Best Plunge Router- Review And Buyer Guide

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Best Plunge Router

Yap, the plunge router is used to doing a versatile job, and it can turn your beautiful dream shape into a sweet looking object. To make it perfect, all you have to include a top-quality plunge router in your toolbox.

To make sure that you have bought a best-rated versatile plunge router that fulfills all your requirements, you should know some buying guide. So you can make your buying decision if you follow our guidelines.

The first fundamental question we have to ask ourselves is what a plunge router is and its uses? A plunge router can be defined as a machine that is designed so that the user can preset the cut depth of whichever thing he wants to cut and then lower the plunge into the cut with the machine’s base on the surface of the material being cut.

Plunge routers can be used for making notches, holes, grooves, or deep cuts in a piece of wood that can be used for different purposes. The following are the best plunge router that you will found in the market.

10 Best Plunge Router Reviews

1. DEWALT DWP611PK router fixed/plunge base kit.

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DEWALT DWP611PK Router Fixed/Plunge Base Kit could be the top-rated plunge router you are looking for in your woodworking option. This kit is very versatile as it comes with a fixed and a plunge base. It is effortless to work with, making it a better choice even for beginners.

The kit has unique features that combine both power and innovativeness with unique designs and giving you the perfect reasons to choose it over other kits.


  • A mighty and long-lasting motor of 1.25 horsepower gives enough power for tough works.
  • Adjustable rings that change the depth of the bit to 1/64-inch.
  • Bit speed can be optimized according to various applications.
  • It has a clear sub base that gives a clear visible operation.
  • Motor speed is maintained through the cut because of the soft starting motor features that give full-time electronic feedback.

What We Liked

  • It has a safe and comfortable grip due to the over-molded rubber handles.
  • It has several shaft locks that make it easy and quick to change the bits.
  • It is more stable because it has a large base platform.
  • It is made in a way to withstand during high productivity based on the demands of the user.

What We Did’t Like

  • The machine melts some of its parts when used for an extended period because it is made up mostly by over molded rubber.
  • The older people in the society have a problem using the machine. Arthritis patients have also looked at other brands of tools for their works.
  • The long cord that comes with the machine may at times make it hard to work.

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2. Makita RT0701CX7 plunge Router Kit

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Makita is a small tool that comes with a productive horsepower of 1.25 that is efficient for challenging tasks. For the first time, you will be working with this tool to be prepared as it can be challenging and hard for you and your hands, but things get easier as you continue working with this tool.

It gives the user the option to choose the best settings to work with because of the unique rack and pinion platform.

Makita router also gives you a clear and visible view to help you articulate your designs while making zero errors.


  • The slender and uniquely designed body provides secure handling and control.
  • The cam look system can efficiently remove the base and adjustment of the depths.
  • Bases can be removed easily.
  • It equipped with a long-lasting and heavy-duty aluminum motor.
  • High performance 1.25 horsepower motor.

What We Liked

  • This high-performance router goes for a very affordable price.
  • The motor is made of brass and aluminum, which is double insulated, making it more durable.
  • This machine is straightforward to understand and use because of its unique features.
  • It is very flexible and convenient.
  • The maximum speed range is 30000 revolutions per minute.

What We Did’t Like

  • This is a compact plunge router. Hence some people claim that it didn’t suit their flexibility demands effectively.
  • The product does not come with a cover case that will make the product’s mobility efficient and less tedious.

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3. Triton TRA001 Precision Plunge Router

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Triton TRA001 precision plunge router could be the best news landing on your ears about machines today because this is not a machine as we make it sound. It is the likeness of a horse in describing how powerful it is and how best it can perform.It has a very durable and efficient motor that can make from 8000-24000 revolutions per minute. Isn’t this the best piece of speed you’re looking for? I know your answer is as good as mine, and it’s yes.

The machine is also designed with side air vents that can help reduce the dust intake into the motor; thus, there are no frequent cleanings. The most exciting thing about this machine is that with single button switches from conventional plunge to a fixed-based router with rack and pinion mode, isn’t that amazing?

The machine also can work with all types of cutters because the motor provides enough power and speed.


  • The machine switches from plunge to fixed-base routing by just a single button switch.
  • The revolutions per minute of this machine range from 8000-24000, which is perfect for all your router bits.
  • It gives room for height adjustments to provide you with a smooth operating rack and pinion.
  • The bits can be changed easily using one hand because the machine has an automatic spindle lock.

