What Is Tire Inflator: Classification of Tire Inflator

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Tire Inflator is a type of positive-displacement air p​​​​um​​​​p which is specifically designed for inflating vehicle tires like cars, bicycles, bike, ATV, SUV tire, inflatable mattress, Balls and any other inflatables. It pressurized the inflatable and always maintain positive pressure. It has a type of  connection or adapter for use with one or both of the two most common types of valves used which are known as Schrader or Presta valve. Another  type of valve called the Dunlop(or Woods) valve are also used as a connector or adaptor, but any inflatables with these valves can be filled using the inflator.

Classification Of Inflator:

According to the Devices that can pressurized tire or any other inflatable, they are

  • Floor Pump Or Track Pump:  
  • Foot Operated Pumps Or Foot Pumps
  • Track Pumps
  • Mini or compact pumps 
  • Frame mounted Pumps 
  • CO2 Inflator 
  • Canned tire inflator 
  • Air Compressor 

Floor Pump Or Track Pump

Floor pump is mechanical device which stand-up with footrest (Solid Base) and is function via a hand-operated piston. And the piston is connected to a double-gripped handle (Wide Solid handle). During the upstroke of the piston, the air enter into the pump rugged steel barrel through one way valve from the environment. Again During the downstroke of the piston, the piston displaces the air into the inflatables from the pump rugged steel barrel through long hose and air tight pump head.

Floor Pumps

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The floor pump has no mechanical advantage. Thus you have to do a lot of hard work. It has 300mm double-gripped handle and 300mm piston .

The piston is placed in a piston cylinder or a pump rugged steel barrel. It can pressurized an inflatable up to 120 PSI. So it’s a good practice to use it with a pressure gauge to avoid over-inflation.

How Does A Floor Pump Or Track Pump Work?

At first connect the air tight pump head to inflatables with the help of Schrader or presta valve and rest feet at the base. Then pull up the piston by pulling up the double-gripped handle (Wide Solid handle) as the piston is connected with handle. Thus air draw into the pump rugged steel barrel from outside environment through a valve.

How Does A Floor pump Or Track Pump Work

Next push the piston by pushing down the double-gripped handle, hence the air draw out from the barrel and enter into the inflatables through Schrader or presta valve. The valve shuts off automatically so that the air cannot escape from the inflatables. In this way inflate your inflatables and do the entire process until your inflatables reach the desired pressure that is checked by a pressure gauge.

Foot Operated Pump or Foot Pump

Foot Pumps is a portable mechanical pump held in position by a foot bracket and is function via a foot-operated piston which is connected to a Non sleep pedal through piston rod. It has some mechanical advantage like a lever. It has a piston also and it is about 95mm long .It is used for throwing a jet or spray of fluid more likely air.

Foot pump

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How Does A Foot Operated Pump Or Foot Pump Work?

​​​​When a Non-slip pedal is pressed down by foot, the piston rod enter into the barrel. Thus the air from the barrel enter into the inflatables through Schrader or presta valve. The valve shuts off automatically so that the air cannot escape from the inflatables. Again When the Non-slip pedal is released, the piston rod come out from the barrel or cylinder. Thus the air draw into the barrel.

Classification of Foot Operated Pump Or Foot Pump

  • Air Foot Pump: The air foot pump makes it easy to pump tires without any hurting you back. With the ideal pressure, you can quickly inflate the tire back and get back on the road.
  • Hydraulic Foot Pump: The hydraulic foot pump is designed for high efficiency as it can enhance the productivity and reliability. This hydraulic foot pump allows the users to safely control the tasks.
  • High Pressure Foot Pump: The high-pressure foot pump is designed with heavy duty. It has durable steel construction and operated air pump. The high-pressure foot pump is specially designed for sports balls and inflatables. ​​​​
  • Pump Foot Valve:Pump foot valve is designed to protect against the loss of prime in the well piping system. This foot pump flows up the water from the well into the well piping.  
  • Foot Pump Generator: Foot pump generator is a source of energy that allows the users to pump out the power at 40 watts to charge its own internal battery. This foot pump has the capability to provide a powerful jolt to car batteries, AC and DC devices.
  • Foot Operated Water Pump: Foot operated water pump is specially designed for easy installation and use of water from the gallery.

Mini Pump or compact pump 

Mini pump or compact pump is also a mechanical device and its working mechanism almost same as floor pump. The difference is: mini pump can be inflated by only your hand. But in floor pump you need both your foot and hand to deal with it.

Mini Pump Or Compact Pump

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Mini pump or compact pump have been made very small and light, Hence they can readily be carried on a bicycle in case of emergency use; they can be carried in pockets, saddle bags, or even include a water bottle bracket. Because of their small size, the volume of air that these pumps can provide is somewhat limited compared to a floor pump, so quite a lot of pumping may be needed.

