Air Hawk Tire Inflator Reviews: NO 1 USA Made First Air Compressor

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The air hawk tire inflator has literally revolutionized the air pumping game. It is a hand-held device that compresses air from the atmosphere and inflates it into objects. The objects it can inflate include tires, beach balls, sports balls, mattresses and pool toys. Its manufacturers claim that it can inflate objects in less than 90 seconds. The little inflator has been trending all over the United States since it welcomed its way into the market. Thus, you are encouraged to read through the Air hawk tire inflator reviews and figure out your best point choose one.

The air hawk has been listed under the Thirteen best tire inflator by several reviewer boards. It is very fast and reliable. Here is a brief rundown of what it really is.

air hawk pro manufacturer

Their hawk pro is manufactured by a company known as Ontel Products Cooperation. The company, which was founded in 1994, makes innovative devices that range from children’s toys to household equipment. Their main objective is to make life easier and more enjoyable to their customers.

The air hawk pro tire inflator can be bought on their website. It can also be bought on Amazon and a few retail stores.

Ontel Air Hawk Pro Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator 

No products found.

Key Features

  • Power: Battery or car adapter
  • Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator
  • Digital LED Tire Gauge
  • Inflates in 90 Seconds or Less!
  • Automatically Shuts Off When Inflated
  • Built-in LED Light
  • Cordless inflator.
  • Included: Pressure Hose with Thread Connector, Pin Attachments Included, Rechargeable Battery, AC Charger, 12V Cable adaptor for continuous power, Travel carrying bag
  • Item Weight: 2.93 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 9 x 4 inches
No products found.


  • Light  weight
  • Portable
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Fast Inflation
  • Cordless
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Time Saver


  • Very Loud
  • Defective built-in gauge
  • The Charge Doesn’t Last That Long
  • Not very powerful
  • Over-Hyped And Time-Consuming

Here the two package available on the market one is black and another is premium pack.

Who Is This Product For?

Those people who need to inflate any of the inflatables that pressure limit 0 to 110 PSI will more likely need this tire inflator. Use this tire inflator to inflate

  • Car/SUV/RV Tires.
  • Bike Tires
  • Sports Equipment.
  • Inflatable Toys.
  • Air mattress
  • Caravan tire

What’s Included With Air Hawk Tire Inflator

  • Pressure Hose with 15 cm Thread Connector
  • Three Pin Attachments Included
  • One 1500mAh, 16.65Wh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • AC Charger
  • 12V Cable adapter for continuous power
  • Travel carrying bag
  • User Manual
  •  3m power cord

air hawk tire inflator features

There are a lot of tire inflator air compressor available in the market. But few of them has good features like air hawk pro tire inflator. Here is the features of air hawk tire inflator.

super-fast device:

It takes just a few seconds to inflate your objects. Picture this, you’re chaperoning a junior camping trip with 60 little girls. You have more than 60 mattresses to inflate and at the same time conduct all the planned activities of the day in due time. No camp organizer ever plans a five-hour break for mattress inflation. In order to do this fast and efficiently, you would require a good inflator that would see you waste no time whatsoever. The air hawk compressor would be perfect because it is fast and will have those mattresses filled up in no time.

Automated shutdown system:

What would happen if you accidentally overfilled your beach ball? Bigger isn’t always better. The ball would probably explode in your face. There goes your fun-filled day at the pool.

Air Hawk Pro  with Automatic shut-off feature

One of the best features of the air hawk pro is it comes with a built-in shutdown system that ceases inflation when the desired pressure has been achieved. Just put in the pressure you want using the gauge and once the desired PSI reached, it will stop.

cordless (battery-operated)

Air Hawk PRO Cordless Portable Air Compressor uses lithium ion batteries which are provided by the manufacturer. The batteries are also rechargeable and the device comes with a charger for this sole purpose.

Because it is cordless, it can be carried around to even the most remote parts of the woods and still function to its maximum potential.

