Best Cordless Pole Saw- Reviews and Buying Guide

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Best Cordless Pole Saw

Have you ever tried pruning a thorny or tall tree with hand pruners? How was the experience? Not a lot of fun, was it? Apart from the struggle to balance on a ladder or stool, you expose yourself to several injuries and fatigue.

Does that mean you have to endure the struggles of using hand pruners to spruce up your garden or lawn? Of course not! There is always another way to approach such things-a better way.

What would be the better way in this case? A cordless pole saw. With a cordless pole saw, you could prune tall trees with ease and wouldn’t have to be afraid of falling down a ladder or stool you are using to reach the specific branches you want to prune.

So, what would be the best cordless pole saw to pick? Read on to find out.

Top 9 Best Cordless Pole Saw Reviews

1. Greenworks PSPH40B210 Cordless Pole Saw With Hedge Trimmer

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The Greenworks cordless pole saw comes with a 40V lithium-ion battery and multiple attachment tools that aim to make sprucing up your yard as convenient as possible. The 2ah battery gives this pole saw the ability to make sixty cuts before recharging.

The essence of any saw is to have a smooth cutting mechanism that reduces strain. As such, the saw should be razor-sharp to cut through the tree you are pruning quickly.

The Greenworks pole saw comes with a 20-inch double action steel blade that gives you the best performance while lasting longer. It also has an eight-inch pole that enhances your reach as you cut branches. The pole saw weighs a paltry 8.38 pounds without the battery. That ensures you don’t get trouble operating it thanks to its lightweight nature.

Additionally, the hedge trimmer also weighs just over 9.57 pounds without the battery. That is a pointer to how lightweight this pole saw is.

To ensure the smooth running of the saw and chain, the PSPH40B210 has an automatic oiler that periodically oils them. Such oiling ensures a longer lifespan for the chain and the saw. The oil tank is nearly transparent to ensure you monitor the level of oil in the tank.

The Greenworks cordless pole saw has a runtime of 25 minutes, which is more than enough for a work session.

What We Liked

  • It is light enough
  • Comes with an automatic oiler
  • Eight-inch pole enhances your reach

What We Did’t Like

  • It is quite fragile and might spoil easily

2. Greenworks PS40B210 8-Inch 40V Cordless Pole Saw

The PS40210 is yet another cordless pole seen from Greenworks that enables you to tidy up your garden with the best pruning. It has an eight-inch bar and chain that makes it easier to trim branches with a quick adjusting chain.

The quick-adjusting chain system allows you to tighten the chain when it loosens as you work quickly. Just like its predecessor, their pole saw also comes with an automatic oiler that periodically oils the chain and saw as you work.

You can therefore use it for longer thanks to the automatic oiling. To ensure a low oil level doesn’t sneak up on you, the oil tank is translucent to show you exactly where the oil level is. One word. Convenient.

The main problem with cordless pole saw is that at times you might get a pole whose length isn’t enough to reach most ranches. The PS40210 solves that for you by coming with an aluminum shaft that you can extend to eight feet.

Finally, the PS40210 runs on a 40-volt battery that is compatible with the Greenworks LI-on system, which gives it a longer runtime and an enhanced lifespan.

What We Liked

  • Eight-foot pole makes it easy reaching far way branches
  • It is quite light
  • It comes with an automatic oiler
  • Quick adjusting chain for more effortless tightening

What We Did’t Like

  • The chain at times jumps track and can be dangerous

3. Worx WG323 20V Power Share Cordless 10-Inch Pole Saw

If you are looking for a pole saw with an incredible reach, then the Worx WG323 should have you covered. It boasts a length of over ten inches and takes just a few minutes to attached everything to the pole.

It offers you clean and efficient cuts thanks to the fast saw that is as powerful as it is sharp. Because it has no cord and doesn’t need gas, you won’t have too many problems using it.

As you might have seen with other pole saws, a tensioning system is a must-have for any saw for the chain to work at optimum. This pole saws chain has an auto-adjust chain tension system.

With the correct tension, it is easier to trim down branches that might have been a problem. As if that isn’t enough, the pole saw has an automatic lubrication system that lubricates the chain periodically as you work.

With all the smart features we have seen so far, it would detract from the pole saw if it happened to be massive. Luckily it is relatively light, and you thus won’t have issues with arm /leg strain after a pruning job.

The battery is long-lasting with fantastic runtime and is compatible with the 40v and the 20v Worx outdoor products.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight
  • Has an automatic oiling system
  • Auto-adjust chain tensioning system
  • Incredible reach thanks to the long pole

What We Did’t Like

  • It might have issues pruning palm trees


This pole saw is the go-to if you need to cut 1.5 thick pine branches fast. A single charge will see you make 100 such cuts, and you won’t strain your arms as it is relatively light.