What We Liked

  • This machine cannot take in dust into the motor because it has side air vents.
  • It can be changed from a conventional plunge to a fixed base router with rack and pinion mode by just a single button switch.
  • The machine also allows continuous fine depth adjustments through the full plunge mode because of the micro winder.
  • A very durable motor provides a speed range of 8000-24000 revolutions per minute.

What We Did’t Like

  • Unlike other machines, the power switch of this machine is not positioned well.
  • The cuttings of this machine are sometimes not real smooth.

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4. Bosch MRP23EVS Electronic Plunge Base Router

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The best version of the plunge router available today is the bosch MRP23EVS electronic plunge router because this machine is very light and easy to handle.This router has an outstanding and powerful motor of 15-amp, which has adjustable speed settings but a soft start feature. It also has a constant response circuitry.

The machine also provides its user an outstanding control over it as it has a trigger control system. Also, It has a power switch in both the plunge base and the fixed base router handle.

The machine can also produce the same cuts each time because each of the bases employs a micro precise bit depth system. This is the best machine you have been looking for all your woodwork.


  • This machine boasts a mighty motor of 15 amp that makes a range of 10000-25000 revolutions per minute.
  • The router is also easy to control and very convenient because it has the trigger-based control system with the power switch that is located on the handle.
  • It is one of the most accurate plunge routers because it provides a smooth and convenient plunging action. It also provides a spring-lock system plunge lever and a depth rod that provides precise plunge routing.
  • It has an LED light for enhanced visibility during working.

What We Liked

  • It has a cord swivel that enhances mobility.
  • The machine has a variable speed dial that helps match the speed to the workplace and the tasks.
  • It  provides LED lighting with the router for enhancing visibility in the bit area.
  • The machine also boasts a two-stage fast clamp system that intensifies fast tool-free conversion.
  • It also has a trigger control system that is located in the handle for secure handling and control.

What We Did’t Like

  • There is some force needed to move the plunge function from the locked position as it sometimes locks because it is not very smooth.
  • Some people claim that this is not a tool for professional users.
  • The router does not give external access to brushes.

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5. Hitachi KM12VC Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit

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As we keep on discussing these machines, the more powerful tools keep popping, and that’s our joy because everybody wants a powerful machine for his workshop.

The Hitachi tools which changed its name to Metabo HPT are the same but now with a new name, maybe just for branding or tool promotion.This tool boasts one of the most robust motors you will ever come along with tools in most workshops.

It is an 11 amp motor that will ensure it gives you precise cuts and more controlled cuts. This tool is quieter than the others, but since we are not comparing, let me say with this tool that your workshop is quiet.

Severe applications are not a bother to this tool as it has electronic speed control that maintains constant revolutions per minute in these hardy applications.


  • The tool has very smooth depth adjustment.
  • The tool just requires two wrenches when changing the bits.
  • It has less vibration making it very quiet.
  • It gives you the most dominant performance because of the substantial motor variation.

What We Liked

  • It is easy to carry because of less weight.
  • It gives you a quiet working environment.
  • It has the best depth adjustments.
  • This tool is designed for more flexible cuttings.

What We Did’t Like

  • Sometimes it has difficulties in bit releasing.
  • The appropriate working of the carbon brushes is not the best.

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6. PORTER-CABLE 9690LR Plunge Router

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Let us now discuss a more versatile tool that comes in the model PORTER-CABLE 9690LR plunge router. The tool is versatile as I introduced it because it has six depth stop positions.

It has one of the fastest motor I have seen in a tool in any workshop, the motor makes 27,500 revolutions per minute.

The tool is also designed for tough applications thus performs to fulfill the customers’ desires. It has a dust sealed switch and above that the ball bearing are sealed making it more long lasting.


  • The motor of this tool produces peak horsepower because it is an 11 amp.
  • It has an aluminum motor housing and the base.
  • It offers great comfort in the extended use because of the over molded grips.
  • The collet system is automated to easily remove the bits after use.
  • The tool is long lasting because the switch is dust sealed and the ball bearings are also sealed.

What We Liked

  • The tool has a very powerful motor effective for all the tough applications.
  • It has an under table stop that prevents the motor from rotating from its position.
  • This is a long lasting tool because it cannot be damaged by dust.
  • Simple coarse adjustments are made by the cam lock lever.

What We Did’t Like

  • Some customers claim that this tool is a bit expensive.

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7. Festool 574692 Router OF 1400 EQ Imperial

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If you have been looking for comfort and power at your workshop without an answer then I have come with the best news that solves your puzzle.