Air Hawk Pro  with car adapter

Portability makes the device very convenient, especially in case of an emergency.

You can place it in the trunk of your car. In case you get a flat tire, you will not require any outlet or electricity to power it.

Digital pressure gauge with LED

The air hawk automatic compressor has a digital LED tire meter to read the precise pressure of the item being inflated. The meter has a guide (+ and -) to help you control the amount of PSI.

Air Hawk Pro  Digital gauge with LED

This tire gauge gives precise measurements of the pressure in the specific item being inflated. It also has a LED display that makes it easier to see to see the readings that are being given off. This is especially important for reading at night or in dark areas.

Comes with three nozzles Pin

It comes with three nozzles for different uses and different sizes adapter pins. The pins range in size to accommodate the variation in items being inflated. For instance, it comes with a thin pin for inflating balls, a tip for tires and a wide pin for items like mattresses.

Car adapter

This adapter plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter and gives added power. This ensures the longevity of your power to provide longer usage time.

What We Liked in Air hawk tire inflator reviews 

Light Weight

Unlike the conventional compressors we all grew up using, this device is very small and light. No more carrying around some bulky inflator that is going to eat up all your energy too work it. Those devices were literally an uncalled for workout device. I probably lost precious muscle mass to re-fill the air in my ever deflated bicycle tires.

The air hawk pro requires no strain to use.


Because it is cordless and light, it becomes very easy to transport around as much as it is needed. Being cordless also makes it easy to be transported. This is one of its major advantages because you are not dependent on other alternatives in case of an emergency.

For example, if your car tire pressure drops and you are nowhere near a gas station, you can just hop out of your car, quickly refill the Tyre pressure and hop back into your car. You won’t have to suffer by walking agonizing distances in the scorching sun to look for a gas station mechanic to come and inflate your tire.


This feature makes it easier for people to avoid overloading their items, therefore preventing possible damage. Auto shutoff enabled tire inflator provide you extra advantages. Like setup a pressure level and forget it. As auto tire inflator automatically shut it up when it reached the setup pressure level.

Fast Inflation

The manufacturers claim that the device can inflate items in just a matter of seconds. This is a great perk because time is money. Nobody has any time to waste, especially on something as basic as inflating devices. If your basketball deflates during a game, simply inflate the ball and within a matter of seconds, the game will continue.


It does not require to be plugged into an outlet. This makes it the perfect portable inflator. Thus cordless tire inflator makes you hassle free. 


Air hawk pro tire inflator Can be stored anywhere due to its small compact nature. You can just inflate your tire anywhere. You can also inflate your balls, pool items and toys from the comfort of your home, with no strain at all.

Easy to use

The device is very simple to use. Even children can be shown how to use it to inflate their toys. Being a handheld device, it is pretty much shaped to show you how it is being used. It also comes with an easy to understand instruction manual.

Time Saver

Unlike the old bike pumps, the air hawk can inflate items like basketballs and beach balls in seconds. It also operates at different speeds to help accelerate the process of pumping up. This saves you a lot of time as compared to some products that do not come with speed meters. Because you don’t have to manually pump it, it saves time because the human effort is subject to fatigue. Constant stalling will lead to longer inflation time.

What We Didn’t Like in Air Hawk Tire Inflator Reviews 

very loud

The compressor makes a rumbling noise while it is in use. This can be particularly bothersome if you are using it for prolonged amounts of time.

Defective built-in gauge

Skeptics have raised claims that the gauge provided by the manufacturer provides inaccurate readings. A lot of visual air hawk tire inflator reviews have shown live demonstrations of the compressor in use and it can be confirmed that the gauge is really defective. Many of them have advised users to buy a separate gauge just to get accurate results.