You get a maximum cutting diameter of six inches thanks to the eight-inch cutting bar and chain. Furthermore, the fiberglass pole ensures you get to within 14 feet of the target branch for faster pruning.

It also comes with an interchangeable cordless battery that you can use across other Black+Decker devices. That is if you own any. That s possible because they make batteries that would work for any of their battery-powered products.

This pole saw lacks the automatic oiling mechanism of the previous pole saws. Instead, it comes with an oil bottle that allows for manual oiling whenever necessary. You thus have to be alert to the chain losing lubrication and needing some oil.

The saw incorporates an inline line powerhead for increased maneuverability that gives you better visibility between tree branches.

What We Liked

  • Excellent reach thanks to the 14-foot pole
  • The interchangeable cordless battery can give 100 cuts with a single charge
  • Lightweight and thus easy to use

What We Did’t Like

  • Lacks the automatic oiling system, which means you have to manually oil the chain.

5. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Pole Saw

Among all the pole saws we have discussed so far, the DeWalt has the longest reach of them all. The extension pole enables you to reach fifteen feet to the tree you are pruning without much struggle.

It comes with a metal bucking strip and tree hook that makes it easy for you to remove the pruned branches. 

The hook and strip also give the saw a sufficient grip that makes it durable and more powerful. The DeWalt pole saw has a powerful brushless motor that can deliver you up to 96 cuts on treated pinewood without recharging the battery. Powerful, isn’t it?

You also won’t have to manually oil the chain of this pole saw since it comes with an auto-oiling mechanism. The mechanism periodically oils the saw whenever you are working to reduce friction and make it more efficient.

The DeWalt pole saw can cut through a maximum of 4 inches depending on the tree you are pruning. The thickness of the tree it can prune would depend on the type of the tree.

What We Liked

  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Auto oiling system for more efficient operation
  • Metal bucking strip that makes branch removal easy
  • The pole allows more than sufficient reach of 15 feet

What We Did’t Like

  • You can’t convert the chain saw into a handheld unit.

6. Ryobi ONE+ 8 Cordless Pole Saw

The Ryobi cordless pole saw boasts of a reach of 6.5 feet that jumps to 9.5 feet with the help of an extension cord. It features an eight-inch bar and chain that effectively cuts through the wood to help you prune your trees.

Some other pole saws have the cutting head places at angles that make it nigh impossible to prune in tight spaces. 

Not this one, though, as it comes with an angled head that makes a better pruner in tight spaces. As the chain and bar work, there is bound to be friction. Over time the friction might lead to the chain breaking, which is why you need to oil it regularly and as you work. 

This pole saw comes with an automatic oiling system that saves you the trouble of doing yourself. How do you know whether the oil in the oil tank is sufficient enough? For other saws as you’d have to open the oil tank to know. However, the Ryobi’s oil tank is translucent, and you can easily monitor the oil level.

As if that isn’t enough, this pole saw comes with a battery that fully recharges after just 30 minutes. The battery is compact and doesn’t add too much weight to the pole saw since heavier saws are generally tough to use.

Additionally, the battery has fade-free technology power as it comes with a lithium-ion battery. What that means is that it runs on the same power and speed from when it is full to when it runs empty.

What We Liked

  • The angled cutting head makes it very efficient in tight spaces.
  • Moderate reach of 9.5 feet with the extension tool.
  • Fade free lithium-ion battery.
  • Automatic oiling system.

What We Did’t Like

  • The oil tank tends to leak oil when it is not in use

7. EGO Power+ MPS1001 10-Inch Pole Saw

The EGO pole saw boasts a powerful multiheaded combination kit that gives you clean cuts powered by 56v lithium on battery. It comes with several tool attachments that aim to make sprucing p your yard as easy as possible.

The best thing about the attachments is that you can swap them fast and store them away as you work. The attachment tools work in concert with the pole saw’s powerhead.

You can also use just about any battery size provided it is compatible with the pole saw. The battery gives the saw extra power that you wouldn’t get with the gas-powered pole saws.

Some pole saws tend to break easily, which is mainly because of how their construction. This pole saw has a rugged construction that makes it very hardy and, therefore, more durable.

It also has an auto lubrication system that periodically oils the chain as you work. The oiling is essential if you are to keep the saw in good condition and boost its lifespan.

The EGO pole saw has quite a modest reach as it can go for up to ten inches even with the extension pool.

