Best 5 Gallon Air Compressor -2021 Reviewed By DIY Expert

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5 gallon air compressor is a kind of air compressor that can store up to 5-gallon of compressed air. This type of air compressor is suitable for small home or workshop job. This compressors are equipped with 5 gallon air compressor tank. So, getting the most of its power it is required to get the best 5 gallon air compressor, otherwise, you might fail your project or air nailing or inflation job.

There are very many 5 gallon air pump in the market today and each of them serves a special purpose. Getting the best and most suitable 5 gallon compressor has something to do with the kind of project the machine will be powering.

In this case, it’s pretty simple to know the type of an air compressor that will be the best fit for you.  An Industrial screw air compressor is well suited for bigger projects that need large quantities of compressed air. On the other hand, 5 gallon air compressors are the best machines for smaller DIY projects like spray painting.

If you are on the hurry and don’t have enough time to read the whole story and buying guide, simply get the makita mac5200 air compressor, which equipped with big bore 5.2 gallon air tank.

However, we recommend you read the whole article to learn in depth about this type of air compressor. For your convenience, here is a list of the most recommended best 5 gallon air compressor that you should look into.

The Best 5 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews

1. makita air compressor mac5200

If you are looking for a basic, simple and easy to use best rated 5 gallon air compressor that will get small to medium tasks done then, this will be the best fit for you. This Makita mac5200 will work for those people who want a job-site portable machine that they can carry around. As it has rugged wheels and handles. Though It weighs about 88 pounds making it one of the most heavy air compressors that have a 5.2 gallon air tank.

For its price, this air compressor is an costly choice. It will work perfectly well and provide compressed air to power your air tools with no issues or frustrations. In addition, it’s made of material that is not only strong but also durable.  This makes it a reliable air compressor.

Other notable features include an air chuck, standard tire chuck gauge, pressure gauge to check pressure level and an air-line shutoff at max pressure. There is also the manual pressure relief valve that can be quite useful when you want to get rid of any excess pressure. This Makita air compressor is most suitable for small workshops, inflating tires and some automotive functions.

What We Liked

  • Extremely portable as it equipped with rugged wheels.
  • Extremely portable as it equipped with rugged wheels.
  • Provide oil lubricated pump for lessen wear.
  • Most favorite part is it compartment where you can store accessories and other air fittings.
  • Provide tools hanger that we love too much, you will do so!
  • Provide roll cage to protect motor and pump.
  • Provide 50 feet air hose that will be awesome.
  • One year warranty.

What We Did’t Like

  • Heavy weight compared to other 5 gal compressor.
  • Noise level is little bit higher than California Air Tools CAT-4610AC.

2. DEWALT D55146 4.5 Gallon hand carry compressor

The Dewalt D55146 air compressor may look small and simple but it has proven to be an indispensable machine. One feature that sets this air compressor apart from other brands in the market is its collapsible handle and vertical stand. This not only makes storage easier but also saves up on space.

Nobody likes working in a noisy environment. Dewalt designed this air compressor with optimum silence in mind. It operates at a noise level of 78 dBA and hence suitable for indoor use.

Additionally, it consists of a 1.6 HP motor and a 4.5 gallon, 225 max PSI air tank that can store plenty of air for you to efficiently run your air tools.

The air compressor delivers air at 5.0 SCFM at 90 PSI for quicker recovery once it has depleted its initial tank charge.

The frustration that comes with oil pumps is usually a messy floor. With this air compressor, that should not be a problem anymore because it features an oil-free pump. This means less maintenance on your part and a clean working place.

It weighs only 80 pounds and comes with non-flat foam wheels which put it in the category of the most portable and convenient air compressors. You can move it around the working site easily most especially because it has wheels.

This is a total package and the best machine to use on your residential projects or low to medium duty tasks. Most of the people who have used this air compressor are impressed with its high performance and efficiency.

What We Liked

  • Quiet operations at only 78 decibels.
  • Oil-free pump, Thus require less maintenance.
  • Consists of two universal couplers.
  • Easy storage and transportation.
  • Convenient for indoor and outdoor use.

What We Did’t Like

  • Not suitable for industrial and construction application.
  • Some people complain that it vibrates when placed on wooden floors.