How Does A Mini Pump Or Compact Pump Work?

At first it needed to be assembled. For this, open then dust cover at the handle end of the Mini Pump or Compact Pump. Then unscrew the hose that is kept it in the hose. Next open the dust cover from the opposite end of the pump and screwed the hose at that end of the pump. In the hose body, there indicated a presto and Schrader end. According to your requirement, choose one (presto or Schrader) where hose to be screwed and assemble the hose desired end (presta or Schrader) into the pump. Then Unscrewed the inner tube valve fully otherwise they get trapped in the hose at the time of pumping. Then Screwed the hose of the Mini Pump or Compact Pump desired end to the inner tube valve of the bike wheel deeply.

After ensuring nice secure fit, the pump is ready to pump. Once you pressed the handle of the pump, the air start to enter the tube and thus the tube pressure rise up. After achieving your desired pressure unscrewed the hose from the inner tube valve and again unscrewed the hose from pump also. Then keep it to the handle end of the pump and screwed it. And then replace the dust cap at both end of the Mini Pump or Compact Pump.

Frame-Mounted Pump

Frame mounted pump reduces the chance of pump failure due to its excessive movement. This pump is more durable due to its durability, high performance and efficiency. The frame mounted pump has moderate initial cost and simple maintenance. Moreover, the frame mounted pump has many applications such as municipal, mining, and irrigation, industrial, commercial and water trucks. The frame mounted pump reduces the literal vibrations between the motor and pump.

How Does A Frame-Mounted Pump Work?

The frame mounted pump is used to force and move the liquid from one area to another. A bucket of water around a circle over your head, the force pulled against the ram increases with the increase of speed. The water will come out in a stream if you make a hole at the bottom of the bucket. The distance and the squirt of the water depends on the moving speed of your arm.

CO2 Bike Tire Inflator

The CO2 bike tire inflator is designed to fill up your time much faster than with the use of a pump. By the use of this pump, you can put less effort due to its hook up, push a button and no pumping. Furthermore, this device is possible less weight as well as lower initial investment. The main advantage of using CO2 bike tire inflator over using a pump is that it can save more time.

How Does A CO2 Bike Tire Inflator Work?

About the size of your thumb, CO2 cartridge is small metal containers that contains a highly pressurized CO2 gas. Install that CO2 cartridge into the inflator and make sure that the seal is punctured, then pushing down or twisting the inflator head, this transfers the highly pressurized CO2 from the container into the tire causing it to rapidly inflate. The cartridge is the only muse once but the head of the inflator can be used again and again.

Air Compressor

Air compressor is a device that converts the power into the potential energy that can store in the form of pressurized air. With the help of the several methods, the air compressor forces the more air into the storage tank due to which the pressure increases. The main purpose of the air compressor is to articulate the whole system under the pressure.

There are many version of air compressor some of them are 4 gallon air compressor, some also 2 gallon , some also 6 gallon air compressor, some of them also 20 gallon air compressor and also 30 gallon air compressor , 60 gallon, 80 gallon and 120 gallon air compressor available in the market.

How Does A Air Compressor Work?

The most of the part of the air compressors are powered by gas or electric motors but it depends on the model. At one end of the cylinder, the inlet is present to discharge the valves that shaped like a metal flap. The two valves appear at the opposite sides of the top end of the cylinder. The inlet sucks the air in for the piston to compress and the compressed air then released through the discharge valve.

Canned tire inflator

The canned tire inflator is considered as the single-use devices that provide a quick and temporary solution to the drivers who experience the flat tires. The canned tire inflator seal the punctured tires as well as these devices allows the users to have the damaged tires professionally repaired and replaced by avoiding the need to replace the wheel at the roadside.

How Does A Canned Tire Inflator Work?

With the help of these devices, user seals the punctured tire, then re-inflate it with pressurized gas. It provides a pressure that allows the vehicle to driven a short period at low speed. The canned tire inflator pressurizes the fluid mixture with its three components such as solvent, sealant and propellants. The solvents make the sealants to follow the rubber tire and the sealant temporary seal the puncture. The propellants push the sealant from the can into the tire in order to inflate the tire.

Extra feature With Inflator

  • Flash Light
  • Emergency Signals
  • USB Ports
  • Auto Shut-off Valve
  • Pressure Gauge

Different Voltage tire inflator Available in Market 

​12 Volt

​18 Volt

110 volt

Power source

  • Some Are Manually operated
  • Vehicle Cigarette Lighter Socket
  • Outlet Port
  • Battery

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