How To Use PEX Crimp Tool- Guided By Expert

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How to use the PEX crimp tool is a necessary technical knowledge that every tool user must know. Using a PEX crimp tool is not as difficult or complicated but you need the right knowledge on how to apply it.

A typical crimping tool is designed to make connections for a particular size of PEX tubing and does not need to alter the jaws. We can also find single size tools in straight or angled versions.

The crimping method is one of the ancient and most reliable PEX connection methods there is. Contractors and homeowners usually prefer this method because it is quite easy to use and allows them to check finished connections for accuracy with a gauge.

The Various Types PEX Crimping Tools

Builders and plumbers have their tasks more easier and convenient because of these effective crimping tools. One of the great things about PEX is the ease of fitting. Yet, if you want to make use of this material, you will must the right and perfect equipment.

How To Use PEX Crimp Tool

IWISS PEX CINCH Crimping Tool Crimper For Stainless Steel Clamps

​This is a good value basic crimper which is very effective and easy to use. This crimping tool is made by IWISS and designed to fit stainless steel clamps of all sizes usually sizes from 3/8″ through to 3/4″ and comes complete with a calibration tool. Great!  This PEX crimp tool is recommended for experts and even amateurs.

It also comes with ten 3/4″ and twenty 1/2″ clamps for you to start with. After you have lined up your two sections, adjust the crimpers and you are ready to go. It has perfect and easy to use grips which have a satisfying feeling and ensures your entire fitting is well secured and free of the leak.

SharkBite 23251 PEX Crimping Tool For PEX Pipe

I will say this particular crimp tool is a little more than basic, this SharkBite crimp tool is well understood and more appreciated by the experts. Although it costs a bit more, the difference in price is covered for by its excellent and continuous use. This crimper is good for brass and clamps because it is a heavyweight crimper. It also comes with a one-part gauge so you can check your fitting measurements before you seal it.

SharkBite PEX crimping tool has two settings, 1/2″ and a 3/4″, there is no need for adjustments before you use them. This PEX crimp tool is heavy-duty equipment where the head is exactly calibrated to those dimensions meaning you can make those fittings every time. This is a very good crimp tool recommended as one of the best ones.

SharkBite U701 PEX Tubing Cutter

This crimp tool is a very good product from SharkBite and a “need-to-have” by PEX plumbers working on water pipes for consumption and heating system. These water systems are often located in confined areas making this tool a perfect fit for them because it is designed to fit in tight corners. You can sight the blade from above making it easier to get the correct length for each pipe section.

This crimp tool has a cutting head big and flexible enough to engage any adjustments from 1/4″ through to a full inch. The grip on the handles is also perfect and you will also get great value for any amount spent on purchasing it compared to other cutters.

Conbraco Crimp Tool Pex Multi Size

Conbraco crimp tool gives confidence to all homeowners or plumbers who are in its possession that they can face any pipe fitting task. This crimping toolset has its own case with accessories inside. It can make joints and fittings from 3/8″ through to an inch, the grip handles use varies depending on the job. This PEX crimp tool has a lot of room for adjustments.

IWISS F1807 PEX Pipe Crimping Tool Kit for 3/8″,1/2″,3/4″,1″ Copper Ring

This is a made and designed product from IWISS, this tool has everything that a pipe fitter could need, all in a strong, undestroyable case. This pipe cutter has a big cutting head, easy to see and use in confined spaces. The perfect, adjustable jaw will ensure effectiveness in fittings from 3/8”. It also has a gauge and spanner.

Apollo PEX Quick Cinch Clamp Fastening Hand Tool

This is another basic crimping tool, this model is for use with certain sizes of clamps made by Oetiker, Apollo, and Murray. Although some users see this tool as a kind of hindrance, there is an excellent value for the money paid for them.

This crimp tool helps to assist plumbers where they are having issues with shark bite clamps, where they can’t get them to bite well, Apollo PEX crimp tool makes sure they are driven all the way up and your fittings are leak-free.

Now that we are aware of the best types of PEX crimp tools, we can learn how to make use of them. It is important to understand that the crucial role of a PEX crimp tool is to make your plumbing task easier. It is used during the final piping process by securing the crimp ring of your pipe creating a watertight seal.

Once you cut your pipe to the designed length, put your crimp rings in both ends, push the fittings into the pipe then, move the crimp rings in continuous contact towards the edge. When you are done with this, then you then the use of a PEX crimp tool comes in.

You should open it by pulling apart the handles to create an opening. You should then work on each side of the pipe by fitting the opening of the tool to the ring in the PEX pipe.

Shut the tool by pushing the handles together. This will put the necessary pressure which will push the crimp ring to where it’s meant to be. Thus, you have your watertight seal which you set out to achieve. PEX crimping tools are usually cheap and a quick way of piping when they are done.

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