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When you are traveling in your car, you will have a good feeling until your tire bursts or flattens especially when it happens in a deserted area. If you want to avoid this situation, it is imperative that you get for yourself the best car tire inflator available. The best portable car tire inflator is a necessary accessory which every vehicle owner should have handy.

You can use it to check your tire pressure and save the time of going to the service stations for the air pump. Not only that; keeping the air pressure high level in your vehicle tire enables you to have the right mileage. Your car tires are suffering many hardships as you drive or park them at night which causes them to lose some of its pressure.

That is why a car tire inflator is a must have air tools if you want to prepare yourself for emergency situations and inconvenient trips to the gas stations.

10 Best Car Tire Inflator Reviews

1. Kensun Rapid Performance Tire Inflator For CarThis product is the best vehicle tire inflator that comes with upgraded functionality so that you don’t need to fear for emergency situations.

The manufacturers are well-known in this field to produce high-quality auto accessories coupled with the best customer care service system. 

With this Kensun portable car tire inflator, you are saying goodbye to rushing to the nearest service station for an air pump or being stranded on the highway due to a flat tire.

Product Features:

  • This air compressor has a powerful design that makes it versatile in its operations. You can conveniently use it with your home power outlet or with your car cigarette lighter output. It also has digital presets and extra attachment nozzles that make this device to inflate anything that needs air ranging from heavy-duty, car tires to delicate items no matter the magnitude.
  • The functionality is high-grade so that they can adapt to AC/DC power outlets. There is also an LCD unit that comes with the digital pressure gauge to ensure pressure precision and it comes with a continuous working time of 30 minutes at the rate of 35PSI
  • The pressure range is measured at 90PSI while the accuracy is rated at 35 PSI respectively.
  • This car tire inflator has an LED white work-light which is for illumination purposes in case you are working in the dark. The maximum current used by this device is <10A with an operating temperature of 14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Attached to this car tire inflator is a five feet 10.8-inch long power cord which enables the inflator to have access to all the tires. There is also a carrying bag with a firm handle which you can use store accessories and wires.


  • It saves time due to its rapid performance.
  • The carrying bag enables you to store your accessories; cords and wires.
  • You can easily read the tire pressure.
  • It functions efficiently, easy to operate and shuts itself off conveniently.
  • It has a long-length power cord.
  • You can use either the AC or the DC power outlet comfortably.


  • The only con of this product relates to the AC cord which is short and needs an extension to reach everywhere.

2. FORTEM The Extra Mile Tire Inflator For Car

This particular product is portable, easy and convenient to use. It has a reliable and heavy duty design and can perform versatile functions.

Product Features:

  • Built into the system of this air pump is an LED flashlight for safety during emergencies. It comes with a convenient carryall case for easy storage and transportation.
  • The body construction comes from top notch quality materials like sturdy hose resistant to high pressures and lightweight plastic. Also, the long power cord that provides easy access to all the deflated tires for inflation.
  • It can perform versatile functions thanks to the multiple nozzles attachment that comes with it. There is even a 100% warranty provision for this product.


  • The FORTEM is always ready to get the job done.
  • It is precise and offers accurate tire pressure.
  • You can easily reach the deflated tires.
  • It is easy to carry around and to store.
  • You can read the pressure level comfortably.
  • It works fast and noiselessly.


  • This product has no noticeable con yet.

3. AstroAI car Air Compressor Pump tire inflator

This product is an impressive heavy-duty 12 Volts tire pump which any vehicle owner should have handy. As far as you follow the instructions on the user manual which is clear and to the point, you can effectively operate this device.

