

Luckily, this brass nozzle is not affected by the temperature changes.

Moving on is the seals and splash guard. The seals ensure that air flows only into the pressurized cup for efficient flow rate while the splash seal prevents the paint’s leaking.

To top off?

You can also control the flow rate of the paint. That is possible because of the control knob that regulates the pressure.

Besides, it comes with a viscosity measuring cup. Hence, you will not be in for a try and error method. Just measure the viscosity of the paint and adjust the pressure appropriately to have appealing eye paintings.

Moreover, the setting up and the cleaning processes are more straightforward than ever before. The assembling procedure is concise and needs no expertise at all.

Further to the cleaning process, just pour in clean water. Still, it includes a cleaning brush that you can use to scrub out the dirt.


  • Adjustable spraying patterns
  • It has a control knob for paint flow rate
  • Very straightforward to set up
  • It comes with a cleaning brush and viscosity measuring cup
  • Up to 2 years warranty
  • Super light for maneuverability
  • A quite lengthy hose


  • The set is a little bit lengthy

10. Yattich high power paint sprayer

Say goodbye to unreliable plastic nozzles and embrace precise, reliable, and versatile copper nozzles found in the yattich airless paint sprayer.

In reality, it comes with three nozzles of 1.8mm, 2.5mm, and 3.0mm circumference. Hence, giving you an option for every type of paint.

Beyond that, these cooper nozzles are not affected by temperature change. Hence, nothing will temper with the painting pattern.

Talking of the painting patterns, how many are they, and how do you change them?

This best airless paint sprayer has three painting patterns. That is circular, horizontal, and vertical.

You will not face any problem while changing the patterns. Just turn the air cup to the needed painting pattern.

The detachable design significantly facilitates maneuverability. Consequently, you can detach the components to carry them along and later easily attach them

Further, this high performing paint sprayer has a flow rate of 800ml per minute. This flow rate is ideal for outdoor painting as well as sharp corners.

Do you feel like that flow rate is not for you? Just a second.

There is the flow knob control. Accordingly, you can adjust the flow rate to what you require.  


  • Can paint both wooden and metallic surfaces
  • Very simple to assemble
  • You can easily change the flow rate
  • Detachable for portability and storage
  • It has three painting patterns
  • A double layer insulation


  • Not suitable for oil-based paintings

11. Rexbeti ultimate-750 paint sprayer

Which is that painting design that you are wondering which paint sprayer will deliver?

I firmly believe the versatility and flexibility in the rexbeti paint sprayer will deliver it.

These are my reasons;

First, it has up to 4 nozzles. Yes, you read right.

There is the 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3mm. Hence, you can work with extremely thin paints such as varnish or thick and troublesome paints such as latex-based paints.

Well, that aside, let’s look at the spraying patterns. Which one do you want? Circular, vertical, or horizontal? This best airless paint sprayer has up to 3 spray patterns

That is not all.

I know you need to work with various flow rates for different paints, surfaces, and patterns. But that is just a walkover with this device.

Just turn the control knob to the ideal pressure that you need.

What of the movements? There are no limitations at all. The power cord and the hose are quite lengthy. Still, the body is lightweight for maximum maneuverability.

Do you hate cleaning paint sprayers? Never mind, I know how problematic it can be. The good news is that this fantastic paint sprayer can connect to the garden hose to clean it up quickly.


  • Excellent for both thin and thick paints
  • It has up to 4 nozzles
  • The flow rate is adjustable
  • Fast assembling process
  • Up to 3 painting patterns


  • It is slightly large-sized
  • Does not have a viscosity measuring cup

Paint Sprayer Buyers guide

Are you in a dilemma about the best airless paint sprayer to purchase? Go through this guide to help you in the decision making.

What should you consider while purchasing the airless paint sprayer?


If you want to get a smooth finish, this is the critical feature to look at.

The filter should be of high strength mesh such that no clogging can pass through it.

Such a filter will ensure smooth paint flow as well as enhance its longevity


The hose should be quite lengthy if you want to reach even the hard to get areas.

Still, a lengthy hose makes it possible to spray directly from the paint bucket.

As a result, it not only increases flexibility but also reduces the hands’ strain.

Size and weight

Do you need a fantastic paint sprayer that you can move around with and effortless to store?

Then check on the paint sprayer’s size and weight.

Needless to say, it should be lightweight for portability. Yet, a compact design is recommendable for small storage space.

Though, some sprayers may have a handle to carry along or a flat base for stability.

Spray pattern and pressure

A paint sprayer has at least two and up to 5 spray patterns. The patterns can be horizontal, vertical, circular, narrow, or wide.

Hence, check on the needed spraying pattern before paying for it.

Similarly, some airless paint sprayers may have fixed or adjustable pressure regarding the flow rate or pressure.

It is recommendable to have adjustable pressure, especially for industrial applications. However, for home use, a fixed pressure can do.

Electric or gas

This is the most challenging dilemma when purchasing the best airless paint sprayer.

Fortunately or unfortunately, they both have their pros and cons, so it’s upon you to decide.

Electric sprayers have very minimal emissions hence conserving the environment. However, they tend to be quite expensive.

In contrast, gas paint sprayers are usually more powerful. However, they are not environment-friendly due to their emissions.

Frequently asked questions

Q; what is the best airless sprayer for home use?

A; homeowners need a simple to operate and versatile paint sprayer such as the Wagner 0580678 control pro airless paint sprayer.


First, it has the most uncomplicated cleaning and setting process.

Though, more practically, it can paint multiple surfaces and superlight to reduce hand fatigue.

Q; what paint sprayer do professionals use?

A; Most professionals use the best airless paint sprayer, such as the Rexbeti ultimate-750 paint sprayer.


It has multiple spraying patterns and comes with up to 4 differently sized nozzles. Thus, it accommodates flexibility and the versatility needed by a pro.

Q; are airless spray guns any good?

A; to be frank, airless spray guns have done nothing less but upgrading the painting experience.

That applies even to beginners.

Typically, they have flow adjusting knob and multiple knobs to accommodate both thin and thick paints.

The best part?

Besides, they allow maximum user controls and have a high level of maneuverability.

Q; are airless paint sprayers better than traditional methods.

A; for an umpteenth time, you wouldn’t compare the airless paint sprayer with the traditional painting methods.

That is because the airless paint sprayer is portable and assure maximum user controls.

Besides, they have multiple spraying patterns.

Q; which is better, air, or airless sprayer?

A; this question is biased on pricing.

Airless paint sprayers are more expensive, but honestly, they have better quality.

In contrast, the air paint sprayers are cheaper but have a quality lower than the airless paint sprayer. 

Final remarks

Paint sprayers are here to ensure you get smooth finishes and maximum control for a pro-like painting.

Usually, they have an adjustable flow rate and multiple spraying patterns.

Even better, there are multiple affordable airless paint sprayers in the market

However, it isn’t easy to trace the best airless paint sprayer if I could be honest.

Which feature should you consider? But before that, can you even identify a highly performing airless paint sprayer?

Stop the guesswork! Read this article to identify the best airless paint sprayer alongside detailed buyers guide to help in decision making.

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