Your puzzle is solved by festool plunge router which is more comfortable to work with as it is designed in a way that it has a functional design and the power thing is solved by a motor that has a shaft drive speed in the range of 10000-22500 revolutions per minute, isn’t that powerful enough?

The tool also boasts dust extraction ports that help capture dust and other materials at a point of creation enhancing visibility and prolonging the serving days of the cutter.


  • The tool is effective for tackling the toughest and largest projects because of the 1400 watts and its powerful nature.
  • There is a double clamping column which locks the plunge depth very well reducing the motor to plate deflection.
  • The tool also has a dust extraction that helps increase visibility and saving on the cleanup time.
  • A powerful motor that has a shaft drive speed ranging from 10000-22500 revolutions per minute.

What We Liked

  • The tool is a combination of comfort and power and a perfect addition to your workshop.
  • The tool is easily flexible because it is small enough.
  • The dust extraction capabilities simplify the routing tasks because there is enhanced visibility and the time for clean-up is saved.
  • The tool weighs less than five kilograms making it highly mobile and easy to use.

What We Did’t Like

  • Customers have complained that the removable power cable that comes with the tool is not compatible with all the festool products.
  • The brush motor keeps overheating making it less efficient for hard tasks.
  • A LED light lacking makes the visibility less.

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8. TACKLIFE Plunge and Fixed Base Router

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This tool is designed to serve you in the most magnificent way that will make your woodwork the best and leave your customers asking for more. The tool is fitted with a flex shaft that is effective in doing the carving works.

And also it is able to enter some hard to reach places, this reason only says why you should have this tool in your workshop. It also comes with a unique design fitted with a vacuum dust collection port which lacks in a series of other tools.

The motor speed of this tool ranges from 10000-30000 revolutions per minute and it is also fitted with six-speed dials which helps you set the optimal speed that you must for your routing works.

The other captivating reason for acquiring this tool is that it can be used for a wide range of applications some of them including; edges and profiles, grooving, template milling, and one hand routing.


  • A powerful motor that has a speed range of 10000-30000 revolutions per minute fitted with six speed dials that helps you select the perfect speed that you can work with.
  • It comes along with a long power cord that makes working more flexible and in the most convenient way.
  • It has a vacuum dust collection port that helps you work in a clean environment.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications namely; door processing, slotting, crafting and edge finishing.

What We Liked

  • It is fitted with speed dials that give you the option of selecting the optimal speed that you can work with ranging from 10000-30000 revolutions per minute.
  • The tool comes fitted with an aluminum alloy base which is long lasting and gives the tool the perfect balance.
  • The tool can also be handled using one hand helping the user improve his experience, achieve an exemplary milling effect and reducing fatigue.
  • The tool also comes along with a variety of accessories.

What We Did’t Like

  • Several complains of the motor burning out after performing some simple applications.
  • The company selling the tool sometimes fails to honor their warranty.

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9. Milwaukee 48-10-5600 Plunge Base Assembly

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Several customers from the several reviews I have come across have been asking for a plunge router that has extra-large Centre holes that will work best with large bits.

Their solution has been delivered by the Milwaukee plunge base assembly as it comes with the extra-large center hole that works best with large bits and the visibility is also enhanced.

The tool also has delivered comfort in form of a plunge router because it has two palm grip handles that are not only comfortable working with but also delivers the best controlling option.

The tool also has a great locking system that keeps it clamped well on the table for easier working and smooth plunging. It is also very light weighing less than five kilograms making it very mobile and easy to work with.


  • The tool has side palm grip handles that are very comfortable working with and gives the controlling option the best.
  • It contains a large center holes which makes it easy to use bits that are large for the works that require large bits.
  • It has high strength and comes along with a sub base and a motor locking lever.

What We Liked

  • It is a worthy investment because it delivers all the requirements of the customer in terms of the work-ability.
  • It has an excellent plunge base that extends the capabilities of the best routers in the market.
  • It has a locking lever that holds it firmly in the working table.

What We Did’t Like

  • The motor is not well clamped into the base as the clamping solely depends on the use of the over center clamp.
  • Some of the customers claim that this plunge base is not adequately improved to perform its duties well.
  • It is not as powerful as compared to other the other plunge routers.

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10. Ryobi RE180PL1G Plunge Router

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This is a two horsepower tool that has been renovated and tested to look and work like a new one. The renovation process included various properties of the tool and its work-ability, the processes include functionality testing, inspection and repackaging of the tool.