Product Features:

  • Attached to this 12v air compressor is a 3-4 feet long power cord which will enable you to have access to all the four-car tire stems and further. The 31.1 inches air hose is compatible with brass air chuck which enables you to screw on or off the tire stems conveniently.
  • Multiple LED light bulb comes with this brand to provide safety so that they can provide enough light when you want to fill up your tire at night. There is an attachment kit for inflation which you can find in the package of this device that carries an extra tube glass fuse of 15 amps for use in the masculine socket connector.
  • Also included with this equipment is a metal tool needle valve and two plastic and brass which serves the purpose of pumping up balloons, pool toys, and any inflatable item.
  • There is a roomy vinyl zipper carryall bag that has a carrying handle where you can store your safety items, tire repair tools, and spare fuse. This zipper bag is also compact so that you can comfortably store it in the trunk of your car.
  • The operational power which this Tcisa 12 volt digital inflator have ranged from 10 amps to 14 amps which is the average and maximum ranges. Your cigarette lighter socket should be able to supply up to 15 to 20 amp fuse to enable maximum supply of power.
  • This car tire pump inflates very fast since it takes only 10 to 12 minutes to fill up all your tires only utilizing 3-5 PSI for each of the tires. The maximum duty cycle for this device is 20 minutes and its inflation output rates 1.23CFM/35L per minute.
  • The digital pressure gauge for this Tcisa offers accuracy and precision due to the smart preset function which automatically shuts off at the required time. It also has an LCD digital display backlight connected to the digital air gauge for monitoring the tire pressure.
  • It has four display systems which are BAR, PSI, KG/guesswork and KPA with the measuring range of 0-15 PSI. A premium rubber coating protects the accurate digital tire gauge. The body profile comes from durable metal which is stabilized by a vibration resistant rubber feet to stop any unwanted movement as it pumps.


  • It has a free carryall zipper bag.
  • It reaches all the car tires to fill them up.
  • There are additional three nozzle accessories versatile functions.
  • It inflates very fast, easy to use and of good quality.
  • It is portable for you to carry around and durable.
  • The manufacturer has great customer care service system.


  • You cannot use this device for motor lorry and big truck tires.

4. Tsumbay Portable Auto Digital Inflator with Preset Pressure Automatic Shut Off Gauge

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This product is safe to use and easy to operate. It has a two-way power source. Either you make use of the 12 volts DC cigarette lighter directly, or you can use your vehicle battery clips. It is the perfect inflator for sports balls, car tires, truck, bikes, and RV tires inflation and other inflatables.

Product Features:

  • This device can pump any inflatable item very fast in just two minutes.  The design is a compact and cool-down duty which makes it reliable, durable and operates powerfully.
  • There is an auto shut off function which kicks into action when it achieves the pre-set pressure gauge. It comes with back LCD lights and bright LED lights built into its system for making fast operations during the dark hours.
  • The digital gauge is also inbuilt to enable you to monitor the tire pressure through the LCD unit. It serves multiple purposes and can inflate balls and any other inflatables with its adaptors. Attached to this product is a lifespan long power cord to enable you to access all the four tires and move even further.


  • It easy to lift up and to carry around.
  • You can reach all the four wheels and further.
  • It offers accuracy and precision.
  • The two-way power source is a plus factor.
  • It even comes with a backup fuse.
  • The operation is powerful for a compact design and noiseless.


  • You cannot use this air pump on truck tires, LT or HT.

5. DBPOWER Tire Inflator for Car

This particular car tire inflator in a must-have accessory which every vehicle owner should add to his automotive toolbox. With this DBPOWER air compressor pump, you can inflate any medium-sized vehicle tire from 0-35 PSI in just four to eight minutes.