What We Liked

  • Auto lubricate mechanism makes it a more efficient saw
  • Rugged construction that makes it hardy and long-lasting
  • A powerful battery that is compatible with all other EGO products
  • It has s modest reach of about ten inches.

What We Did’t Like

  • It requires all its accessory tools to function.

8. DEWALT DCPH820B Pole Hedge Trimmer

Yet another entrant from DeWalt. This pole saw offers you what all the others can’t in that it comes with a seven-position 180 degrees articulating head.

The articulating head enables you to cut through various angles as you prune. That effectively makes this pole saw the best in tight spaces as it turns to get the perfect angle to prune each branch.

As if that isn’t enough, it has a superior cutting capacity of one inch. It can cut up to 3 inches of treated pine wood.

Are you pruning very tall trees? No problem. The DeWalt pole saw has a maximum reach of 12 feet. That reach enables you to get to most branches without having to go for a ladder.

This pole saw’s blade is made of hardened steel and has a dual-action blade that enables quick cutting while running at 2800spm. The blade is 22 inches to give it a better edge when cutting through trees.

The pole saw cuts through thicker branches with ease. That’s because it has a one-inch cutting gap that allows quickly cut thick branches and trees. The saw is versatile, and you can thus use it to cut a variety of landscape vegetation.

What We Liked

  • The articulating head makes it efficient in tight spaces
  • Superior cutting capacity of 1 inch
  • Highly versatile
  • Maximum reach of 12 feet

What We Did’t Like

  • The battery doesn’t last that long

9. Earthwise LPHT12022 Volt 20-Inch Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

The Earthwise cordless pole saw has a twenty-inch dual-action blade that can cut branches 5/8 thick with remarkable speed. The dual action gives a neat and accurate cut.

It runs on a high-powered motor that gives 2600 strokes each minute with power and near-perfect durability. It uses a 20-volt battery that can fast charge. You, therefore, don’t have to pause your work for long due to low power.

The Earthwise pole saw comes with an extra-long pole of 9.5 inches that allows you get to hard to reach branches. The length ensures you will cut most of the twigs without having to go for a ladder.

If you’re an environment-conscious person, then you must know that gas-powered machines aren’t good for the environment. The Earthwise entirely runs on a battery and thus doesn’t pollute the environment with gas fumes.

What We Liked

  • Dual-action blade that can cut 5/8 thick wood.
  • Fast charging battery that reduces the length of time you have to pause your work
  • Modestly long pole of 9.5 inches

What We Did’t Like

  • The extenders make it quite heavy.

Cordless Pole Saw Buyers Guide

Even with all those excellent options, we have given, you might still wonder how you can choose the best cordless pole saw.

The below features should guide you.

1. How heavy is the pole saw?

Since you will be pruning branches that are above your height, you need a lightweight pole saw that wouldn’t strain your arms and legs as you work. Therefore, before you get a pole saw, carefully consider the weight.

Since you will be pruning branches that are above your height, you need a lightweight pole saw that wouldn’t strain your arms and legs as you work. Therefore, before you get a pole saw, carefully consider the weight.

2. How far does it reach?

The right pole saw should have tremendous reach. A greater reach enables you to get to hard to reach branches and twigs.

3. The cost

As much as you need an excellent pole saw, you might not be ready to pay through the nose for one. That’s why you have to weigh the cost of different options before purchasing carefully.

4. Cutting capacity

Imagine getting a pole saw that can’t cut slightly thick branches. Such a saw wouldn’t of much help to you. You need to consider the saw’s cutting capacity to avoid disappointment when you take it out to work with it.

5. Tool attachments

Most pole saws come with additional attachments that make it work better. However, not all have these attachments, and you’ll have to consider those that have necessary attachments. Such extensions can make your work easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would a massive pole saw be a problem to use?

Yes, it would. It would be quite hard to use as long periods would strain your back and arms. The lighter the pole saw, the better.

2. Are corded electric pole saws worth it?

Yes. Electric pole saws can serve you quite well because you don’t have to keep pausing your work to charge them with the battery-powered pole saws.

3. What makes a pole saw easy to use?

Several things make a pole saw be considered easy to use. However, it is mostly about how lightweight the saw is. A heavy pole saw is quite hard to use as it can be quite hard to lift over your shoulders and prune trees.

Such pole saws might leave you with back pains or muscle cramps, not to forget the strain on your arms. Always go for light pole saws, which are relatively easy to use.

Final Thoughts

We hope our review of the best cordless pole saw helps you decide which one to pick. Always remember to go for the one that best suits your needs.

Also, remember to consider the few factors we have listed here for your benefit. In that way, you will have the pole saw that best fits you.

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