The charge doesn’t last that long

If you are looking to inflate items at a large scale, this device may fail you miserably. The charge only lasts roughly 15 minutes per use. This means that if you need to do some heavy duty inflation, you may have to plug it into the ac car adapter. The adapter also doesn’t plug into household outlets which makes it even worse.

not very powerful

There are quite a number of air hawk air compressor reviews by people who claim that the device’s capabilities are limited. These individuals claim that the device could not effectively inflate their tires, mattresses and other bigger inflatable devices. This is contrary to the manufacturer’s claims that it can inflate almost all inflatable materials, including tires.

Delivery delays

While this is neither a structural nor a functional disadvantage, it can be a pain in the neck. This applies to the air hawk inflators that are purchased online through the manufacturer’s website.

People have complained of delayed delivery, up to five months delay. What is the point of purchasing a product only for it to come five months later? If I needed to inflate mattresses on my weekend camping trip, I would have had to deal with manual inflation after literally dishing out money for something that could have done the job. It’s highly inconveniencing.

A lot of customers have also claimed that during this extended shipping period, any attempts at communicating with the manufacturer were ignored. Most of the negative air hawk pro reviews focus on delayed delivery. If the producers are not careful, they will quickly turn into yesterday’s news. There are a lot of companies coming up with similar products.

Over-hyped and time-consuming

This is a complaint that a lot of people who have used the product have raised. A few users have claimed that it does not take 90 seconds to fill up a tire, but rather up to an entire week. The time difference between seconds and a week is rather significant.

Even though Ontel Products Cooperation claims that this air inflator can pump air onto your things in a few seconds, home experiments have proved otherwise. Some users have ranted all over the air hawk pro’s review section demanding refunds.

Because it needs constant recharging, it wastes a lot of time which would have otherwise been used in completing the task at hand.

We understand marketers always use the nicest words to entice us into buying products, but there’s nothing as painful as getting less than what you expected. You probably had built up a lot of hope only to be disappointed by some clever marketing agent.

The truth is, it does not take less than 90 seconds. For most people, it took around five to ten minutes to fill up tires that already had a significant amount of pressure inside.

This false advertisement is obviously a huge downside of the device.

how to use air hawk pro tire inflator

After purchasing the compressor, unbox it to reveal its contents. Inside you will find a charger and batteries. Charge the batteries for around six hours, unless otherwise specified. Ensure that the batteries are fully charged before commencing to use it. This will prevent constant unwanted disruptions and hasten the process.

After this time has passed, place the batteries into your compressor. Place the nozzle into the item you want to be inflated, e.g. your tire. Choose your desired pressure and press the power button to turn it on. Be prepared to hear a rumbling noise.

If you will be inflating something large, it may take a while to get filled up. You will have to stop after a continuous 15 minutes of use and cool it off, then recharge it and continue the process. Do this until the item is fully inflated as per your standards.

What Customers are Saying On Air Hawk PRO  Portable Air Compressor tire inflator

A lot of people talked about this product some people talk about the accuracy of this product, Some people are talking about also performance, portability. And the best thing most of them are positive about this tire inflator. To know more, you can try .

Other Alternatives To Air Hawk Pro

If you spent some time you will get a lot of tire inflator available in the market which are also good. But you should choose one wisely. For high pressure and heavy usages you might look for air compressor which is big enough. 