Product Features:

  • This device comes with three extra adaptors and nozzles which ensures its versatile functions and easy to inflate ATV, RV, SUV, Bike, sports equipment, Cars tires and other inflatables respectively. It is portable and a lightweight of 2.27 pounds with the dimensions of 7.5 x 3.9 x 7.5 inches which makes it the perfect tool to keep in your car trunk.
  • Inputted into the mechanism of this device is an LCD digital display light which is at the back of this car tire inflator. It can also serve as a bright light for illumination at night. The digital pressure gauge also can display its pressure in PSI/KPA/BAR respectively.
  • Attached to the DBPOWER tire inflator is a 10 feet 3 meters long power cord to enable the user has access to all of the four wheels and farther places. There is an automatic shut-off function in the design of this air compressor which kicks into action as soon as it achieves the preset pressure level. With this function, you don’t have to worry about over inflating your car tires.
  • The body build of this specific product is sturdy which makes it durable and a reliable companion during emergency cases. It has high inflating speed more than other air compressors with the maximum speed of 4.8 minutes to pump a tire from 0-35 PSI. The instant maximum speed pressure of this inflator is 150 PSI with the stable functioning pressure maximum of 50PSI.


  • It is a perfect gift item.
  • It is easy to use, works efficiently and portable.
  • It has a high speed inflating time
  • The pressure gauge is precise and accurate.
  • The power cord can wrap around the instrument.
  • The price is affordable for all and sundry.
  • It has a backlight for illumination during the night session.
  • Its noise production is quieter than its contemporaries.
  • The run-time is 30 minutes while the cool-down time is 15 minutes.
  • The cord length is long enough to reach all the tires.


  • The only noticeable downside to this inflator is the rubber feet which is not stable enough to withstand the vibration and still shifts a bit.

6. Suaoki Tire Inflator Air Pump for Car

This portable auto air pump works with 100 PSI which makes it the perfect inflator for basketball, car, bicycle and truck tires respectively. It is easy and safe to use with a back-lit LCD unit which displays the air pressure in BAR, PSI, and KPA.

Product Features:
  • This specific air pump comes with LED flashlight which offers three different modes such as red/light/sos. Built into the mechanism of this device is an LCD backlit display unit that monitors the air pressure gauge.
  • It can pump tires very fast in six and half minutes and still reach the maximum of 100 PSI. It comes in three reading modes such as KPA/ PSI/ BAR to ensure precision.
  • There is an M button which you can press to access the accurate pressure gauge. The versatility of its operations makes it a friend to users since they can use it for sports equipment, motorcycles, cars and bicycle tires. It weighs 2.29 pounds with the dimensions of 7.3 x 6.6 x 2.9 inches respectively.


  • It portable to store and carry around.
  • Easy to use and hook up.
  • It is light in weight and comes with a convenient digital readout.
  • You can super twist or screw the valves in to inspect the tires.


  • It brings out a loud noise during operation.
  • The digital readout is unreliable sometimes.

7. Audew Dual Cylinder Air Compressor Tire Inflator for Car

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The Audew heavy duty air compressor is among the best portable car tire inflator with an insulated premium metal construction for optimum heat dissipation.

The design is sturdy to ensure a long operating life and safety while in use.

You can use this air compressor to inflate in 2 minutes or less any P195/R15 from 0-35 PSI due to its dual cylinder.

To be precise, the Audew heavy-duty car tire inflator is more powerful than all its contemporaries that come with a single cylinder.

Product Features:

  • This car tire inflator can fill your tire very fast in two minutes or less due to its heavy-duty dual cylinder and can inflate P195/R15 starting from 0-35 PSI. The application is also versatile to handle trucks, SUV, Cars, and Motorcycles with the help of the 150PSI maximum pressure.
  • It comes with three different nozzle adaptors which enhance the easy inflating of any inflatable, mattresses, toys and bikes respectively. Also inputted into the makeup of this portable car tire inflator is the four-rod design to promote stability and to decrease the noise and vibration during use.
  • Included also is a rubber mat which holds down the air pump in place during the pumping session. It comprises of an air hose coil extension and a long pressure gauge to make it accessible to trucks, and RV tires inflation.
  • To make it handy and for storage purposes, a tool bag follows the package so that you can use it conveniently with the whole thing in the trunk of your car without taking much space. There is a one year warranty provided with a 180-day replacement and 90 days money back guarantee.
  • The portable handle is powerfully structured to rotate 180 degrees easily without consuming much space. Attached to this air compressor is 197 inches extended power cord to enable it having access to the rear and front tires for inflation.


