10 Screw Compressor Uses: Must Know For Proper Application

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Screw compressor uses air and compressed it perfectly to utilize the compressed air in several industrial application. Some works exclude even the smallest amount of oil in the blown air, then oil-free compressors are used. We rarely take into account that compressors can be used not only in workshops and industrial locations.

A place where a screw compressor is used every day is, for example, a dentist’s office. Of course, medical treatments require high occupational hygiene, which is why we will meet an oil-free compressor at the dentist. Oil-free compressors are also recommended for inexperienced DIY enthusiasts, because this type of compressor is very easy to use.

We can use oil-free compressors when vacuuming dusty objects – tools, devices, as well as for painting wooden structures and walls. Of course, this type of compressor is used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Metallurgy And Mining

In most mining operation, several screw compressor are used through piping. An extensive compressor network is built for providing secure compressed air.

Screw compressor are used in air drilling to drive a slowly percussion drill bit.

During smelting and refining, air compressor are also used.

Compressed air provide ventilation system to underground mining. Thus people able to breathe with safe air.

During hazardous condition compressed air provide breathable air.

Paper-making And Printing

In paper making and printing industries, screw compressor is needed to accomplish several process like feeding paper, agitating solution, spraying protective coating on paper, binding, cutting, collating, laminating, folding, punching, stapling etc.

In this sector oil free air screw compressor is needed as it provide fresh air that do not contain any oil.

Medicine And Health

This is a sensitive area of application where high quality screw air compressor is required.

Contamination of other oil related substances are extremely prohibited here. Thus no risk should be taken to use low quality air compressor.

To run pneumatic tools, basically air compressors are required. But some other medical fields where it is used for example patient simulator, autoclaves, dental milling machine, blood analyzer, sterilizing, nebulizers, oxygen concentrator, and hospitals seats air cushion.


In large tunnel project where the demand is compressor with larger displacement. And there no high pressure require. Rotary screw compressor is possible solution there.

They are also used in slope supporting road construction, blowing of slurry, blowing of mud and wash whole, mountain reclamation, piling of house building, metro piling etc.

Oil industry

In oil industry screw air compressor is used for drilling, drive drilling equipment, oil exploration, and pipeline cleaning.

They are mostly used in extreme condition for drilling of gas field, washing hole and blowing mud.

Ship Repairing Industry

In this sector, mainly screw type compressor is used for sand blasting, test of pipe line pressure.

In this type of industry generally high corrosive, high humidity, heavy dust, high temperature or low temperature condition. Thus, high quality screw compressor is highly required.

Water Well Drilling

High quality screw compressor require to exploit geothermal industry. Here the large displacement, frequent moving, high pressure capacity air compressor is required.

In this sector working condition is so rough like cold weather, bad environment, and high altitude.

 Thus high pressure two stage screw compressor is needed in this type industry.

Textile And Clothing

All the industry need air compressor. So why textile industry will not include it?

To color your life, you love fashion. To make beautiful design in your fabric, it require compressor.

Air compressors are most likely needed for air jet weaving, texturizing, air jet spinning, ring spinning, waste water treatment plant, winding, dyeing job in textile industry.


In HVAC system rotary screw compressor is used where noise is extremely prohibited. Also the office space and industrial spaces where larger volume of compressed air is needed to provide lowest possible temperature conditioned air.

Petrochemical Engineering

To do the tough job like moisture separation, particle filtration, coalescing filtration, vapor absorption need the air compressor.

Thus screw compressor can do it perfectly as it is designed for doing such type job.

Screw Compressor Uses: The Final Verdict

Significant things can be done with significant tools like screw air compressor. Thus choosing the best screw compressor is difficult. But you you have to do it to use it perfectly and to get the best of it.

If you looks around, you will see that every industry needs screw air compressor. As they versatile application in the industry.

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