30 Gallon Vs 60 Gallon Air Compressor: Which One Should You Buy

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One Strength (hp) is the energy required to lift 550 lbs. 1 foot in 1 flash. If you ask anyone they would invariably show you, “It demands more power. The CFM (cubic feet per minute) the compressor can provide is most essential. Typically though, the more strength, the more power the compressor will have also the higher CFM it can provide. This isn’t a muscle vehicle so don’t shop by power. Shop by CFM demands rather.                                                                             

CFM – Cubic Feet Per Minute

CFM is the most significant portion in deciding what air compressor works for you. Each air tool has a CFM demand. The higher the CFM, the higher air capacity the machine uses. Many garages will power various air tools from one air compressor.

Notwithstanding, how many machines you are operating concurrently, you will want to determine how much CFM you will need to control at any given time. Calculate the CFM of devices in use and make sure the compressor can manage the workload. Devices that require continuous power, such as mills or sanders, will require higher CFM than tools which need occasional power, such as nail guns.                               


The principal variation in energy and single vs. three-phase is where you will be working your compressor. In a private setting, you will be bargaining with individual phase. Make sure you understand what type of installation you are dealing with before purchasing a compressor.

With many various types available, you’ll locate one to fit your requirements. Three-phase electricity is observed mostly in manufacturing settings. Three-phase power is deemed more effective and will appear in less damage and rend on your motor. Charge and phase differ by area so consult your regional codes and repairman before buying.                                                                                  


The capacity of the container on a two-stage air compressor is measured in turns. They can vary from 60 – 200 gallons. The capacity of the container you need is signified on how frequently the compressor is in practice. Start-stop oxygen compressors continue until the container is full of compressed oxygen.

As you use air machines, the PSI of the container is exhausted. Once this strikes the flat setting, the compressor switches back on and refills. If your compressor is beginning and ending too often you run the risk of blistering which can ruin the pump.                                                       


Oxygen compressors run 100% of the interval but manage the oxygen production as demanded. Style Two-stage oxygen compressors come in two styles: horizontal or vertical. Your space provisions or conditions will decide which style to buy. If you don’t hold a wide area to work one in, get an upright compressor.

Furthermore, if you are collecting the compressor up above and have altitude limitations, choose a flat model. There is no variation in execution and use of horizontal vs. upright compressors of similar power.

They are the identical tools, just built in varying styles. Air compressors are an especially valuable piece of machinery that will not only fill tires but will help achieve all kinds of jobs. One of the several valuable purposes of an air compressor is that it can power an array of machines much more economically than electrical power devices.

There are a lot of various air compressors which come in several shapes and dimensions while dramatically contrasting in price. This can make it challenging to determine which to buy, and a lot of it comes down to what you will be utilizing it for.

60-gallon air compressors are strong enough to manage big jobs and are outfitted to be able to run for an extended time. Some of them are particularly intended for manufacturing jobs, and some are better for apartment DIY uses Finding the correct product guide is an essential part of your decision, as this will allow making a notified decision by examining the important features of all the best 60-gallon air compressors.

For instance, since an impression wrench usually demands about 7.5 CFM, you’re going to want a container that has no less than a 15-gallon room in the container. Bigger room containers also suggest that you can run many air tools at equal time, which renders to enhanced productivity on site. And for jobs such as sandblasting or spray coating, a large container is required to guarantee that you will have constant airflow during the entire job.

Most of these 60gallon containers only come in 230volt (sometimes called 240v). If you look about, you can locate 2 horsepower compressors with 60gallon containers that just need 120v. The difficulty with these more modest motors is that they run continuously with ample exercise and overheat. For infrequent use, they can be nice for the extended pauses of stillness between recharges.

Most 60 Gallon customers need a container that can manage sanding and spraying and many machines at once. If that is the case, it is useful to contribute more to the 230volt. If you need a sturdy air compressor for dwelling use, a 30 Gallon air compressor is a favorite class that may be all that you require. But if you never want to chance to be without sufficient energy, the 60-Gallon is where it is at.                                

Final Thoughts

If you consider the differences between these machines both have their merits. Depending on the size of your job if you need a 30 gallon or 60-gallon machine. There are many factors to consider like are you going to use it with various applications or is it for one purpose.

My personal opinion is that the 30 gallon is enough to do most jobs and with it being energy-saving it is the most logical option for the small-med enterprise. You could always trade up when your business takes a step into a more industrial side of things. Whatever you chose I hope this article has shed some light on the long debated 30 vs 60 gallon air compression.

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