  • You can use through the car cigarette socket and the battery.
  • It is portable and easy to carry around.
  • This product is easy to use, offers precision.
  • It pumps tire fast.
  • The price is affordable.
  • A one-year warranty provision.


  • No noticeable disadvantage is associated with this particular.

8. Teetox Tire Inflator Dual-Cylinder Air Compressor Pump for Car

This product is one of the Best Portable Car Tire Inflator which any vehicle owner should have in the trunk of his car. It is a heavy-duty inflator that every attachment that makes it a must-have in emergency situations. It can inflate any inflatable ranging from basketballs, car tires, air mattresses, airbed, air cushion, air boat, and any other thing that needs air. The body build is all metal with adapters which make it durable, and you can use it for any car tire like RV, motorcycle, trucks, Bike, ATV.

Product Features:

  • It is portable in its profile with the weight of 5.9 pounds and the dimensions of 3 x 1.4 x 3.7 inches which makes it easy to fit in any car trunk. This specific product is versatile in operation and can inflate heavy-duty trucks, Bike, Motorcycle and sports equipment respectively.
  • The Teetox Auto Tire Inflator comes with 2 Mins double cylinder which makes it inflate faster and solidly. It also enables it to function even for heavy-duty tires. Check out the protective fuse that is attached to its cigarette lighter socket that ensures the safety of the car’s electrical system.
  • The tire pressure gauge comes with a dial and a rubber premium protector that ensures the accuracy of the pressure gauge.It has an all metal body which is stabilized by an anti-vibration foot made from rubber to halt any unwanted movement during the pumping session.
  • The air hose comes from a rubber material with a sturdy metal twist which links the nozzle to provide security to the hands-free tire valve seal. There is also an additional bonus carryall bag for your storage purposes.
  • Attached to this portable car tire inflator is a 12 feet long power cord which enables the user to have access to all the tires of your vehicle. To make sure that it is easy to use even by a female, this car tire inflator uses a battery terminal and DC 12v cigarette lighter output. There is even a provision for warranty and money back guarantee to ensure that the customer is satisfied.


  • A user-friendly feature for both male and female drivers.
  • An excellent customer care service even provided a warranty.
  • It is time and money saving.
  • You can conveniently carry your inflator around.
  • The nozzle is three different ones for your convenience.
  • It does not make any loud and irritating noise.
  • The construction is sturdy, solid and durable.


  • You can only use this inflator with a cigarette lighter car socket and not on your wall socket.

9. PowRyte Elite Tire Inflator Portable car Air Compressor with carrying case

This particular car tire air pump is among the best portable car tire inflator is the best device to use for the tires SUV, cars, sports ball, light trucks, air mats, sports toys, road bicycles and any other inflatables.

Product Features:

  • This particular equipment serves multiple purposes with three different tips that enable it to inflate SUV, RV, ATV, sports equipment and other inflatables. It has a three in one tire pressure.
  • There is a microprocessor built into the systems of this inflator to monitor the tire pressure so that as soon as it achieves the right pressure, it can shut off automatically. There is also an LCD light that monitors the digital pressure gauge.
  • It has a compact design with a storage case that makes it convenient to store in the trunk of your car. It also comes with two super bright LED dual lights for night use and red for SOS in emergencies.


  • It is easy to operate and hook up.
  • This device is tight fitting.
  • Inflation will be done within a few minutes.
  • It offers precision with the digital pressure gauge.
  • There is nothing like over inflation.


  • It does not use the house wall sockets only battery power, and the power cord is too short.

10. Doramy Tire Inflator On-Board Car Pump with LED Light

This product is one of the Best Car Tire Inflator that really communicates with you to grant you satisfaction. The body build is sturdy and comes from top-notch quality material to make it perform perfectly.