The tool has a motor that is highly variable and lets you adjust to match the speed and the bit that you will be using to increase flexibility.

The tool also has a soft start and a speed that maximally goes up to 25000 revolutions per minute and making it very versatile and competent for a wide range of applications. The tool can give room to a variety of router bits because it has micro adjustments features.


  • It has a soft start electronic variable speed motor that has a range of 15000-25000 revolutions per minute.
  • List Element
  • The cutting depth of this tool can be adjusted easily because of the ACCU-STOP.
  • The handles are made in a way that they consider the human factors and they reduce fatigue and increase the comfort while working.
  • The tool can work with a variety of bits to tackle all the needs that come along with woodworking.

What We Liked

  • The plunge router comes in a double package that is; it is both a fixed and plunge base router. The fixed remains in the same height while for the plunge router the height can be adjusted.
  • The plunge router is relatively cheap and it worth spending cash for because it serves all the interests of the customer.
  • They have handles that are comfortable and easy to control using the handles.

What We Did’t Like

  • There are challenges in fixing this router over a table.

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Plunge Router Buyer’s Guide

With all the information above, you might consider buying a Plunge router. Yet, there are some tips you have to factor in to make it a reality.

What Are Your Needs?

Whenever you think of buying something, you should first of all factor your needs in. Routers vary in what they can do. This means you should go to one that will work for you.


Plunge routers vary in pricing especially because of the variations in the features or even the size. You have to consider the amount of money you are willing and able to pay. This way, it will be very easy for you to get a good router with the cash at hand.

What Features Are Important To You?

This question can only be answered when you consider the work you will be doing. Consider whether you need this tool to cut a workpiece, duplicate shapes, drill holes, trim veneer, or even make a wide variety of joints.

Extra Collets In Different Sizes

You also have to keep your eyes on other options such as extra collet. Check to see whether there are any drill bit sets for your specific router. Check for other attachments including adjustment wrenches.


I know this is a must want thing for your router. Make sure you get an extended warranty if they have it. You can as well consider paying extra for it. This might look very obvious but there are reasons why you shouldn’t ignore it.

Go With The Best Manufacturer

We have warned out readers with most manufacturers out there. You don’t have to get plunge routers from any manufacture you see in the market. Make sure you go for the best manufacturers regardless of whether you will have to pay more or not.

Examine The Box Before You Open It

There are many companies that have a history of selling refurbished or even repaired routers. This gives you an option to check for all these traits before you open the box. You should go over the box trying to read along and pin point any suspicious things.

Do You Need A Full Size Router?

Full size routers will cost more than smaller routers. One thing I want you to know is that the bigger is not always the better. This is the case especially when you want to use your router as a handheld tool. So, make your decision here before you head to the market.

Some FAQs About Plunge Router

Can You Use A Plunge Router In A Router Table? 

Yes, you can actually use a plunge router in a router table. What makes the difference here is the way they all work. The fact remains that some work better than others. The safety practices might also vary depending on the mechanism at hand.

Do You Always Need A Router Cable To Use A Router?

Not always but you need a router table if you are a professional or even an enthusiastic DIY-er. This may not be a nice idea for the people that tale small purposes including cutting edges and trimming.

Which Way Do You Run A Router?

That is a nice question, you use Feed Direction for Freehand Routing. The router will spin in a clockwise direction when you hold it with the bit facing downward. To feed against this, you will be needed to run it from right to left when you are feeding it along the outside edges of a work-piece.

Can You Use Drill Bits In A Router?

A drill is designed for downward pressure to drill holes. So, a router shapes edges and cuts grooves. It’s actually very easy to handle significant sideways pressure.

With that in mind, you can observe that there’s a clear difference between the two. Though, this makes a drill be unsuitable with a router bit. They lack the powers and also speed for drilling. With that, your question is answered well.

Final Verdict 

A router is one of those tools that you must have in your workshop or setting aside some budget to get in the future because it is a hand used tool that performs different crafts.

like other tools, it depends on a person’s preference because some people may choose to work with the fixed and others may opt to work with the plunge routers so it depends on a person’s choice depending on the type of work he wants to do.

So, it is always advisable that the more experienced workers should use plunge routers because they are more versatile than the fixed routers.

Know more about fixed vs plunge router here.

Basically, the plunge routers allow variable adjustments to perform different woodwork according to what the user requires.

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