Image Product Features Details
No products found.
ICARMAINT FC368 Cordless Tire Inflator
2600 mAh Lithium-ion Battery
Max Pressure: 140 Psi
Warranty: 1 year .
Weight: 3.64 pounds
No products found.
Combo Pack
No products found.
Ryobi P737D ONE+ Portable Cordless Power Inflator
18 volt Lithium-ion Battery
Max Pressure: 150 Psi
Warranty: 3 year .
Weight: 5.66 pounds
No products found.
No products found.
Oasser Air Compressor Electric Cordless Inflator
2200 mAh Lithium Battery
Max Pressure: 130 Psi
Warranty: 2 year .
Weight: 3.42 pounds
No products found.
No products found.
Craftsman C3 Cordless Tire Inflator
19.2v Lithium-ion Battery
Max Pressure: 200 Psi
Warranty: 1 year .
Weight: 3.1 pounds
No products found.
Portable Mini Pump
No products found.
Oasser Mini Electric Pump Hand-Held Cordless Tire Inflator
2000 mAh Lithium-ion Battery
Max Pressure: 120 Psi
Warranty: 1 year .
Weight: 1.32 pounds
No products found.
No products found.
CKIECK Cordless Tire Inflator Battery Air Compressor Pump
2000 mAh Lithium-ion Battery
Max Pressure: 150 Psi
Warranty: 1 year .
Weight: 3.74 pounds
No products found.
No products found.
Ryobi P731 One+  Cordless Power Inflator/ Deflator
Inflator/ Deflator
Max Pressure: 150 Psi
Warranty: 3 year .
Weight: 2.8 pounds
No products found.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some personalized questions and answers about the product

What Are The Features Of This Car Tire Inflator?

I am pleased with its features like Compact, portable and lightweight, Air Hawk Pro is the perfect for travel and the little time it takes to inflate the tires.
Other features such as the LED, digital gauge and the ergonomic handle are praised.

What Is Air Dragon Air Compressor?

Air Dragon is a portable tire inflator that connects to a 12V outlet Uses a piston to compress the air LED light to see at night Digital pressure gauge Weighs 2 pounds Comes with adaptors to inflate a plethora of inflatable products

What Is Included With Air Hawk Pro?

Air Hawk Pro includes a flexible five-inch-long air hose with thread connector to ensure a proper seal with valves.
It comes with 2 air hoses: the 13.78 inches and the 4.72 inches, which make it seamless to inflate your air mattresses of tires.
Coming with the 2200 mAh Lithium ion battery, Oasser Inflator is also a cordless tire inflator to rescue you in emergency situations.

What Is Air Dragon Air Compressor?

Air Dragon is a portable tire inflator that connects to a 12V outlet Uses a piston to compress the air LED light to see at night Digital pressure gauge Weighs 2 pounds Comes with adaptors to inflate a plethora of inflatable products

How Do I Inflate Heavy Duty Tires?

Air Hawk Pro uses advanced technology to draw surrounding air and compress it into your inflatable product.

What Is The Pressure Gauge?

All thanks to the digital LED gauge which displays the pressure readings in either bar, kPa or psi.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Portable Air Compressor?

It is affordable and can inflate a broad range of products thus saving you lots of money you would otherwise spend on traditional hand air guns.

How Do I Know If This Fits My Model?

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.

What Is The Air Hawk Pro?

Enjoy cordless convenience when filling your tires with the Air Hawk Pro Portable Air Compressor.

Is It Possible To Buy A New Battery For My Appliance?

Parts meant for replacement purposes can be bought through the manufacturer’s website.

How Long Will Air Hawk Inflator Take To Fill Up An Inflatable Pool?

It definitely won’t take 90 seconds. With a fully charged battery, it can take up to an hour to inflate. This is because you need to recharge it after every fifteen minutes of continuous work.

Will Air Hawk Device Fully Fill Up My Tire?

Yes, it will. It might be compact but it definitely packs a punch when it comes to functionality. Your tires will be fully filled up but it may take longer than the prescribed time.

Final Verdict

This review is based on online air hawk tire inflator reviews, complaints, and commendations. Personally, I would recommend this product because it combines portability with convenience. It also works pretty fast compared to other portable inflators.

This device makes the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones and is pretty much a must-have appliance for all homes.

A lot of the negative reviews related to defective parts are relative to specific users. I am presuming that they probably got the “bad eggs.” A lot of people have posted reviews claiming that device can indeed fill up all four tires of your car in a significant amount of time. There are also numerous positive reviews about the build of the inflator, its functionality, time-saving capabilities and general convenience properties.

About 80% of the air hawk pro reviews are positive. With all that being said, I would highly recommend taking a leap of faith and purchasing the air hawk automatic air compressor.

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