Product Features:

  • There is an LCD digital display unit which makes reading the pressure gauge easy. You can even use the readout to release additional pressure to decrease safety risks. Also, you don’t need to wait beside your car again to wait for the tire pressure gauge to reach since this device comes with an automatic shut off feature that is activated as soon as it achieves the pressure level.
  • Added to this car tire inflator are three different nozzles which make it possible to pump any inflatable like car tires, bicycle tires, motorbike, air cushions, basketballs, hovercraft’s and any other small inflatable item with the maximum pressure level of 150PSI.
  • There is a bright LED light which is at the front of this car tire inflator to provide illumination in the dark for working at night. Also, the inflator has a mess-free slot for the power cord which is secreted at the back of this air compressor to secure the air hose for a neat look.
  • Attached to this portable air compressor is a 19 feet 2.8 meters power cord which will enable you to reach down to all the tires on your car. There is also an additional 0.55 meter/ 1.8feet air hose to enable you to use this device at home with an extra DC or AC power adapter with 110- 12 volts.


  • It is portable, comes with the combination of pump and gauge,
  • Easy to operate which makes it a plus factor.
  • It is well-packaged in a beautiful auto case
  • The inflator is accurate.
  • It is durable and run-time and works efficiently.


  • You cannot use this specific car tire inflator for heavy-duty tires inflation only for small tires and other small inflatables.

Things to Consider before Buying the best Car Tire Inflator

Certain factors require your consideration if you want to get the best car tire inflator. They are as follows;

The Accuracy of the Gauge

It is vital to inspect the accuracy of the gauge so that you can be sure of its performance. As the tire inflator is in use, the readings are quite different from the readings you will get when it stops. That is why you should take the reading for proper accuracy only when the car tire inflator is not working.

The Gauge Legibility

To know when the inflator reaches the pressure limit is vital when acquiring one. The pressure gauge may malfunction which means that you need to do some guesswork. That is why; you need to check the gauge thoroughly to be sure of its legibility.

The Inflation Time

Another important factor to look into before buying a car tire inflator is the length of time it takes any inflator to pump a car tire. The inflation time varies from one tire inflator to the other. Some may take less than two minutes while others will take about eleven minutes according to its model. I think it is preferable to choose the car tire inflator that has the shortest inflation time.

The Power Cord and Hose Length

It is advisable if the hose has a long length to allow flexibility in its performance likewise the power cord. This will help in achieving the service you desire and convenient storage.


The size of any car tire inflator is a factor to consider if you want the best tire inflator for car. If the inflator has a portable design, it will be convenient for you to carry it around or to store it in your car. It is preferable to buy the one that is portable enough to be light in weight with a handle or a carrying bag.

The Noise Level

The level of noise produced by some tire inflators is so big to be irritating to both the owner and passersby. The best portable car tire inflator should operate efficiently and noiselessly. That is the reason; you should thoroughly check the noise level of any tire inflator you want to buy.

Profile Quality

When considering the attributes that should attract you to buy a car tire inflator, it is important to look into the build quality of your preferred inflator. It is advisable to go for the one that has a strong build that you can operate easily. You should also consider the handle of the car tire inflator.

A Running Time that is Continuous

Some car tire inflators have a long run-time which means that they take a long period to cool down after use. If it does not cool down properly, it can cause great damages to the inflator. A car inflator that takes a long time to cool and be ready for use is not good to have in emergency situations. That is the reason to have an inflator with a continuous run time is preferable.

This means that the air compressor does not take long to rest before going on from one to continue another inflating task. Some inflators take about 10-30 minutes to cool down while others take 25-40 minutes cool off time. Others with more upgraded mechanism have an automatic shut-off system that makes them close down and prevent damages. Choose the system that will best suit your requirements.

Final Verdict

If you have been reading this review so far, there will be no doubt in your mind that these above-reviewed products are the best portable car tire inflator available. Make the right choice today and wave goodbye to disappointments.

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