3. California Air Tools CAT-4610AC Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

Well, if maintenance has often been an issue, then this is the air compressor for you. The fact that it is oil free makes it require less maintenance. In addition, its oil-free piston pump ensures maximum performance.

You won’t have to waste time constantly lubing the pump. Simply think of how easy it will be to use this machine. There will be no mess, no time wastage and less additional maintenance costs.

Can there be a better air compressor than this?

The California air tools CAT-4610AC is engineered to be an ultra-quiet air compressor, working at only 60 decibels. No one will complain about noise pollution at the work stations.

You can use this air compressor for medium DIY home projects or at job sites to air tires or for spray painting. It has an efficient 1.0 HP motor that runs at just about 1680 RPM creating very little noise and also less wear and tear. This machine features a 4.6 gallon aluminum twin tank designed to work under difficult conditions.

I would say that this is the kind of an air compressor that you can use almost everywhere with no worries. It can function well in a variety of temperatures and uneven terrains. Furthermore, the aluminum material is totally rust-free. The air tank weighs only 45.5lbs and hence you can carry it from one place to another with ease.

I would recommend this machine as a cost saving choice. It has a life cycle of 3,000 hours and therefore will save you a significant amount of money when it comes to running costs.

What We Liked

  • Ultra-quiet.
  • Low maintenance due to its oil-free piston pump.
  • Rust-free aluminum twin tank.
  • Lightweight and quite portable.

What We Did’t Like

  • May not be the ideal air compressor for heavy duty projects.

4. Briggs and Statton 5 gallon air compressor Hotdog 074062-00

The Briggs and Statton air compressor is engineered to offer a higher and better performance than any of the other 5 gallon compressors in the market. Despite its small size, it consists of a whole load of useful features that make it stand out from the rest.

The main highlight of this air compressor is its 2 quick connect couplers that enable owners to use multiple tools simultaneously.

With a 5 gallon tank, the Briggs and Statton air compressor gives out airflow of 5 CFM at 90 PSI which is quite efficient for many of the residential and automotive uses. In addition, it comprises a motor that runs at 2.0 HP and delivers at 200 PSI. This means that the compressor will produce enough air to work on your projects faster and for longer without the need to keep refilling.

One of my favorite features in this air compressor is the collapsible handle and sturdy wheels. For instance, when working on some tasks at home its only practical that you will be moving it around. In this case, the wheels come in handy because they make it simpler to move the machine.

On the other hand, the collapsible handle allows for easy storage and transportation in the vertical position. You can save up on space when you store the machine placed vertically. Also, you can place other light items on top of the machine whenever there is limited space.

What We Liked

  • Collapsible handle for easier storage and transportation.
  • Sturdy wheels.
  • 2 quick connect couplers.
  • 2.0 HP high performance motor.

What We Did’t Like

  • Cannot run for extended periods of time.

5. Estwing E5GCOMP 5 gallon high pressure compressor

Some air compressors with similar 5 gallon tank sizes are hard to outdo but this particular one from Estwing gives them all a run for their money. Featuring this is the 5 gal air compressor for people looking for something small, compact and functional.

This air compressor will provide just enough compressed air to cater for all your needs effectively and you can even power multiple tools simultaneously.

This is the kind of air compressor that you can use anywhere at any time that you want. This is because it runs silently with a noise operation level of 68 decibels.

For this reason, you can run this machine at home, enclosed work spaces or even late-night DIY home projects. Well, you wouldn’t ask for a better air compressor. The Estwing E5GCOMP compressor has it all.

This air compressor features a 1.6 HP two stage motor that delivers 3.8 SCFM at 90 PSI. This is more than enough compressed air to power your air tools continuously for longer.

Furthermore, it can be operated within an extended range with the use of 10 to 12 gauge extension cords. In this case, you can work on the roof, floor or any kind of construction without having to drag around the machine.

It has a 10 amps starting draw which is considered lower than that of some similar air compressors. This goes a long way to prevent tripping the breakers during a startup. The 5 gallon air tank takes less than 2 minutes to fill up and is able to maintain a consistent airflow for longer periods of time.

There is also the pressure regulator for you to set the psi output of your choice. I would say that this is a remarkable air compressor and will work well to get the job perfectly done.

What We Liked

  • Operates quietly.
  • Oil-free hence less maintenance.
  • Low amp draw.

What We Did’t Like

  • Not suitable for continuous heavy-duty use.

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